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But first, my philosophy on links:  I make no attempt to provide a complete reference to anything.  It's impossible and therefore pointless.  These are sites that I've found interesting and useful.  I check them periodically, but make no guarantee that they still exist a cybersecond after I log off.  Some relate to training, some to the web and computers, and some just reflect my own idiosyncrasies.  


Types of Links

Training   Training &Development Links

Web Links   Web-Related Sites

Railroad Links  Railroading

Security  Security and Access Control
 (We take it for granted--learn about it here!)


Mental Stimulation  Intellectually-Stimulating Sites

Search Engines    Search Engines

Fun  Fun and Information

Computing  Computing

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Targeted Communication Management  Eric Snyder's T&D Home Page--some advertising for TCM and a lot of commercial and non-commercial links.  

Robert Bacal's Home Page  An idiosyncratic and informative home page from one of the most distinctive personalities on the TRDEV-L mailing list.

International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)  formerly the National Society for Performance and Instruction, my favorite professional society!

American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)  The Largest Training-Related Professional Society.

Abilities Unlimited  Walter Boomsma's interesting site for personal and professional development--especially suited for those who want help unleashing their own potential.

Big Dog's Human Resource Development Page  Don Clark's HRD site:  one of the largest non-commercial training and development sites on the web.  Reading lists, book reviews, links, and on-line manuals on ISD and managing training development.  A special feature is his list of distinguished contributors to HRD, including those selected to the HRD Hall of Fame, including links to their web sites (those who have web sties, of course).

Zigon Performance Group  Specializing in performance appraisal, performance management, and performance measurement systems for teams and hard to measure employees.  

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Intellectually-Stimulating Sites

Bob Carroll's Skeptic's Refuge  Dr. Carroll's collection of essays about scams, voodoo science, and gee-whig new age hokum, a refreshing refuge of rationality in what seems to be an increasingly gullible age.

National Public Radio Challenge yourself with the U. S.'s best radio, and, if you're in the southeastern Pennsylvania area, the nations's best radio station.

The Washington Post  And the nation's best newspaper.

The Guardian, one of the world's great newspapers.

Psychological frauds and psychobabble are exposed at Trancenet's site.

The Onion  One of the web's best satire sites.

The Daily Probe, another great satirical site. It's not quite as absurd as The Onion, but just as biting.

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Security and Access Control

(An aside:  most of us in HRD and Training know relatively little about security and access control.  It is a fascinating subject.  The available systems have amazing capabilities and versatility that bring to life anything we've seen in the James Bond movies.  I recommend Security Magazine as a good starting point for someone who wants to learn what access control systems can do.)

Checkpoint  My employer's website.  To learn  more about access control (the aspect of Checkpoint I'm involved with), go to the Access Control Product Group's web site.

Security Magazine  An industry rag with some fascinating articles, as well as the usual press-release-based new product stuff.

Security Solutions Online   An online security publication.

Sensormatic  Our primary competition in the shop-lifting field.  In fact, our only competition in that product line . . . .

SimplexGrinnell   A leading manufacturer or security, fire and burglar alarm, and control systems. Simplex got its start making time clocks for time and attendance; Grinnell has been a leader in fire alarm systems and related stuff for many years.  They were recently merged into one company after both were acquired by Tyco. The section on the history of Simplex makes a visit to this site a must for any HRD practitioner, especially if you are interested in corporate vision and culture.

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Web-Related Sites--Where You Can Learn about the Web

Boogie Jack's Web Depot Tutorials, clipart, buttons, icons.

Cheryl's Image Gallery Clipart, graphics, midis, and more

CoolArchive Buttons, clipart, icons

HTML Goodies One of the best "how-to" sites you will ever find.

Media Builder's Animation Factory Great animated GIF's

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Search Engines

Alta-Vista  Search the Web and Usenet with Digital's Alta-Vista Service.

Yahoo  They, for all practical purpose, created the web search.

About.Com Not so much a search engine as a reference site with links--very good internal content.

Google, clean, fast, easy to use.

Dogpile  Harness 20 search engines at once. My personal favorite.

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Fun and Information

Mapquest  Where do you want to go today?  Don't ask Microsoft; ask Mapquest!

ImageNETion  An excellent site.  My favorite feature is the ability to send free postcards.  You should know that some of the images are erotic.  I consider it tasteful, but if that prospect bothers you, don't go there.

Boat/US  For information about the second greatest hobby and recreation (after computers) you can choose.

Billiard Congress of America  For the greatest indoor game of them all!

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Railroad Links

Amtrak  Make your reservations here!

Cyberspace World Railways  A premier rail buff site.

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PCForrest  Absolutely the best Windows 9x website you will ever find for troubleshooting, tweaking, and fine-tuning Windows.

Rob Rosenberger's Virus Myths site  Do you get virus warnings in your email?  Check here to find out if they are hoaxes.

Symantec Anti-Virus Research  Go here to find out about real viruses, what they do, and how to protect yourself from them.

F-Prot  The best anti-virus program around.  I've been using it for seven years and will give you any testimonial you want.

Truly Useful Utilities  I use the tclock utility from here.  The others are nice, also.

The Register  News from the world of computing.

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