Sassafras River Pictures

Mouth of Sassafras River

The Mouth of the Sassafras

A view from the patio of the Dublin Dock Restaurant, Betterton, Maryland, across the mouth of the Sassfras to Grove Point and then across the mouth of the Elk to Turkey Point. The Dublin Dock closed in 2004. It is being replaced by a convenience store.

Mouth of Sassafrass River

Sails across the Sassfras

Looking from the Bay to the Sass, Labor Day Sunday, 2001, with fully 14 sailboats in view.

Lloyd's Creek

The Entrance to Lloyd Creek

Stay to the left to avoid shoaling.

Betterton, Md.

Entrance to Transient Dockage at Betterton, Maryland

Be careful of rocks to the right along the jetty. Manuevering in windy weather can be particularly tricky. The public beach to the right is guarded in the summer; the now defunct Dublin Dock Restaurant was on top of the bluff to the right.  The ramp is a Kent County, Maryland, ramp and requires a county ramp license; only a limited number are available for non-residents.

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