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Of course this happened in Florida.

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I noted these charges several months ago. Now comes the reckoning:

A 20-year-old Pasco man won’t serve any jail time for crashing a drone onto the roof of the Space Needle on New Year’s Eve 2016, but he’s been ordered by a Seattle Municipal judge to forfeit the aircraft, according to court records.

Cole Kelley pleaded guilty Tuesday to a gross misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment, acknowledging he “flew a drone in a manner that caused a likelihood of harm to persons or property,” court records say.

The story goes on to report that he was given a suspended sentence, fined, and banned from future dronings on.

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Rekha Basu tells a tale of Trumpling.

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Woman speaking to Quadcopter:  Steve, you are the one that dropped gaspacho down my blouse. We are through!  So stop stalking me with your drone, maniac!

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Boys and their toys . . . .

The passenger jet began descending below the 500-foot level toward San Francisco International Airport’s runway 28R when the pilot saw an alarming sight: An apparent drone passing just 20 feet directly below the plane’s nose.

The pilot landed the plane safely without needing to take evasive action, according to a newly released Federal Aviation Administration report. But the Jan. 23 incident, one of at least 27 pilot-reported drone sightings so far this year near Bay Area airports, highlights the growing problem drones pose to airports.

Follow the link for the full article; the problem is much greater than one would think. Over the past two years, there have been 3,000 such incidents in the U. S.

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Drawing of three flag-drapped coffins.  Caption:  Dear Trump Supporters . . . Which one is trans?

Via PoliticalProf.

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Boys and their toys.

Elliot Roth enjoys an expansive view of the city from the 18th floor of his condo in uptown Charlotte. He just didn’t expect someone to be peeping into his home from that height.

But that’s what he said happened one early evening in mid-March, when he spotted a drone hovering outside his window in the Skye condos on South Caldwell Street. He said he believes the drone spotted him watching it, took off then returned soon after, slowly going up the side of the building and peering at windows.

“It’s creepy that someone’s looking in your window,” Roth said. “You figure you’re 18 stories up no one’s going to be watching you, right?”

Much more at the link.

And, in more news of boys and their toys . . . .

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And the gavel came drone:

An appeals court has snubbed a drone owner’s demand for $1,500 compensation from a furious dad who blew the flying gizmo out of the sky when it hovered over his family.

In July 2015, William Merideth, 47, was at home in Hillview, Kentucky, America, when his daughter came in from sunbathing in the garden to say there was a drone buzzing overhead. As a firm believer in his Second Amendment rights, Merideth loaded up his shotgun with bird shot, waited until the camera-fitted quadcopter came over his home, and then took it down with a single shot – which bought the drone’s operators running.

If some unknown dude were droning over my daughter when she was sunbathing, I might have been inclined to do the same thing. There is a time and a place . . . .

At the link, the story drones on for a few more paragraphs.

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King of the twits.

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El Reg reports that Zuckerborg’s junior bird men don’t seem to be doing so well.

Facebook’s plans to beam internet access from drones has crashed, literally, after the company revealed the first flight of its “Aquila” craft ended with a bang.

The United States’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) late last week published a report about the incident that says “On June 28, 2016, at 0743 mountain standard time, the Facebook Aquila unmanned aircraft, N565AQ, experienced an inflight structural failure on final approach near Yuma, Arizona. The aircraft was substantially damaged.”

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What’s in a name? A drone by any other name would reap the same.

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Foreground:  Man says to woman,

Via Job’s Anger.

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Only a matter of time . . . .

The first near miss took place in mid-May when an Airbus A319 pilot flying to Heathrow saw a one metre-long drone, painted green and purple, “extremely close” to his aircraft.


In the second incident, which took place a fortnight after the first, an Airbus A320’s first officer saw “a white, twin rotor drone pass by the right wingtip” barely 100m away as the aircraft was descending through 7,000ft over New Malden, south London.

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Britain is high on drones:

Cops have seized drones being used to fly drugs into London’s Pentonville prison – and are now on the hunt for the people operating them.

One drone crashed while flying over the all-male jail on 14 August.

Another was intercepted in “mid-flight” heading towards the prison later that same day.

Police did not say exactly how they stopped the second drone.

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It won’t be long before some boy kills someone with his toy.

An emergency helicopter carrying an car crash victim to hospital in Austria narrowly avoided a mid-air collision with a drone that flew within metres of the craft.

The drone was spotted by the helicopter pilot at the last second and he was able to steer the aircraft out of the way and prevent a collision.

Toy boy is as yet unidentified.

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Boys and their toys . . . .

A Foresthill man has been arrested on suspicion of interfering with firefighting operations during the recent Trailhead Fire by flying a drone over the fire, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The presence of the drone forced Cal Fire to ground firefighting aircraft due to the risk of a collision.

Information posted on social media helped lead Cal Fire law enforcement officers to 57-year-old Eric Wamser. He was arrested Friday afternoon and booked into the Placer County Jail.

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It looks as if we nay not have robotic radio-controlled delivery after all.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Amazon to start delivering Prime orders by drone.

New rules for commercial use of drones under 55 pounds were finalized by the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday, and things don’t look good for Amazon’s planned drone deliveries.

Under the new regulations, drones have to stay within unaided sight (read: no binoculars or the like) of the pilot or an observer, even if the drone has cameras.

The FAA got this one right.

Too many members of the Geekosphere suffer from arrested development: They think like teenaged boys. “Because you can” is an insufficient reason in and of itself for doing something, especially something as stupid as filling our airspace with robots with rotating blades.

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Rat says;

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The question is not whether, it’s when: When will some boy bring down an airliner with his toy?

The pilot of the airliner “expressed his surprise” after spotting the object shortly after take-off, the UK Airprox Board (UKAB) said.

He was turning right at an altitude of 450 metres (1,500ft) – a “critical phase of flight” – when the incident occurred.

The report stated that the drone was “extremely close to the aircraft”, passing just 15 metres above and 30 metres to the left.