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Down the Black Rabbit Hole 0

Proxy Paper Trail 0

Elie Mystal explains.

Have Cake, Eat It Too, Reprise 0

Bob Cesca skewers the “freedom of speech” hypocrisy of Republican special snowflakes.

Just read it.

Have Cake, Eat It Too 0

Southernbeale dissects the hypocrisy of right-wing Christians. You know them: they are the ones who claim they are oppressed because they are unable to impose their will on others. Here’s a bit (emphasis added):

The idea that Christians have been “targeted, bullied or silenced” is bullshit: have they been denied marriage licenses or the right to adopt? Have their spouses of 40+ years been refused funeral cremation services, as recently happened in Mississippi?

Of course not. But they have been witness to the secularization of American society, something they have been powerless to stop. This is the real “oppression” they decry, and yet there’s a very good reason they can’t stop it: they are part of it. They want the benefits of secularism but not the costs. They want to attend football games on Sunday but don’t want their influence on American society to wane. They want to participate in secular culture while holding themselves above it.

(See the Mississippi story that she refers to. It is vile.)

People of the Book 0

Catholic prelate, Jewish Rabbi, and Muslim Iman stand in circle.  Each holds a sign saying

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The Do-Over 0

God looks down from Heaven as Earth explodes in violence and says,

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The Age of Delightenment 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Clifford Lazarus laments the growth of willful scientific ignorance. A snippet:

When our leaders cannot understand the difference between a casual “theory” and a scientific one; when they base their policy decisions on feelings instead of facts (actual facts, not “alternative facts” because a real fact is arrived at precisely because the alternatives have been disproven); when they operate based on opinions and preconceptions rather than verifiable evidence; and when they enact laws based on pure faith instead of rationality and reason; nothing good will result.

Do please read the rest.

Cleaning House? 0

Janitor at Fox News standing at a door labeled

Well, maybe not so much.

Image via Job’s Anger.

The Court Is in Sessions 0

Attorney-General Jeff Session pictured saying,

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Will Bunch has more. A snippet:

But Jeff Sessions is in a league of his own, because he is developing brutal policies for an America that doesn’t exist — where crime in big cities, or committed by undocumented immigrants is skyrocketing, to out-of-control levels and where the “Reefer Madness” of marijuana is a crisis that’s destroying the nation from within. He bases these “law-and-order” jihads largely on what we now call “alternative facts.” But if Sessions isn’t stopped, he may actually succeed in making the country less safe — a situation that he would certainly exploit to plunge America into the kind of authoritarianism that both he and Trump would applaud.

American Taliban, Money Changers in the Temple Dept. 0

Dana Milbank discusses right-wing “Christians” attempt to raid the public purse.

These theocrats have redefined “we are oppressed” to mean “we are not getting our way.”

Alt-Universe 0

Dick Polman points out that “alternative facts” are not uniquely American.

He travels to France to find them also roaming in the wild there.

Republican Family Values . . . 0

. . . have never been anything other than a con for the rubes.

Tales of the Tarheel Potty Police 0

North Carolina legislators just can’t stop peeking under the stall.


Doesn’t anyone else recognize how pervy is their preoccupation with pee?

Golden showers must fill their dreams,
as smiles await them with their streams . . . .

“Poor Me” 0

Donald Trump looking at paper that says,

Dehumanization 0

Man speaking to two likely transgender persons:

Image via Job’s Anger.

The “Friend Zone” 0

In The Guardian, Jessica Valenti tries to make sense of men who are afraid to be alone with women just because they are women.

In the wake of Mike Pence’s no-dinner-with-women-alone rule – a mandate that conservatives defended as good sense for honoring a marriage – a conversation has re-emerged on the right about proper roles for men and women. The short version seems to be that those of us who believe people of the opposite sex are capable of being in the same room without immediately engaging in intercourse are just fooling ourselves.


And that’s the rub. To some conservatives, still, relationships are not about joy or friendship, mutual admiration or common interests – they’re about creating new citizens. “Get pregnant a bunch of times and give birth to a bunch of beautiful little future taxpayers,” (Federalist writer and Lutheran pastor Hans Fiene–ed.) Fiene instructs women.

That’s why I can’t feel too badly for men like this, who are missing out on rich friendships and connections with women. Because the reason they refuse to see us as friends is that they don’t really see us as people – just potential wives or objects or desire, virgins or whores.

This does not negate that there are some men who should not be alone in a room with women.

Mad Men 0

Image One:  Voice balloon over house:  Dad, you're raising me to avoid men who don't treat women with respect.  Image Two:  Little girl to father who's watching The O'Reilly Factor:  So change the channel.

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Lucia Graves has more.

Presidential Preview 0

And God Said, “Suffer, Baby” 0

If you are going to be a Biblical literalist, you can’t pick and choose. Literalism is an all or nothing proposition. Farron Cousins explains.

Tales of the Tarheel Potty Police 0

Alfred Doblin skewers the ballyhooed “compromise” over North Carolina’s infamous peer-into-the-potty law. A snippet:

The so-called repeal of HB2 gives the Legislature complete control of who can use what bathroom and which shower. No public accommodation can be changed without legislative approval. It also bans for three years any municipality from passing non-discrimination ordinances.

Think about it. A law approved by a Republican legislature and signed by a Democratic governor that prevents municipalities from ensuring that no resident of their respective communities is the subject of discrimination. And this was the fix to a bad law.

The Republican Party, embracing mean for the sake of mean ever since Richard Nixon’s odious Southern Strategy.