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Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Glorious Spam! 0

Spam thefts are breaking out all over Hawaii.

These Spam snatchers are not hungry people desperate for Spam, said Tina Yamaki, president of the Retail Merchants of Hawaii. They are most likely part of a Spam black market that’s taking off in a state where the demand for Spam knows no bounds.

Russian Impulses 0

Josh Marshall takes a long and thoughtful look at the Russian cyber-disinformation campaign to exacerbate American cultural and political divisions and defeat Hilary Clinton. Here’s a striking bit:

Even some of the Twitter accounts which had already been found were considerably more prolific and influential than we had known. One Russia-created Twitter account for the Tennessee Republican Party had more than ten times the followers of the real Tennessee GOP Twitter account. The Tennessee party had apparently complained about it to Twitter, to no avail. A number of top Trump aides engaged with the ersatz account late in the 2016 campaign and President himself thanked an affiliated account on Twitter just last month!

Value Vultures 0

Jim Wright exposes the con.

Read it.

One Thing Is Not Like the Other Thing 0

Randye Hoder points out similarities between the conduct towards women of Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein because of Weinstein’s contributions to Democratic candidates and causes.

She then notes a crucial difference:

. . . there’s only one difference that matters: We didn’t make Harvey Weinstein president.

Click the link to follow her path the this conclusion.

Fancy Words Don’t Make Stupid Smart 0

Goa6:  What do you have there, Rat?  Rat:  New app I developed.  If you use stupid busines meeting jargon, the Earth opens up and swallows you whole.  Goat:  What jargon?  Rat:  Well, I have

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When I was a corporate trainer, we fought gobbledygook all the time. It was quite a challenge to get trainees to internalize a growing awareness of this verity.

Role Reversal 0

Images of Donald Trump and Jimmy Kimmel.  Trump is lableled

Via Job’s Anger.

A Sign of Sporting Sanity 0

The Austrian state of Tyrol, which contains the city of Innsbruck, has voted against bidding to be the site of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The Olympics long ago went from being a celebration of athletic prowess to become a branding frenzy of corporate greed, in the process morphing into more trouble than they are worth.

And then there’s the tantalizing question of which is more corrupt, the IOC, FIFA, or the NCAA.

Plus ca Change, Truman Was Right Dept. 0


Robert Goldsborough:

. . . too often, what we refer to as humility is only false modesty strutting on the parade ground.

Goldsborough, Robert, The Bloodied Ivy (New York: Bantam Books, 1989), p. 167

All That Was Old Is New Again 0

Heavens to Betsy Ruth, gleaning returns:

It might not sound like something that is happening in Maine right now — but it is. Gleaning, or gathering leftover crops from farm fields after the farmer has done his or her harvest, is becoming a piece that may help solve Maine’s food insecurity puzzle. Hunger and food insecurity, which is being without reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food, is on the rise in Maine while it drops nationwide.

Chartering a Course for Disaster 0

How Stuff Works, the Right-Wing Noise Machine Dept. 0

In the midst of a larger article about Trump’s fumbled fulminations about expressing condolences to the families of the four soldiers who fell in Niger, Paul Waldman describes the wingnut propaganda process. You can follow the link for the complete article, but here’s the crucial bit:

Now here’s why this matters. Yes, many news outlets pointed out that Trump wasn’t telling the truth. But there are probably three interns at Fox News who are now scouring old news reports to find some family member of a fallen soldier who didn’t get a call from Obama. If they find it, that person’s story will then become the subject of a segment on Sean Hannity’s show, and it will then get retold on a hundred talk radio programs and conservative websites as proof that Obama was a monster and the media are all lying about this. (Trump’s insistence that there was “fake news” at work is another way of telling his supporters not to believe whatever they hear about this subject that comes from sources not explicitly supporting him.) And I promise you that if you took a poll two weeks from now, you’d find that 40 percent of the public (or more) believes that Barack Obama never called the family of any fallen soldier, and only Donald Trump has the sensitivity to do so.

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Stop the Presses! 0

Donald Trump as medieval magnate as Gutenberg and his printing press stand in the background:  It's disgusting.  That Gutenberg guy can print whatever he wants.  Someone should look into that!

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Return of a Classic 0

In The Roanoke Times, Steve Frey despairs at the revival of a TV classic. A snippet:

The problem is, this version of Eddie Haskell is 70 years old and the most important person in the world. He has the power of life and death over millions of people not just in America, but around the world. However, he’s still making fun of people, acting pretentious when it suits him, and is often caught in “untruths.”

In this modern scenario, Chief of Staff Kelly acts as Ward Cleaver, giving Donald fatherly advice, which the president seemingly ignores. Can’t you just see General Kelly standing by the fireplace advising, “Now Donald, you know that tweet was mean-spirited and will just get you into more trouble.” Wally and Beaver would listen and learn; Eddie Haskell Trump just keeps doing it. He can’t help himself. He seems to need A LOT of attention.


For all who yearn for that portrayal of 1950s America, remember, Barbara Billingsley was a working mother.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Politeness takes practice.

Lawrence Ramdass, 46, of Plantation, was fishing from a boat in the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area in Palm Beach County last July when several shots rang out. One bullet struck him in the chest.

The shots came from a .45-caliber gun being fired for target practice by two men, Ricardo Galvan and Christian Salcedo, about a third of a mile away, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

But because the two men had been taking turns firing the gun and could not see Ramdass, who was behind a vegetation-covered berm, detectives don’t know which one of them fired the fatal shot.

Once again, “criminal negligence” has been misplet “tragic accident,” as, in NRA Paradise, shooters are not responsible for their shots.

The Destroyer 0

Jay Bookman wonders what Trump wants to accomplish with health care. A snippet:

But what exactly does he want? That’s the question that reveals the true depth of cynicism at work here.

Trump has taken a hostage with no real idea of what ransom he wants in return. He has no policy goal that he wants to achieve; there is no “Trumpcare” that he is attempting to implement. For seven long years, the Republicans have been promising to repeal and replace Obamacare, while doing none of the hard, thoughtful work that creating a replacement would require. For more than two years now, Trump himself has been promising the American people that he would create a health-care system that would provide better insurance at lower cost to more people, yet he and his administration have offered up nothing in the form of a plan or a bill.

Follow the link for the rest.

The Legacy 0

Frame One:  Aide says to Donald Trump in the Oval Office,

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Jules Feiffer:

Getting out of bed in the morning is an act of false confidence.

School for Scamdal 0

Pap and Frank Schaeffer discuss the home school scam and its origins as a proxy for re-segregating schools.

How Stuff Works, “Social” Media Dept. 0

Rat types on phone:  I feel so lonely all the time.  Woman types back:  I do too.  (Repeat the concept several times.)  Pan out to see that everyone typing on a phone is in the same cafe.

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