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8/17/2001 Opened Site, including

8/22/2001  Joined Boating Webring.

8/24/2001  Added Annapolis Story and Guestbook.

9/1/2001  Added Links.

9/5/2001  Joined Powerboat Webring.

9/7/2001  Added Tourbook.

9/10/2001 Added Image Map and History and About pages.

9/13/2001 Added "In Memoriam."

9/15/2001  Added Chincoteague and Ocean City to Tourbook.

9/18/2001 Added Visitors' Tourbook. 

9/19/2001  Removed animated American Flag GIFs from welcome page and moved boat picture from welcome page to Still Pond page because welcome page was loading too slow.

9/26/2001  Finally got the link the the Philadelphia area chart working (I'd omitted an ampersand).  Added guestbook graphic and image map to View Guestbook page and fixed broken link to the background graphic.  Corrected spelling in "In Memoriam" graphic.  Corrected miscellaneous typos and spelling errors.

9/26/2001 Joined Boating World Webring for Power Boats.

9/27/2001  Edited embedded sound to allow users to control play.  Added IMAGE ALT tags for all link graphics not already supplemented by text.

10/04/2001  Fixed broken link to "Sign Tourbook" button and changed scale of Philadelphia chart from 1:24,000 to 1:40,000.

10/08/2001  Added pictures of the Christina and Sassafras Rivers and more pictures of Still Pond Creek.

10/16/2001  Corrected broken link to (Kalmar Nyckel website) and miscellaneous spelling errors.  Migrated webrings from Yahoo to Received notification that the owner of the Boating webring had decided not to make the migration.

11/09/2001  Added javascript showing page update date and times.

11/14/2001  Optimized all pages with HTML Tidy.

11/24/2001  Corrected broken links to charts on My Tourbook page (somehow, some extra spaces had crept into the link, causing it to choke on the longitude and throwing the charts into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean).  Still working on why charts are no longer opening a new resource window.

05/01/2002  Added Carl Tenning's QE Too website to Personal Links.

06/27/2002  Corrected a couple of broken links in the State Government table.

10/15/2002  Replaced the Visitors' Tour Book thank you page, which had somehow been reduced to a zero-byte file (nothing is as ephemeral as an electron).  Backed up site to CD and began working on a major update.

10/16/2002  Added a Philadelphia picture page and put two new pictures on the Wilmington page. Updated My Tourbook page to link to the new Philadelphia page. Corrected broken "last updated" javascript.

10/18/2002  Corrected the webring problem that had existed since last winter when AOL was having, er, "issues" with their servers.

11/1/2001  Added this summer's trip to Baltimore to the site, with pictures of Baltimore and Georgetown, Md. Finally got a picture of our boat on plane on the site (not that it's all that important, but I like it). 

7/6/2005  Revised guestbook script in prepartion for bringing new website live.

5/6/2007  Disabled guestbood because of the amount of guestbook spam.  Gave up on webring.  Removed "In Memoriam" as something whose time had passed.

8/5/2007  Added new pictures to the Philadelphia and Wilmington Tourbooks.

9/2010  Updated site to HTML 4.1 and implemented CSS.  Fixed or eliminated broken links.  Made minor edits and corrections.

8/6/2012  Added safety link contributed by Valley Book Club to the links page.


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