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Something To Send You Screaming from the Room 0


The Monster Within 0

Trick or Treaters at Undecided Voter's House:  Voter can't decide between "trick" or "treat."

Via Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog.

Goblins at the Gate IV 0

Mitt Masks:  Liberal Mitt, Conservative Mitt, etc.  They all look the same.

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Gobins at the Gate III 0

Trick or Treater takes of Romney mask, revealed to be George W. Bush

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Intermission: Down at the Farm 0

Database issues. Looks like I’ve got it stabilized and just lost a few posts from yesterday and this morning. We shall see.

I hate databases.

Goblins at the Gate II 0

A witch, a ghost, a pirate, and a clown trick-or-treating.  Householder identifies them as "a witch, a ghost, a pirate, and a Trump.

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Goblins at the Gate I 0

Trick or treating monsters labeled Akin and Mourdock at door.  Woman answering door says, .

Suburban Zombies 0

Warning: Language.

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Scottish prayer, traditional:

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!


Wellington Mara:

Self-justification is a treacherous servant.

Gaming the Polity 0

The Galt and the Lamers 2

You Can’t Get There from Here 0

The bridge over the railroad tracks in Narberth always looked rickety to me as I crossed it back when I lived there. It still looked rickety when I took First Daughter to lunch at the Greeks’ back in July (and she got me a Greek’s 90th Anniversay tee-shirt!).

Now it’s closed.

The Coming Zomney Apocalypse 0

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Abandon Ship 0

Second son worked on this ship last winter:

The crew of the Bounty abandoned ship about 90 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras early Monday morning, several hours after first reporting that the ship was in distress, Fredrick said. They donned cold water suits and life jackets and boarded the life rafts, the Coast Guard said.

The 180-foot, three-mast tall ship had lost propulsion and was taking on water. Postings on the Facebook page of the HMS Bounty reported the ship was sinking.

A Picture Is Worth, Republican Jesus Dept. 0

David Lauterstein:  Rape is "God's will," but homosexuality is my "choice."  Talking about making shit up as you go along.

Via Contradict Me.

Mitt the Flip’s Off-the-Cuff Links 0

Kelly Fordon, daughter of long-time Republican Congressman John William Stanton of Ohio, muses on the content of Mitt the Flip’s character(s) (emphasis added):

Even though I consider myself a Democrat, I learned something from my father I consider more important than my political affiliation. “Character is everything,” he used to say. Also, “When someone tells you who they are, believe them.” I was willing to concede to my husband (a fiscal conservative) that Mitt Romney had some good ideas. A successful businessman could bring much-needed financial acumen to the highest office. But all of that changed when a surreptitiously recorded video surfaced of Romney dining with top donors at a Florida fundraiser.

(snip Romney’s remarks about “the 47%”)

That moment sparked the feeling I’ve had on the few occasions I’ve had the misfortune of running into racists who believe that because I’m white I’m “in the club” and willing to listen to their prejudiced diatribes. Simply put, I was horrified. Mitt Romney believed that he was preaching to the choir. He felt comfortable enough to show his true colors. Later he said he was speaking off the cuff, which any politician will tell you is code for “speaking from the heart.”

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Sandy Sayings 0

As the storm approaches Philly, Field observes:

All you republicans who hate the government, I sure hope that you will not be needing the services of FEMA or any other government agency. Ask the folks at Bain Capital to give you a low interest loan to fix up your home.


The hypocrisy of “small government” conservatives is not that they want small government.

It’s that they want big government that benefits them, and only them and no one else, and, by God, they want it for free.

God Forbid Kids Should Explore Their World 0

This will take all the fun out of t-ping your 10th-grade English teacher’s front lawn.

GPS technology, widely used to provide motorists with directions, is now being used to track the movements of entire families.

Snap Secure, a smartphone security app created by Princeton, N.J.-based cloud service applications company Snap My Life, already functioned to control who children talk to by phone, text with and what they browse online.

The app, which comes with a $5.99-per-month subscription, is one of dozens of products developed by tech companies specifically for parents to monitor children’s locations. Snap Secure has rolled out new features just in time for Halloween that takes the surveillance up a notch by allowing parents to set perimeters on a GPS-enabled map that limits where a child is permitted to travel. If a kid steps outside of the marked area, parents receive a notification and can check the map to see just how far the child has strayed.

All seriousness aside, we seem to have a generation of paranoiac papas and meddling mamas. Maybe it was ever so, but cyber-stalking one’s own kids adds a new dimension.

I suspect that, if this practice grows, it will spur kids to defy the surveillance to do things which, if they weren’t relentlessly spied on, they might not otherwise do.


G. K. Chesterton:

The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.