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Jesus in the Jet Set 0

Carl Hiassen reports.

The Church Is in Sessions 0

Roman troops ripping Baby Jesus from Mary and Joseph while saying,

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

The Bible Tells Me So . . . , Reprise 0

Mike discusses the Trump Administration’s program to rip children from their mothers and its defending the practice as sanctioned by the Bible. Warning: Language.

A Religious Dilemna 0

Writing at The Roanoke Times, Rich Brager, who describes himself as an atheist, admits his befuddlement. An excerpt:

But since I have lived here and subscribed to The Roanoke Times, I have noticed a seemingly inordinate number of letters to the editor from Christians worrying about numerous issues about how our country isn’t Christian enough and how our country will sink into the depths of Hell (ok, my words, maybe a little dramatic) if we don’t follow Christian doctrine more closely. I’m not sure which Christian doctrine we are to follow because it seems to vary depending on which Christian to whom you are talking. There are the WWJD folks who want to treat everyone nicely no matter what their beliefs, and then there are the more fundamentalist types who say “my way or the highway” and then all Christians in between. It can get a little confusing to say the least, especially for an atheist.

. . . the Bible Tells Me So 0

Dick Polman stands aghast at the Trumpling of the Bible to justify ripping children from their parents.

No except or summary can do his piece justice. Just read it.

Sauce for the Goose 0

Baker to bridal couple:  Sorry, as an atheist, it's my right to refuse service to evangelical

Via Job’s Anger.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpling 0

Trumpling Gay Pride.

This is your country on Trump.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Nothing that ever happened in a homosexual bedroom ever affected a marriage of mine.

I cannot say the same about heterosexual bedrooms.


Heterosexuality threatens the sanctity of marriage!

Don’t bake cakes for heterosexuals. If you do, you promote adultery!


Straight Cakes 0

Chartering a Course for Disaster 0

Raising a generation of Noah-it-alls.

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Twits on Twitter, Base Desires Dept. 0

In a thoughtful article that slices through the fog of point-counterpoint claims about Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet and the subsequent cancellation of her television show, Bret Stephen’s concludes

The show was supposed to help explain, and humanize, Trump’s base to a frequently unsympathetic and uncomprehending public. Through her tweet, Barr managed to do so all too well.

Follow the link to learn why he reached that conclusion.

Flagging Interests 0

In The Sacramento Bee, self-described conservative Josh Edblow calls out right-wing “snowflakes” (his word) for their position on the American flag, the NFL’s new rule restricting player protests, and NFL players’ right to protest. Here’s a bit:

Fellow conservatives will argue that free speech is about government action while the NFL is a private business. They will point out that the league policy gives players the option to remain in the locker room during the national anthem.

They express contempt for those on the political left – “snowflakes” – who use boycotts, shout-downs and other intimidation to squash dissent or differing viewpoints that might offend or insult some group. They criticize businesses that give in to “snowflakes,” and sometimes even pull advertising.

Yet at the same time, these conservatives defend the NFL because they agree with the reason behind this specific policy. This is philosophically inconsistent. Would they feel the same way if some other NFL policy required players to address transgender persons by their preferred alternative pronoun? Not likely.

No Rest for the Weary 0

At the Hartford Courant, Emory University Professor Benjamin Reiss discusses the fascinating story of how sleeping in public became taboo and how that taboo results in differential treatement of the disadvantaged. A snippet:

Writing in 1939, the sociologist Norbert Elias described sleeping — like other bodily functions such as evacuating waste — as an activity that Europeans of the 18th and 19th centuries decided must be undertaken in private in a “civilized” society. Historian Sasha Handley has recently shown that around this time, middle-class homes began to feature a novel architectural arrangement: the bedroom. Dozing in public increasingly became an affront to refined sensibilities, a reminder of the body’s basic functions that were supposed to be tidily managed behind closed doors.

Preaching Propaganda 0

Mike discusses evangelical “Christians” devotion to Donald Trump. (Warning: Language.)

Moral Relativism, the Republican Way 0

Title:  REPUBLICAN VALUES AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UnlesS.  Image:  A picture of the White House with the following statements:  Family Values (unless you're crossing from Mexicon).  States' Rights (unless you want different marijauna laws).  Sanctity of Marriage (unless I can shag a porn star).  Individual Liberty (unless you want an abortion). Freedom of Religion (unless you are a Muslim).  Law and order (unless it's an FBI probe).

Via Jobs’ Anger.

Angling for Armageddon 0

Moral Relativism 2.0 0

Woman entering Evangelical church reading the sign in front of it, which reads

In a related item . . . .

Image via Job’s Anger.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

A nation of immigrants with short memories.

The Payoff 0

Title:  Thirty Pieces of Silver.  Image:  Bag labeled

These folks who style themselves as “Evangelical Christians” worship no Jesus that I know.

Click for the original image.

Unholy Communion 0

Creation scene based on the Sistine Chapel:  Donald Trump pours Kool-Aid into cup held by Adam labeled

Via Juanita Jean.

Ryan’s Derp 0

Tony Norman comments on the firing of House Chaplain Father Patrick Conroy. A snippet:

Father Conroy earned the speaker’s enmity the old-fashioned way — by taking the Gospel seriously . . . .

Follow the link for the rest.