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(I wrote this in the third person so it would sound more credible.)

Frank Bell was born on Virginia's Eastern Shore, the peninsula between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  The name refers to its being the "eastern shore" of the Chesapeake.  Though he was surrounded by boats, he did not come from a boating family.  Aside from the Chesapeake Bay ferries that used to travel from Kiptopeke to Little Creek, Va., he was probably aboard boats fewer than half a dozen times during his growing up.

He owes his current boating experiences to his (now ex-) wife, whose enthusiastic desire to boat and waterski led to his entry into boating.

As a boating newbie, he made his share of mistakes, including trying to climb the dock at the Wilmington, Del., city ramp.

Professionally, he has spent almost 30 years designing, developing, and delivering training. Currently he is the principal member of the Pine View Group, consulting in developing documentation and training material. He is commonly found surrounded by computers.

Last fall, he moved from Wilmington, Delaware, to Virginia Beach, Virginia, approximately 40 miles from where he grew up.


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