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We enjoyed the trip to Annapolis so much that, this summer, we decided to take another boating trip this summer. This time, we headed to Baltimore. Baltimore is not new to us--the novelty would be our means of transportation.

We took pretty much the same route as to Annapolis, going down along the Western Shore after a stop at Still Pond for a little water skiing. It was a beautiful day, but a little choppy. When we turned into the Patapsco River, we were running into the wind and into the current of the river, so we took it easy.

(Click the picture to the right for pictures from Baltimore.)

The industrial and maritime heritage of Baltimore lines both sides of the river--factories, steel mills, piers, and docksprovide an impressive, brawny vista. We had made no reservations so, as we cruised up the river, we were calling B&B's on the cell phone getting prices. We ultimately chose Celie's Waterfront Bed and Breakfast in the Fell's Point area.

We stayed two nights and a day in Baltimore. During our stay, we

The water taxi is a great way to get around. It costs $5.00 for a day. There are several different routes, though, so you need to be careful to catch the correct one. When we rode it, we not only saw visitors using it, but also business people.

We took it from Fell's Point to the Inner Harbor, then later from the Inner Harbor to Baltimore's Little Italy (a ten minute walk, but it was more fun on the water). Then we wandered back to the Inner Harbor and rode the balloon at the Port Discovery Museum. We wrapped up with a meal at the Admiral's Cup on Thames Street in Fell's Point. It was an unpretentious little bar, but the food and drink were excellent.

The second day, we left, cruising up and across the bay to the Georgetown, Maryland, on the Sassafras River. We had dined once at the Kitty Knight House and had long thought it would be fun to stay there. The rooms were nice, the dinner was excellent, and the breakfast was wonderful.

Georgetown Yacht Basin Unlike some bed and breakfast hotels, which think bagels, doughnuts, fruit, and croissants constitute a breakfast, the Kitty Knight house opens its kitchen and its menu for a hot, freshly prepared meal. In keeping with its location, the menu has a Chesapeake slant to it: we both ordered Eggs Benedict, but Eggs Benedict with a Kitty Knight twist--instead of Canadian bacon, they came with crab meat.

Click the picture to the right for some scenes from our return.

While I'm on the subject, I cannot say enough about the Georgetown Yacht Basin. It lives up to its name: a yacht basin. They removed their trailer ramp years ago. We first made their acquaintance about four or five years ago when we limped in there with our 1985 19-foot runabout with a spun prop. They could not have treated us better had we arrived on a 140' ocean-going yacht with a helipad from a James Bond movie.

Not only did they allow us to tie up there, they gave us a ride--gratis--to the tow vehicle, about a forty-mile round trip. When I turned up the next week with a new prop, they allowed me to make the repair at their dock and did not even charge for me for a week's docking.

Bubbles on planeFollowing a good night's sleep and the excellent Eggs Kitty Knight, we left the next morning, slowly boating our way down the Sassafras and back up the Elk to the ramp at Elk Neck State Park.

Even though this was the shortest leg of the trip, it took us the longest time, because we kept stopping to jump into the water. And, of course, we needed an late lunch (early dinner?), so we ran up the C&D Canal to Shaeffer's Canal House (now out of business for several years) to eat. And from there back to Elk Neck State Park, the boat ramp, and home.

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