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I am doing some site maintenance to implement SSL. Please make a note that, if http: doesn’t work, try https:. Or just wait until I fix it. (Update 2017-06-12: The cert has been issued and I hope to install it tomorrow after voting. There’s a primary. Voting is not a right; it’s a duty. Update 2017-06-14: Still working on it, being very careful and not wanting to break my site, and still learning stuff.) (Update 2017-06-25: Clearly implementing SSL is not one of my priorities. I do not find security theatre a compelling cause.)

I don’t really need an SSL cert, as this is not a commercial site and no credit card numbers or the like pass through here, but I got tired of Firefox’s nagging about it, plus I might learn something. I started this to learn stuff. The outrage came later . . . .

Application 0

Applicant:  I have no experience in that area but still want the position.  Boss:  This isn't the White House.

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Lance Dotson offers some thoughts.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Show off your politeness.

Comments from a 911 caller indicate that the fatal shooting of a woman at a southwestern Ohio hotel happened by accident while a man was showing her a gun.

The story goes on to say that, in this case, the politeness was fatal.

The stupid.

It burns.


Farrah Fawcett:

When you do bad things, bad things happen to you.

Disney’s Pablumfication Factory 0

The Local notes how Disney alters German folk tales they “adapt” from those collected and codified by the Brothers Grimm. Here’s one example:

In Disney’s “Tangled” (2010), Rapunzel is kept in a tower by her controlling mother, Gothel, until one day a young man helps her escape and they live happily ever after.

In the Grimm version though, the road to young romance is a lot more rocky.

The story goes that Rapunzel lets down her hair so that a prince can climb it up to her window, but when the evil sorceress that guards her gets wind of what’s happening, she cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and keeps it for herself.

One day upon climbing up the rope of hair dangled by the sorceress, the prince finds the witch instead of his beloved girlfriend and throws himself from the tower in desperation, landing face-first in a bed of thorns and thus blinding himself.

The prince then wanders blindly for years until he finally stumbles into Rapunzel, who apparently had been living “miserably” in the forest as a single mother of twins all this time. Her tears heal his eyes, and then they live happily ever after.

My grandmother had a two volume collection of Grimm’s tales in translation dating likely from the 1930s. I remember reading “The Snow Queen” when I was (probably) about 12.

The un-Disney-fied tale is one of the darkest and scariest stories I have ever read.

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Warning: Language.

Don’t Get Smished 0

It’s been a long time since I received spam texts on my phone, but, as the number of cellphone users has increased, apparently so to has the problem. Plus, the nature of the spam has changed. It’s moved from unwanted ads to fraud.

Smishing – or SMS (Short Message Service) phishing – is a type of cyber scam aimed at tricking people into giving up personal information via texts. They usually include a link for people to open or ask them to call a phone number. If they do, their information could be stolen from their cellphones.


The scam can reach more people, and the messages look real, so it’s easier to fool them, he said.

More at the link.

E. R. 0

Nicholas Kristoff wonders what would happen if Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell were your E. R. doctors.

“The Unforgiven” 0

Gina Barreca compiles a list. It’s not who you might think.

The Court Is in Sessions 0

Will Bunch muses whether “civil asset forfeiture” can be applied to Jeff Sessions for his lying under oath, as no conviction is required to take someone’s stuff. Here’s a bit:

It’s an incredible story. As attorney general, Sessions oversees a criminal-justice network, including the FBI, that has made it its business to charge people with lying — in sworn testimony, in written documents, even in interviews with federal agents. Yet back in January, as a U.S. senator seeking confirmation in his high-ranking Trump administration post, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions raised his right hand and swore to tell the whole truth, before telling what seem to be epic lies about his contacts with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign.

When Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota asked Sessions a fairly straight-forward question about reports of links between the Trump campaign and Moscow, the future AG volunteered: “I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians.” It turns out, as Sessions later conceded in a follow-up written statement, he’d met with the Russian ambassador, Sergei Kislyak. Twice, he insisted — and he doesn’t remember much what they talked about but it wasn’t really the Trump campaign. Honest. Now investigators are probing whether there was at least a third meeting that Sessions didn’t report even when he tried to clear up that first false statement.

Rats Abandon Sinking Ships 0

Remember, the behavior of the rats is not predictive of the ship’s eventual sinking. It’s just self-preservation.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Practice random acts of politeness.

An Arkansas man was hospitalized Sunday when he was hit by a stray bullet while in an area of Tulsa County near the Arkansas River that target shooters frequent.

About 2 p.m., Tulsa County sheriff’s deputies received a report a man had been shot in the back at a home in the 14500 block of West 19th Street, near Sand Springs, spokeswoman Casey Roebuck said.

Surveillance footage from the home and witness reports indicate no one was in the backyard when the man was shot, leading deputies to believe the shot was fired yards away, Roebuck said.


Quentin Crisp:

There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.

Renard 0

Another picture from my brother in Virginia’s Northern Neck:


Facebook Frolics 1

Courting frolics.

Spicing Things Up 1

Alfred Doblin meditates on the short tenure of Shaun Spicer. A snippet:

And a press secretary is only as good as the message he is selling.

“Sit Down and Shut Up” 0

Warning: Language.

Bucolic Living 0

The End of the Rule of Law 1

Donald Trump saying to aide,

Will Bunch has more.

Image via Job’s AngerT.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Play politely.

Police are investigating a fatal shooting in a Pittsburgh neighborhood that is being referred to as accidental.

Police said two men were playing around with a gun in a basement-level room when the gun accidentally went off, killing one of them.

Trumpling the Peace Corps 2

Gene Nichols recently visited his daughter, who is a Peace Corps volunteer currently working in Gambia. The experience prompted him to muse on the Peace Corps and the motivation of Peace Corps volunteers in the time of Trump. Here’s a bit:

In Trump’s world these young heroes are losers. They toil in obscurity. They come home broke. They put others’ comfort and prospects above their own. They don’t want the world to quake in fear at America’s greatness. Their patriotism calls them to use marked skills, boundless energies and opened arms to forge partnership with less generously blessed peoples across the globe.

To our president, they’re chumps. For him, the only reason to deal with a place like Gambia is to exploit its people and resources. Winners take. They use. They grow the bottom line. They produce bigger buildings, larger portfolios. All the world envies them. Character, selflessness and service aren’t part of the framework. They never enter the calculus. They never have.