Inbound: Coming Home

We left Annapolis harbor about 10:30 a. the next day, having to dodge a bunch of little sailboats sailed by little sailboaters who seemed to be attending some type of sailing camp. Their counselor (in a power boat) led them right across our bow. They were so busy shooting each other with water pistols I don't think they even noticed us. Yes, I know sail has the right of way. In this case, it seemed to have the right of way over good sense.

The weather was beautiful and the bay was smooth. When we finally made it in, I found that we had used four fewer gallons of gas, even though we had traveled farther.

We stayed to the Eastern Shore on way back up the bay, stopping at Rock Hall, Maryland, for lunch at Waterman's Crab House, which has transient dockage. We found the service spotty, but the meal excellent.

As we passed Fairlie Creek after leaving Rock Hall, we saw an boater in trouble. As an outboarder, I knew the signs: he had the cover off his motor. He couldn't get it going, so we towed him into the boat ramp on Fairlie Creek, giving us a chance to explore another Chesapeake waterway and return a favor that others have done for us.

We had an uneventful run the rest of the way. We did visit Boy Scout Camp Rodney on Elk Neck, where our older boy was working for the summer. We anchored at the Camp dock, waded ashore, and walked to the dining hall, where we interrupted him in the middle of a poker game (playing for sugar packets) with his staff.

We got a couple of funny looks as we walked the trail from the dock to the dining hall, since my wife and I, both in swimsuits and sandals, clearly did not look like Boy Scouts or Scout leaders. However, most of the scouts and scouters we met acted as if seeing a middle-aged couple in swimsuits (sorry, I'm middle-aged; my wife is still as young as when I first met her!) walk up the hill from the dock was as natural as seeing squirrels in the pine trees.

We made it back to Elk Neck State Park at about 8:00 p., after two days of delightful watering.

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