Still Pond Creek Pictures

Entrance to Still Pond

Entrance to Still Pond, seen from Codjus Cove. Stay to the right entering Still Pond to avoid the shoaling to the left of the channel.

Boat at Anchor

At anchor in Still Pond Creek, Md., 767'43"W, 3920'14"N.< (No, that's not me in the boat.  I'm behind the camera.)

Water Skier in Still Pond

Skiing in Still Pond<

Picture of Still Pond

Panorama of the Upper Reaches of Still Pond

Picture of Still Pond

Panorama of the Lower Reaches of Still Pond

Black Lab Swimming

The Family's Most Enthusiastic Boater in Still Pond. He passed away in April 2005. He had a good run and died surrounded by his human family.

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