Here are some samples of my work available for download.  To extract compressed files (*.ZIP), you will need a Pkunzip compatible extraction program.

Creating Instructor's Guides:  A WordPerfect 6.1 document.  Copy of a handout I created for a September 1997, presentation to the GMP/TEA (Good Manufacturing Practices/Training and Education Association) Conference on the care and feeding of instructor guides.  (Warning:  This file does not like to convert to more recent versions of MS Word.  In fact, I'm not even sure why I keep it around, except that I felt really good about the presentation.)

TH95 Workbook:  A Word 6.0 document.  Selection from the workbook for Checkpoint Systems' Threshold95 Training Course for its Windows 95 electronic access control system.  Checkpoint is the world-leader in point-of-sale loss prevention and electronic access control software and hardware.    (NOTE:  I developed this as part of my consulting practice before I had any idea that I might join Checkpoint on a full-time basis.)   (Copyright1997 Checkpoint Systems, Inc.  Posted with permission.)

My Resume:  What good's a website without a resume?

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