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Remember, the “compromise’ has a footnote. It puts “a moratorium on local ordinances regulating public accommodations or private employment practices until Dec. 1, 2020.” In other words, it strips localities from enacting their own anti-discrimination laws, because–oh, hell, I’ll be blunt–discrimination is a Republican Family Value.

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Image One:  Reporter speaking into microphone:  Everyone is wondering who Trump will blame and punish for his health care debacle.  Image Two:  Trump waving

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“Waist Deep in the Big Muddy and the Damned Fool Says ‘Push On'” 0

What Noz said.

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Let a little politeness into your relationship.

Officers said it appeared as though the man was standing in a back bedroom and handling an AR-15 when it accidentally went off.

That bullet passed through a wall and struck the woman who was in the bathroom. She died a short time after officers arrived.

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Reporter asks Congressman Nunes,

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What joy, to be greet by the dreaded “Error Creating a Database Connection” error message before my first cup of coffee.

A quick visit to phpMyAdmin fixed it.

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The stupid. It burns.


Dolly Parton:

All these fine Christian-type people that seem to think they know what God wants for all of us, that’s certainly more of a sin then anything they would claim about us. To judge people is one of the greatest sins.

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TPM notes that IOKIYAR:

A mass amnesia has fallen upon Republican senators.

They seem to have forgotten about that time they refused to give President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court an up-or-down vote–or even a hearing–last year. Now they are claiming that Democrats are the norm-breakers for threatening to filibuster President Trump’s own Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

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More stuff you couldn’t make up.

While en route to jail following his arrest for driving with a suspended license and no insurance, a Florida man declared, “That’s the last time I listen to Wikipedia about driving. It said I would just get a ticket.”

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In The Roanoke Times, a Radford University history professors takes a wingnut to the cleaners.

An excerpt from the first paragraph:

. . . sanctimonious piece of drivel and claptrap . . . .

It gets better.

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All the spinning to weave nepotism into not-nepotism will leave you dizzy.

Via Raw Story.

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Frame One:  Painting of Donald Trump as the Mona Lisa titled

Via Job’s Anger.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Inculcate politeness from a young age.

A 4-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself on Wednesday night is expected to recover from his injuries, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

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Title:  Trump Dumps Obama-ERA Environmental Rules.   Image:  Family in smoggy environment wearing gas masks.  Husband, wearing Trump hat, says,

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I remember my first business trip to L. A. It was in the late spring around 1980.

The weather was hot, the sky was orange, and the air burned my eyes.


Reinhold Niebuhr:

One of the fundamental points about religious humility is you say you don’t know about the ultimate judgment. It’s beyond your judgment. And if you equate God’s judgment with your judgment, you have a wrong religion.

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Title:  Making North Carolina Great Again.  Image:  Woman washing her hands in public restroom looks askance at wizened old man peering under the door into a stall.  Man says,

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