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Title:  The World According to the Right Wing.  Image One:  Grieving Parkland High School students labeled,

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

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The blog has not been cooperative today. It threw a “fatal” memory error around lunchtime. After a bike ride–the May weather we are having here at the end of February was too nice not to go on a bike ride–I dug into it and found a workaround and it’s working again.

I will be digging into this a bit deeper during the course of the week, but at least I am back on line so I can bestow my deathless electrons on an uncaring world. . . .

If you notice any erratic or unusual behavior (with the website, that is), please email me at or click the “Email Me” link on the sidebar.


This issue was in no way related to the problems viewing this site that occurred in late January and early February. Those issues have been resolved with enhanced security features.

Hey, Rubio! 0

Alfred Doblin remarks on Marco Rubio’s dissemblance of a human being.

Misdirection Play, Waving the Red Flag Dept. 0

Jay Bookman points out that the NRA speaks out of both sides of its mouth.

Surprise, surprise.

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Title:  The Eternal Answer  for Spritual Well-Being.  Image:  Mand standing at Guru's cave on top of mountain reading sign that says,

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“The Red Letter Year” 0

When I took my first class in Virginia history in third grade (yes, they used to teach history in school) that was the label given to 1619. The label referred to three events in that year:

  • The first meeting of the House of Burgesses, the Virginia colony’s legislature.
  • The arrival of the first English women to the colony.
  • The arrival of the first “shipment* of Negro (as the text book styled it) slaves.

The Hartford Courant’s Frank Harris, III, muses on how to recognize the last event on that list. Here’s a bit of his musings:

For blacks, slavery was our holocaust and our Kristallnacht — it was bodies smashed and shattered over centuries, tossed into the oceans and rivers and creeks, burned into the embers that blackened America’s soil and soul.

It should not be forgotten. But how do we not forget it?


*Yes, “shipment” was the word in the text.

I paid attention in history class, even in third grade. I paid attention in history class up through graduate work in history, with a focus on “U. S. Southern,” and much subsequent reading, because the past explains the present.

In that text and in the construct it portrayed, persons were “cargo” because they were Not White. And many would take us back to those days.

Walls 0

Image of CPAC, Republican Convention, and White House, all shouting,

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S. S. Van Dine:

Logic is the most perfect artificial means of arriving at a false conclusion.

Van Dine, S. S. (William Huntington Wright), The Garden Murder Mystery
in The Philo Vance Murder Cases, v. 5 (London: Leonaur, 2010), p. 62.

“Crisis Actor” 0

I’ve been intrigued by conspiracy theories and those who embrace them for decades.

Most conspiracy theories are stupid and require herculean suspension of disbelief; they wouldn’t pass the test for an X-Files script.

The “crisis actor” conspiracy theory–that hordes of persons are paid to rush to the scenes of mass shootings or other heinous acts so quickly that they are already there when the events happen so as to pretend to be victim–is mindbogglingly stupid. The persons who spread it are cynical manipulative bastards, and those who believe it are cretins.

(Ask me politely, and I’ll tell you what I really think.)

Video via Raw Story.

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Arms and Demand 0

NRA to Gun Manufacturers:  Of course, teachers should be armed.  Just think of how many more guns you could sell.

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I’ve been thinking back over my high school teachers and considering whether I’d have trusted any of them to be packing heat. I suggest you do the same.

Most of them I would not have trusted to pick up a gun. One or two I would have expected to gleefully fire one on any pretext.

The idea that arming teachers will somehow deter violence is profoundly stupid, but we live in a profoundly stupid society dominated by profoundly stupid people.

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Don’t let politeness get your goat.

Scarborough police are investigating the shooting of a pregnant goat at a local family-owned dairy farm that has welcomed the public onto its property for decades.

In a message posted Thursday afternoon on its Facebook page, the police department said someone trespassed onto the property of Smiling Hill Farm and Hillside Lumber last weekend and killed a pregnant goat that was in a fenced-in pen.

“The killing of this goat was not an accident,” police said in the post.

The White Collar Didn’t Protect This One 0


Seneca the Younger:

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

And Now, a Musical Interlude 0

Scripted 0

Via Job’s Anger.

Incriminating Incrimination 0

Concealed Weapons 0


An AR-15 assault weapon, the firearm used in last week’s Florida high school massacre, was advertised as the “Grand Auction Item” at Stevens County (Washington–ed.) Republicans’ March 24 Lincoln Day dinner.

But the weapon, a model of which was used in the Parkland, Florida, massacre, was hastily withdrawn late on Tuesday. . . .

The website for the dinner had been scrubbed of references to the AR-15 as well as a 10/22 Ruger rifle as the door prize. Stevens County Republicans auctioned weapons at their 2016 and 2017 dinners . . . .

Easy Marks 0

Daniel Ruth muses on Americans’ susceptibility to being suckered. Here’s a bit:

But if the Russian lies and deceit suggesting the country is on the verge of adopting sharia law arrived via Facebook — bracketed by a friend’s notice he was eating nachos at Taco Bell and the latest adorable picture of your sister’s cat chasing its tail — well, it must be true.

You have to give some grudging credit to the Russian trolls. They didn’t create American gullibility. They didn’t invent American civic illiteracy. They merely exploited it.