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Droning On 0

Droney the Drone explains to children how fun and safe he is.


Where Is Sarah Palin When You Need Her? 0

Inquiring minds want to know.


Rebirther 0

Stuart Fischoff meditates on the staying power of the “birther” myth. A very small nugget (emphasis added):

In effect, a large segment (Truth: I almost typed pigment) of the population can never accept the legitimacy of Barack Obama as President of the U. S.

Really, that’s it, in one word: In Wingnut World, pigment is a constant theme coloring (ahem!) everything else.


Facebook Frolics, Courting Disaster Dept. 0

The local rag has a long article about how persons’ Facebook fulminations are coming back to haunt them in court. If you decided to misbehave and if you regularly have a few beers, then update your status on the innerwebs–or if you just delight in foolishness–you should read it. A nugget:

Virginia Beach Circuit Judge Edward W. Hanson Jr. said he’s often amazed by the self-destructive evidence people create on social-media sites.

“It shocks me sometimes, the things that people write,” he said. “We all say these words, but to see them in print, it’s just another level.”

The internet is a public place.



Mark Twain, from the Quotemaster (subscribe here):

Necessity is the mother of taking chances.


Have a Blast 0

I used to keep one of these things on by boat, back when I had a boat. They are aerosol cans of compressed air with a horn attached (when I first saw the headline, I was thinking “air horn,” as in Peterbilt):

Delaware State Police closed off the rear parking lot of a Newark convenience store, after a compressed air horn exploded inside a pickup truck.

Police think the heat in the cab because of the greenhouse effect set it off.


The Vigorish Banking Sector 0

Mike Papantonio considers Abraham Lincoln’s and Thomas Jefferson’s warnings about banks and bankers.


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

In your face polite.

A 24-year-old Thornton man was killed in the early hours of Memorial Day at a campground in Boulder County, authorities say.


The man was camping with friends and acquaintances at the Olive Ridge campground northwest of Boulder when he shot himself in the face at 1:15 a.m., Oehlkers said.


Facebook Frolics 0

Sociopath Media


Government Give-Aways, The Republican Way 0

In Wingnut World, give-aways are quite okay if they make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Indeed, not giving away is a firing offense. Despoiling the environment is just a sweetener in the pot.

Florida’s top state wetlands expert has been suspended after she refused to issue a permit on a controversial project — one that she said her boss was willing to bend the rules to approve.

The project: turning a North Florida pine plantation into a business that attempts to make up for wetlands that are wiped out by new roads and development. At stake: millions of dollars in wetland “credits” that can be sold to government and developers.

The problem, according to a May 9 memo from Department of Environmental Protection wetlands expert Connie Bersok, is that the owners want the DEP to give them lots of wetland credits for land that isn’t wet.

The “credits” are sort of credit default swaps for real estate developers. The kicker is this: the alleged wetlands to be “credits” aren’t.

Aren’t wet, that is.

Follow the link for details.


Light Bloggery 0

Taking it easy.



William Petty:

Causes of Civil War are also, that the Wealth of the Nation is in too few mens hands, and that no certain means are provided to keep all men from a necessity either to beg, or steal, or be Souldiers.


True Confessions 0

Priest in confessional confessing to woman:  "The contraception debates are all about controlling you."

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the “should-have-been-a-RICO trial” continues.


Ordo Apologian 0

In the Denver Post, Curtis Hubbard classifies six variants of political (non-)apologies. See how many you recognize.


Blowhards 0

Two men with leaf blowers complaining about the possibility of "noisy" wind turbines.

Via Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog.



Robert Heilbroner:

The cure for capitalism’s failing would require that a government would have to rise above the interests of one class alone.


Truth in Labeling 0

This is a policy I can get behind.

Label saying "Ingredients you can pronounce"

The she-crab soup, by the way, was excellent.


The Republican Southern Crass 5

At the Guardian, Gary Younge examines the continuing success of the odious Southern strategy. A nugget:

One of the appeals for some whites of voting Republican is a desire to maintain whatever limited racial privileges they have acquired over the years combined with a fear that what little they have will be taken away by feckless non-whites and undocumented migrants. While in Nevada in 2010 I asked a white Republican without health insurance why she wouldn’t support a candidate who might give it to her. “I never really got into that Obamacare insurance stuff,” she said. “My mind is focusing 250% on this illegal immigration.”

None of this means all Republican supporters are racist. But it does suggest they make their appeal on racial grounds . . . .


iJunk, Siriously 2

MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman recently upgraded his iJunk. He is not impressed with Siri:

I admit it: I had been dazzled by those catchy television commercials showing tough-talking actor Samuel L. Jackson and the ever-adorable actress/singer Zooey Deschanel doing their mundane household chores assisted by Siri, the voice-activated system on the new iPhone.

In other words, I bought the Apple-generated hype. I was a sucker.

You see, I have been disillusioned by Siri. It strikes me as some kind of gimmick for self-indulgent people with a tremendous amount of time on their hands.

For a thrilling demonstration of Siri’s skill, listen to the first five minutes of this.

Full disclosure:

I don’t have any iJunk; I refuse the pay twice as much for just as good, while living in a censored, walled orchard. My phone, though, does have a voice feature which I have played with, but hardly use. Mostly it just gets in the way when I have an attack of wrong damn button.


Bainful Glances 0

Romney discloses plans  to lay off all govenment employees and outsource, then move to the Caymans.

Via Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog.