Here's a little information about my professional background.  I shamelessly copied a portion of my resume, but I promise that at least some of this is true.


· Analyzing performance problems and designing performance improvement interventions, including training, job aids, organizational redesign, and performance system enhancements.

· Delivering classroom training on technical and non-technical topics.

· Training trainers.

· Managing projects and project teams to meet the organization’s objectives.

· Using a wide variety of computer software, including MS Word, PowerPoint, communications and e-mail programs, and the like, and a variety of computing platforms, including DOS, Windows, and Windows NT. Experienced in trouble-shooting computer hardware and software problems.

· Troubleshooting systems and developing solutions.

Selected Accomplishments:

· Developed and validated Checkpoint’s Threshold95 Self-Study Course and administered its distribution and scoring to Checkpoint clients, resulting in improved technician performance and increased corporate revenues.

· Designed and developed Checkpoint’s Threshold95, Threshold NT, and Introduction to Hardware training courses, which train technicians in installing, configuring, and using complex card access control hardware and software in a variety of environments.

· Developed Amtrak Advanced Payment Training Course, used to train Call Center Sales Agents in new computer interactions and sales techniques to close sales and bill credit cards when a reservation is made. Call Center management credited the training for the smoothest-ever implementation of a new sales and computer interaction.

· Organized Delaware Valley Chapter—International Society for Performance and Instruction and led it to chartered chapter status in nine months.

· Led team to redesign Amtrak EEO Orientation course, earning praise from the Manager—EEO.

· Worked with Amtrak Police Department to design and deliver Managing Performance in the APD course as part of their successful drive to become the first nation-wide police department to win accreditation.

· Managed production of videotapes for workshops on conducting formal disciplinary hearings and conducting management performance appraisals. Designed, developed, and assisted in presenting the accompanying courses.

· Trained technical trainers in conducting management training for company-wide project, resulting in improved trainer skills, confidence, and versatility.

Professional Activities:

· Presenter, 1989, 1990, and 1991 NSPI (now ISPI) Conferences. 1990 presentation rated in top ten and invited back for the 1991 conference.

· Presenter, various professional societies in the Delaware Valley are, including the Delaware and Philadelphia Purchasing Managers’ Associations.


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