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The Court Is in Sessions 0

Forewarning: The nuns “forced” to buy birth control Sessions referred to were not forced to buy birth control for themselves, as the clip below implies. They were ordered to provide for birth control in their employees’ health coverage.


The right wing defines “religious freedom” as freedom for evangelical “Christians” to force their beliefs on others.

If a Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever were to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a Christian in protest of, say, forced conversions to Christianity in Spanish colonies in the 1500s, just to pick something out of thin history, you can bet that would be a whole nother story.

Facebook Frolics 0

One more time, the internet is a public place.

The Prophet 0

Donald Trump holding the

Suffer the Children 0

Brian Greenspun marvels at the Republican Family Values of ripping the children or immigrants and asylum-seekers from the arms of their parents. A snippet:

The world has changed. People have changed. And as that has happened, the scrutiny and consciousness of parents has changed, to the point that security and safety have become job one. . . .

Through the decades, though, as the nature of human interaction and the darker human instincts overruled decency and neighborliness, there has never been the slightest concern about the role of government in the fight to protect children from harm.

Until Donald Trump.

Do please read the rest.

Facebook Frolics 0

What is truth?

And, in more news of the frolicking . . . .

Republican Family Values, Stolen Childhood Dept. 0

Republican Family Values 0

Mother to Thai skin diver:

Via Juanita Jean.

Sauce for the Goose 0

Title:  Dear Senators, Imagine the Stirrup on the Other Foot.  Image:   Man in hospital gown on examination table, his feet in stirrups.  Supreme Court Justice holding gavel looks at him from the other side of the stirrups saying,

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Rendering unto Caesar 0

Tony Norman reflects of the strange relationship between evangelical “Christians” and Donald Trump. A snippet:

In what can only be called “The Faustian Art of the Deal,” many Christians believe that meeting Donald Trump at the crossroads at midnight and selling their souls for a season of “winning” isn’t too high a price to pay for access to an elusive elixir called power.

Borderline Disorder, Chronic Dept. 0

At The Bangor Daily News, David Farmer reflects on this self-styled “nation of immigrants” and its historic hostility to immigrants. He fears history’s repeating itself in the land of the Trumpled. In the course of his essay, he tells a story:

Bridgette came to America in the 1860s, a refugee from the potato famine in Ireland that led to a mass migration out of the country that, along with deaths, reduced the population of the country by about 25 percent.

She arrived in New York City, where the Irish were treated as outsiders and outcasts, where signs read “No Irish Need Apply.”

Irish housekeepers and nannies were so common, that the well-to-do referred to the young women as generic “Bridgettes,” the name stripped of its humanity and used instead as a description of a domestic servant.

Republican Family Values 0


Trumpling a Promise (Updated) 1

Field comments; follow the link for the full post:

The brilliance of trump’s play to our darker angels is that it locks in –and focuses– on the 35% of people who support him no matter what. As long as he can keep them happy by throwing red meat to his base in the form of racism , sexism, and all other kinds of isms, he will be fine. This is the new republican party. It is now trump’s party.


Shaun Muller adds commentary.

Dodgy Descent 0

Some things run in families.

Misdirection Play, A Civil Tongue Dept. 0

William Chafe reminds us of another time when the powers that be collapsed upon their fainting couches at the prospect of a “lack of civility.”

Freedom of Screech 0

Shorter Supreme Court: Perfidy is a civil liberty.

If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Better 0

Thom discusses out how the reasoning the Supreme Court used in allowing a baker to discriminate against gay couples directly contradicts the reasoning it used to uphold Donald Trump’s travel ban.

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing Unwasted 1

Shaun Mullen reviews Michael Polln’s book, How To Change Your Mind, about what a long strange trip it was.

The Court Is in Sessions 0

Thom and Frank Schaeffer discuss Jeff Sessions’s laughable attempt to invoke Godwin’s Law to end criticism of Donald Trump’s venality and brutality.

The Trade-Off 0

The Charlotte Observer’s Isaac Bailey comments on the what Republicans have paid for their dominance of the Presidency and the Congress. After listing some of their “victories” (Neil Gorsuch, a purportedly pro-life president appointing wingnut Federal judges, triumphing in the “war on Christmas” which never was), he totals the price tag:

Congratulations on your pyrrhic victories.

All it cost you was your integrity.

All you had to do was make a man who rose to national political prominence on open bigotry president of the United States.

And relinquish all credible claims of being the party of family values and faith.

Jesus in the Jet Set 0

Carl Hiassen reports.