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UC Berkeley professor Alison Gopnik takes issue with comparisons of Donald Trump to pre-school children.

Having researched child development intensely, she finds such comparisons insult the children. Here’s a bit:

But the analogy is profoundly wrong, and it’s unfair to children. The scientific developmental research of the past 30 years shows that Mr. Trump is utterly unlike a 4-year-old.

Four-year-olds care deeply about the truth. They constantly try to seek out information and to figure out how the world works. Of course, 4-year-olds, as well as adults, occasionally lie. But Mr. Trump doesn’t just lie; he seems not even to care whether his statements are true.

Four-year-olds are insatiably curious. One study found that the average preschooler asks hundreds of questions per day. Just watch a toddler “getting into everything” — endangering his own safety to investigate interesting new objects like knives and toasters. Mr. Trump refuses to read and is bored by anything that doesn’t involve him personally.

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Skewed Perspective 0

Title:  Questions.  Scene One:  White woman to young white woman holding baby:  Aw, is that your little brother?  To young black woman holding baby:  Aw, is they your son?  Scene Two:  Doctor to white high school senior girl:  What colleges have you applied to?  To black high school senior girl:  Will you be the first person in your family to graduate high school?  Scene three:  Girl to white female classmate:  What's your major?  To black female classmate:  Are you the first person in your family to go toe college?  Man to young white woman:  Do you have any kids?  To young black woman:  How many kids do you have?  Female doctor to white woman with little baby:  What does your husband do?  To youg black woman with baby:  Is the father still in the picture?

And, in more news of the skewed . . . .

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Art Imitates Life 0

Professor:  Sen. Belfry is announcing his new press secretary this afternoon.  Shoe:  What happened to the old one?  Shoe:  His pants were on fire and his nose got as long as telephone wire.

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Donald Trump whining,

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Penn State PR Department discussing stories about

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When I went to college, I briefly–oh so very briefly–considered rushing a frat.

Then I realized I could get drunk quite nicely on my own without having to waste my drinking money on dues.

Because, frankly, getting drunk is what college fraternities do. All the rest is window dressing.

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Uncle Sam to Donald Trump lounging poolside:

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“A Shared Vision” 0

Shaun Mullen explores the Russian connection. Here’s how he starts out:

Although they ruled empires 4,600 miles apart, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shared a vision.

Trump, the billionaire New York real estate mogul and reality television star, wanted even more power and money, while Putin, the autocratic Russian president, wanted even more power and influence. Trump fantasized about becoming president of the United States while Putin dreamed of returning the former Soviet Union to its Cold War glory and was willing to do whatever it took, most especially undermining America’s standing as the sole superpower.

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Rene Magritte:

We must not fear daylight just because it almost always illuminates a miserable world.

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Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Click to hear the New Secesh celebrate their glorious Southern heritage.

(2017-05-22 23:15 Link updated to a more thorough description of the conduct of the New Secesh.)

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The intervention.

The Ban That Dare Not Speak Its Name 0

At The Charlotte Observer, historian David B. Parker finds a parallel to Donald Trump’s “oh, no, it’s not really a Muslim ban” ban. It’s not pretty. Here’s the gist:

That’s an interesting point. How can an order that never mentions the word “Muslim” be considered a Muslim ban?

It might be useful to consider a historical analogy.

In the late 19th century, Mississippi’s Democratic leaders were concerned about the state’s political future. Democrats had controlled Mississippi since the end of Reconstruction, but the black population was growing, and Republicans (at the time, the more civil rights-oriented party) had just gained control of both houses of Congress and the White House. How could Democrats ensure that they would stay on top?

If only there were some way to limit the black vote, they would be safe. If only they could pass a law that said, “Negroes may not vote in Mississippi,” that would settle it. But the Fifteenth Amendment prohibited states from denying anyone the right to vote “on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” So this is the problem that white Mississippians faced: how to cut out the black vote without looking like they were cutting out the black vote.

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Image of a bunch of white folks trying to prevent a statue of Jefferson Davis from being removed.  One construction worker says to another,

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A World of Their Own 0

In The Bangor Daily News, Amy Fried marvels at Republicans’ retreat into an imaginary world. They’ve gone from Reagan’s voodoo economics into a world of voodoo science. A snippet:

Increasingly, Republicans turn away from established knowledge and expertise. There used to be very little difference between Democrats and Republicans about the conclusions of climate scientists regarding of the reality of global climate change. Over time, a narrow gap has widened and Republicans are far more likely to reject climate scientists’ findings.

When it comes to simply describing a policy, instead of discussing the same facts in light of differing values about the role of government, Republican leaders assert clearly false claims. This can be seen when it comes to Trumpcare.

Follow the link to learn why she said that and how convincingly she can back it up.

Imagine That! 0

Image of Eiffel Tower with caption,

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Running an End-Around of Science 0


Paul Tillich:

Boredom is rage spread thin.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Be polite to your life-long partner.

According to State Police, Joan Reichard, 78 of Red Lion was taken to York Hospital after she was shot in the chest by her husband at their home on the 300 block of West Maple Street early Saturday morning. Her husband, whose name has not been released at this time, suffers from medical issues and believed that she was an intruder according to State Police spokesperson Brent Miller.

Reichard was in the bathroom when she was shot Saturday morning around 3:30 a.m.

Ego-A-Go-Go 0

Rekha Basu marvels at how Donald Trump is compelled to prove over and over that he is a Real Big Man. A snippet:

Many of us have laughed at the size of Trump’s ego, especially during the presidential campaign, when it led him into some bizarre talk about the size of his hands. Of course the underpinning of narcissism can be insecurity which demands constant affirmation. But whatever we call it and however we try to analyze its source, there’s a pattern to Trump’s behavior that can no longer be tiptoed around in the context of his presidency. In deference to his ego needs, he seems willing to throw anything, anyone, any ally, any principle under the bus, including national security.