Our Stay in Annapolis

Entering Annapolis, the Naval Academy was an impressive sight to our right as we entered the harbor. We berthed at the Annapolis Yacht Basin. We got a kick out of seeing our little old runabout berthed next to million dollar ocean-going yachts.

After quite a search, we found a room. We took our bag and walked to Prince George Street, where, we had been told, there were numerous bed & breakfast lodgings. None of them, though, seemed marked (apparently, the historical preservation rules in that part town forbid advertisements). While we were walking the street, we met a gentleman who was walking a dog and asked him about B&B's. He started to name them all and give their rates.

Turns out he owned a B&B himself. He quite openly admitted that his rates were "on the high side" but told us that, if we were unsuccessful at more less pricey places, he did have one vacancy (with a shared bath).

So we started checking out his recommendations. The first one we found was filled; however, one of the proprietors spent 30 minutes onthe phone calling his colleagues to findus a room and, fortunately for us, succeeded. It was difficult, even on a week night, because an elder hostel was in town and most of the B&B rooms were booked by hostile elders. Otherwise, we'd have ended up at the Marriott for substantially more money and with substantially less charm.

That evening, we walked about town, dining at McGarvey's Saloon and Oyster Bar. We had an excellent meal and the high point was truly unusual--we were enjoying our raw oysters so much that our waiter, who had never had a raw oyster, went off and tried one.

After walking about town some more, we dropped in on O'Brien's Pub, where we found ourselves in conversation with a pair of new parents spending their first night away from their infant since bringing her home for the hospital six weeks before. We had such a good time talking with them we never made it to another place--except our hotel (sadly, I have been unable to find a link to the hotel, but I will keep hunting).

Some Annapolis Links:

201 Prince B&B  Graham, one of the owners of this lodging, was the man who found us a place to stay.

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