Our Big Trip

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Our boat is a trailer boat. We do most of our boating in the Christina and Delaware Rivers and the upper Chesapeake Bay. Our most adventurous outing until this year was to drag the boat to Chincoteague, Va., where we boated in the bay and, one time, ventured into the Atlantic Ocean, just so we could say we had been there.

This summer (2001), though, we decided to make an overnight trip to Annapolis, Md., with an overnight stay in Annapolis at a bed and breakfast. For those who take their boats 60 miles off-shore for fishing or who routine sail from Miami toBahamas, this would be no big deal, but, for us, it was high adventure! Click on the map to the right tosee ourapproximate course.

If you can stand it,follow these links for details of our trip:

Elk Neck to Annapolis

At Annapolis

Annapolis to Elk Neck

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