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And Now for Something Completely Different 0

Trick or Treat 0

Tom Tomorrow:  Satirical sexy Hallowe'en costumes.

Tonight We All Get Naked 0

Notice of Paving with comment that, when paving is complete, "stripping" will begin.


News, Ripped from the Ticker 0

The usual warnings.

Theft of Services 0

Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Go 0

Jobless claims decreased by 10,000 to 340,000 in the week ended Oct. 26 from 350,000 the prior period, the Labor Department reported today in Washington.


The four-week average of claims, a less-volatile measure, rose to 356,250 last week from 348,250.

The story attributes approximately 10,000 of these to the Republican shutdown and also reports that 2.88 million persons are receiving continuing benefits beyond the normal time limit.

Roadmap of Reaction 0

Diagrammatic guide to neoreactionaries

Click for a larger image.

Although it’s got a distinctly English spin to it, the categories travel well.

Via Mr. Feastingonroadkill.


Marquise du Deffand:

Do I believe in ghosts? No, but I’m afraid of them.

Twits on Twitter 0

Entitled twits.

The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Texas Attorney-General would appear to be a voter fraudster under the terms of Texas’s new voter ID law.


Cooch and the Cuckoos on Crusade 0

This is the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Via The Richmonder.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Two eggs over medium, country ham, and a side of politeness . . . .

An employee at the Waffle House on Lawrenceville Highway at Interstate 285 told Channel 2’s Darryn Moore he heard two cars collide by the sign outside and then several gunshots.

Antonio McDaniel, a cook at the Waffle House, told investigators he was working the grill when he heard the commotion and dialed 911.

“It was a black car parked sideways and the white van was just ramming it. Guy jumps out of the black car and started letting off rounds,” McDaniel said.

Susie Sampson’s Sister Samples Scholarship 0

Well, this is mildly depressing.

“The Magic Napkin” 0

David Stockman and the Laffable Curve:

Forgetting, of course, that he was one of the propagators of the myth of the magic napkin.

(“Magic napkin.” I love it.)

Via C&L.

Stray Question 0

How can the phrases “Jonas Brothers” and “creative differences” coexist in the same news story?

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Politeness begins at home.

The 14-year-old boy who accidentally shot his 13-year-old cousin Tuesday afternoon has been questioned and released, authorities said Wednesday morning.


Jonathan was reportedly cleaning a gun in the bathroom when he accidentally fired it into a wall. The bullet passed into Danajha’s bedroom and hit her in the chest.

Things You Can’t Say in Public 0

A couple years ago, while campaigning for a city council candidate, I found myself at the Virginia Beach Convention Center at some sort of expo.

There was a booth there about breast cancer. I got chatting with the lady at the booth, who was about my age. In the course of the conversation, I remarked, “When you and I were growing up, you couldn’t say ‘breast’ in a conversation,” and she agreed.

It seems that you still can’t.

In Easton, Pennsylvania, at least, breasts can’t be mentioned.

We live in a society that denies reality.


Clifton Fadiman:

The tantrums of cloth-headed celluloid idols are deemed fit for grown-up conversation, while silence settles over such a truly important matter as food.

Suffer the Children 0

The Bangor Daily News considers Republicans’ proposed cuts to Maine’s Head Start and notices something:

It seems each time government proposes cuts, it takes aim at toddlers.

Because they can’t fight back . . .

Probing Cooch and Cuckoos 0

Via The Richmonder.