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Teflon Don 0

David discusses the lack of reaction to E. Jean Carroll’s description of having been assaulted by Donald Trump.

Dick Polman is also troubled.


Moore of the Same 0

At, John Archibald notes that Roy Moore is again going to run for the Republican Senatorial nomination. As he reviews the field opposing Moore, Archibald reaches a distressing conclusion:

I thought Roy Moore would have to see the light one day, that he would have his own come-to-Jesus moment and realize his brand of judgment and one-dimensional morality wouldn’t play in a twenty-first century world.

Boy, was I wrong.

Because Roy Moore already won.

Follow the link for his reasoning.


Facebook Frolics 0

Fifties frolics.


Hate! in the Name of Love 0

The Kansas City Star’s editorial board dissects the doublespeak.


If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Be Better 0

Woman reading about anti-abortion laws says,

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Freedom from Discrimination /= Freedom To Discriminate 0

Title:  Are You a Persecuted Christian in the USA?  Image:  Flowchart that asks, "Did any person or government official try to stop you from going to church, praying in public or talking about your Savior?  If "No," the answer is, "You're not being persecuted.  Go get some breakfast, you whiny bitch."  If "Yes," the answer is, "You're lying.  Try again," and an arrow loops back to the question.

Image via Job’s Anger.


Republican Family Values 0

Honest to Betsy (Pete’s taking a break), you can’t make this stuff up.


The Sanctimony of Life 0

At, Dr. Alan D. Blotcky questions Alabama Republicans’ claims that their recent anti-abortion law is all about the “sanctity of life.” I commend the entire article to your attention.

Here’s an excerpt:

These anti-abortionists claim that they are motivated by a desire to protect the sanctity of life. I say hogwash.

In my opinion, the Alabama law is not about the sanctity of life at all. It’s a ruse. Let’s look at the facts. If the preciousness of life was at the core of their belief system, the anti-abortionists would be clamoring at the top of their lungs for sensible gun control laws. But they are not. And they would be marching in the streets against capital punishment. But they are not. And they would be unwilling to accept anything less than full access to health care for all. But they are not.


So what were these white Republican men in Alabama trying to accomplish?

It seems clear that white men want to protect and perpetuate their patriarchy. They don’t want to give up their control and power.


Messianic Complex 0

Bobby Azarian is taken aback that some evangelical “Christians” see Donald Trump as some sort of messiah sent to save their way of life. (Of course, if you watched the short clip from the 700 Club that I posted yesterday, you have seen that some indeed do feel that way, or are at least open to the idea.)

Here’s snippet from Azarian’s article:

The problem with Trump is that his desire to win and amass power is a priority above all else. He surely knows that most Muslims and most immigrants are not dangerous and want to see America prosper. But he quickly found out, through trying various strategies, that fear was effective as a political tool. When he learned that, he quickly chose to demonize innocent people and to promote false conspiracy theories like #PizzaGate . . . .

Of course, this only served to further strengthen evangelicals’ belief that he was their savior. What is most ironic about it all, but I suppose not entirely unexpected, is the fact that Trump’s behavior and positions are far more un-Christ-like than those of the average politician on either side of the aisle. The many infidelities, the lack of compassion for the less fortunate, the lewd comments, the blatant lying—the list of ‘ungodly’ acts is a long one. But because they believe he was an answer to their prayers, they are willing to excuse every bit of it.


Plucking the Flock 0

(I thought of a better title than “Marketing Mammon.”)


Plus ca Change 0

A map of the House of Representatives vote on the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Vote:  Yes, 304; No, 89; Abstain, 30.  Voting no--most of the Congresspersons from the South and scattered patches in the North and Midwest.

Via PoliticalProf.


Roll Tide 0

Title:  Crimson Tide.  Image:  Car parked in alley next to sign saying,

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Antidisestablishmentarians* 0

The Rude One points out the obvious that’s so obvious no one else I’ve seen or heard, including me, has noticed it.

The recent wave of abortion restrictions in states such as Alabama are prima facie establishment of religion (warning: rudeness at the link).


*Look it up.


A Picture Is Worth, Republican Family Values Dept. 0

Pregnant woman says,

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Problem Solved 0

One of the essential skills in problem solving is differentiating between symptoms and causes.

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If It’s Not Not One Thing, It’s Not Not the Other Thing 0

Frame One:  Man screaming,

In related news, Will Bunch makes a convincing case that the anti-abortion movement is rooted in America’s original sin.

Image via Job’s Anger.


Alabama Bound (at the Wrists and Ankles) 0

At Above the Law, Tyler Broker explores Alabama’s disregard for the rights of its citizens against the background its claim to respect a “right to life.” A snippet:

Because in Alabama, the idea that every life is viewed as sacred is refuted by all available evidence.

For example, if you have the stomach for horrific detail, read about the Alabama prison system where rape, murder, and suicide (not to mention exceptionally disproportional rates of incarceration by race) are regular occurrences due to Alabama’s gross unconstitutional negligence towards protecting life. Furthermore, if you are a woman in the Alabama prison system, it is not just the other inmates that you have to worry about sexually assaulting you, it is the prison guards you should fear more. Even if you think that prisoners deserve be treated this way and denied constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment, these are hardly the actions of a state with a “deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.”


Freedom of Screech 0

The Des Moines Register’s Kathie Obradovich explains how “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion” have become right-wing Newspeak for freedom to discriminate.


Republican Family Values, It’s All Relative Dept. 0

Two men talking.  First man:  The Libs have really been triggered by all the recent abortion legislation.  Second Man:  What do you expect?  They don't value life the way we do.  First man:  A pregnant woman needs expert guidance and counseling.  Second man:  The kind that only her local Republican lawmakers can provide.  First man:  If women don't want to have babies--then they shouldn't have sex.  It's that simple.  Second man:  Yes--the burden is theirs.  Men play only a trifling role.  First man:  It's over so quickly.  It's hardly worth mentioning.  Anyway, men are driven by uncontrollable, primal lust.  We can't help ourselves.  Second man.  Unlike women, who don't even seem to enjoy sex.  First man:  They certainly haven't in my experience.  Second man:  It's quite puzzling.  But the important thing is that we are moving closer to a society that venerates the sanctity of life above all else.  First man:  It is a profound moral imperative.  I mean, unless a pregnancy personally inconveniences us, of course.  Second man:  Well, obviously.  You might not want your wife to know about it, for example.  First man:  These things happen.

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“Legislative Thuggery” 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., comments on Alabama’s attempt to ban all abortions, including those resulting from rape and incests. A snippet (emphasis added):

And note, please, that the state now barging so brazenly into women’s uteruses is the same one that has banned the sale of sex toys since 1998. For an ideology supposedly predicated upon getting government out of people’s lives, conservatives seem awfully determined to insert themselves into the most intimate crannies of people’s lives.

But then, it seems obvious that their larger target was never so-called “big government,” but rather, modernity itself, progress itself, change itself — the repeal of the 20th century. That was, remember, the century that saw African Americans finally win voting rights, gay people blow up the metaphorical closet and labor unions win higher wages and better conditions for American workers.