Republican elephant cowers in bed as its mommy says,

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Image One: The Bowling Green Massacre  (nothing in frame).  Image Two, The Sweden Massacre (nothing in frame).  Image Three, the Trump Massacre (frame contains tombstones of truth, logic, civility, dignity).

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Man and woman watching television as Donald Trump says,

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The Des Moines Register’s Rekha Basu is disheartened at the Trumpling of immigrants and refugees. Here’s a snippet from her column:

I’m not Muslim or from one of the affected countries, and I’m now a U.S. citizen. But emotionally, the actions shake me to my core. I share much with my Muslim counterparts in Pakistan and Bangladesh. We were all once from the same country, and our people still speak the same languages, eat the same foods and dress the same way. I have as much to do with terrorism as any Muslims being turned away at the airports. And tomorrow the targets could be India’s Sikhs, the religion of my mother.

Do please read the rest.

Dick Polman has seen it all before.

Elizabeth I Regina:

Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths.

More news from the IoT (that’s “Internet of Targets,” per Tom Lawrence).

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Truth cannot survive the Reince cycle.

Title:  Instant Celeb Media Curve.  Image:  Over a span of 15 minutes, Milo Yiannapoulus goes from

Leonard Pitts, Jr., channels George Santayana.

Our Republican congressman attends his town hall meeting.

Scott Taylor (R-Va) confronts crowd shouting

At least he attended his town hall meetings.