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Update: I’m having issues with the sidebar. It appears when I click on individual posts, but not when viewing the front page. I am working on it, but doing so carefully. In the meantime, I’m not getting upset (keep repeating to yourself, “Frank, it’s only a hobby learning opportunity”) and hope you don’t either. I will document my adventures in this post in the area below the fold. In the meantime, you may see strange things happening as I test, but the regular stream of drivel will continue unless everything stops working. If you want to email me, the email link, which is normally over there —-> on the sidebar, is

I will update this post as I try to shoot the trouble.

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Election PM 0

Shaun Mullen, in a lengthy post, cites ways in which he believes Hillary Clinton contributed to her own loss. I’m excerpting perhaps the most perjorative portion of his post, which in its entirely is rather balanced, because I want to disagree with it.

History will show that Clinton’s propensity for self-inflicted wounds, as well as some very bad luck, was gasoline that helped fuel the fire that The Times story so compellingly recounts. These wounds included a penchant for secrecy that was driven, most certainly in part, by her right-wing tormenters that nevertheless resulted in her questionable use of a private email server and squirrely email practices, shadowy family foundation activities and enormous paydays making private speeches to Wall Street fat cats while publicly decrying their profligacy.

And while I’m piling on, what did Clinton stand for? Why was she running for president? Beyond “because it’s my turn,” I still have not been able to suss out a plausible answer, and neither could the staffers calling the shots in a presidential campaign so atrociously run that it resembled a Kafka-esque comedy minus the laughs unless you consider the consequence — a Trump presidency — to be funny.

I found it quite clear what Hillary Clinton stood for: moderation, sanity, and continued progress on the economy and human rights. So she is not an ideologue; generally, ideologues do not fare well in American national elections, whether the ideologue is, just to pick two, George Wallace or Bernie Sanders. (As for Donald Trump, though he sounds like an ideologue to please his base, his actions indicate that, if he idealizes anything, it’s TV ratings; he is a hollow man, a blowhard who says whatever he thinks his audience of the moment wants to hear.)

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Life Imitates Art 0

Badtux goes to the movies.

It’s Showtime! 0

Werner Herzog’s Bear suggests that Trumpery is all about the spectacle. A snippet:

Trump is described as a real estate developer, but he is in reality a television personality. His ability to manipulate the levers of television was his huge tactical advantage. . . .

Trump’s obsession with spectacle continues. He still attacks “fake news” even in interviews with the AP and other mainstream news outlets that give him a platform. In his most recent interview he has infamously gloated about how his ratings on cable news were the highest since 9/11. He has defended Sean Spicer’s ineptitude by citing his “ratings” as well. He dropped the much-promoted “Mother Of All Bombs” in a military operation that was more spectacle that war. He has called the entire Senate to come be briefed by him in what is likely a photo-op rather than a national security summit.

Trump is a medicine show, and persons bought enough snake oil to blow up the world.

Trumpling towards 100 0

Via Raw Story.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Get a load of the politeness.

The father of former Florida State football star Travis Rudolph was killed when, according to authorities, a gun accidentally went off at a Florida strip club.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that 55-year-old Darryl Rudolph was in a storage room fixing items at Sugar D’s Adult Club in West Palm Beach on Friday when another worker moved a gun off a shelf in an adjacent room and it fired.

Just another day in NRA Paradise.

Fly the Fiendly Skies, Reaccommodation Dept. 0

Title:  Final Reward for an Airline Executive.  Image:  Satan talking to man at the gates of hell:  I'm sorry, we're overbooked, but, for you, I'll have someone kicked upstairs to make roon.

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Neolinguistics 0

At The Roanoke Times, John Long updates the glossary. A snippet:

I started thinking of some perfectly legitimate sentences we might use today that would have made no sense whatsoever in the 1980s:

      • “I don’t know what time it is. I left my phone in the car.”*
      • “I wanted to take a picture but I didn’t have enough memory.”
      • “I got a discount on my cup of coffee! Only four bucks!”
      • “I wanted to finish my book today, but the battery died.”

More neologisms at the link.


*That’s mine.

I haven’t worn a watch since that day about 10 years ago when I was at a job site discussing with three other folks about my age when to schedule a demonstration of something. After someone said, “What time is good?” all three of us pulled out our cell phones to check the time . . . .


Fran Liebowitz:

Randomness scares people. Religion is a way to explain randomness.

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If you were here long enough to see posts appearing and disappearing, it was happening because I was testing to find out what about certain posts was making my sidebar disappear.

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Lost in a Lost World 0

Over reliance on a GPS device may be hazardous to your brain.

(I knew there was a reason to like maps besides that they are fun to look at.)

Trickling On the Trickled On 0

Chartering a Course for Disaster 0

The Florida legislature works on new plans to convert the public good to private theft profit.

The Court Is in Sessions 0

Attorney-General Jeff Session pictured saying,

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Will Bunch has more. A snippet:

But Jeff Sessions is in a league of his own, because he is developing brutal policies for an America that doesn’t exist — where crime in big cities, or committed by undocumented immigrants is skyrocketing, to out-of-control levels and where the “Reefer Madness” of marijuana is a crisis that’s destroying the nation from within. He bases these “law-and-order” jihads largely on what we now call “alternative facts.” But if Sessions isn’t stopped, he may actually succeed in making the country less safe — a situation that he would certainly exploit to plunge America into the kind of authoritarianism that both he and Trump would applaud.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Politeness is going to the dogs.

Police say that people were out walking a dog. That is when another dog from another house in the neighborhood reportedly got loose and attacked the dog the people were walking.

According to police, one of the individuals walking allegedly tried to shoot the attacking dog using a legally permitted gun, but accidentally shot another person they were walking with in the lower extremity.

Decoding De Code 0

Republican Elephant (referring to Florida state legislator who resigned after being observed using racist language) says,

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Work Stoppage 0

Josh Marshall marvels at Trump’s threats to Trumple the govenment. A snippet:

Before they become notorious reputational debacles, Gingrich was quite clear about what he was doing. He would shut the government down, break President Bill Clinton’s will with the pressure and bend Clinton to his will and policy dictation. There were two shutdowns under Clinton and the Republican Congress. There was one under President Obama in 2013 and a debt ceiling crisis in 2011 which wasn’t a shutdown but had the same legislative hostage taking dynamics. The one recurring pattern is that shutdowns happen in the context of divided government. To be more specific, they happen when there is a Democratic President and Republicans in control of one or two houses of Congress. It simply never occurred to anyone before now that there would be a shutdown crisis when one party had unified control of the entire government still less that a President whose party controlled Congress would threaten to shut the government down to extort policy concessions from a party that controls nothing.

This looks for all the world that the Republican Party is ready to secede, if not de jure, then certainly de facto.

More at the link.


Gail Sheehy:

By operating on the principle of human and material obsolescence, America eats her history alive.

Damn Computers 0

Expect you to obey the rules.

Grumble grumble grumble.

Most of the posts I had lined up for today don’t seem to be visible. There were several posts between “Career Move” and “And Now for Something Completely Different.” Figuring this out requires parsing the syntax of each one.

It seems to have something to do with this embed, for it and the some of the posts following it are not visible. Then posts are visible again. I previewed each post individually and each one worked, so it’s definitely something meta.

Blogging can be a most annoying avocation.

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