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Republican Family Values 0

Pauline Reage would be taken aback.

The Court Is in Sessions 0

Frame One:  Man to doctor,

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The American Taliban: Cognitive Dissonance Is Forbidden Dept. 0

American Taliban 0

Prayerful man at podium saying piously,

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Owed on Intimations of Immorality 0

I’m not really following the Stormy Daniels affair, because there’s nothing new to see; it’s just one more wreck at a Trumpled demolition derby, and, frankly, if you’ve seen one demolition derby etc. (Except for the gymnastic gyrations of evangelical “Christians” to rationalize their fealty to Donald Trump). Can anyone who has paid attention (not “followed,” simply paid attention to headlines) to Donald Trump’s career be in any way surprised or shocked?

Over at Above the Law, though, Elie Mystal has looked at some of the legal maneuverings and suggests that Michael Cohen may have hoisted himself on his own petard. A snippet:

And I care about Michael Cohen, who already has to be in the running for “Worst Lawyer Of The Decade.” Cohen, arguably, had one job: convince a porn star not to talk about an affair nobody would really care about. Not only has that been a complete failure, but Cohen has probably made himself a target in the Robert Mueller Russia investigation.

Cohen claims he paid off Daniels, without Trump’s knowledge. If true, that’s a massive ethical violation. If false, it’s an illegal campaign contribution. By allowing this information to become public, Cohen has shown Mueller’s people a roadmap for how Trump — I mean, David Dennison — might try to launder money. Great job, counselor.

Whether any of that matters is another issue, as the “rule of law” seems increasingly a quaint and passe concept.

Little Ricky Rides Again! 0

What a tool.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, you can’t make this stuff up.

Deal with the Devilish 0

Donald Trump, his arm around Stormy Daniels, to gleeful Evangelicals:  Look the other way and I'll keep shilling for your version of Jesus who doesn't like poor people and immigrants.  Evangelicals reply,

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If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Be Better 0

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

Trumpled Walmart shoppers.

A family says they were harrassed outside the Bryant Walmart (Arkansas–ed.) when a man started yelling racially charged messages at them as they tried to load their groceries. Some of the interaction was caught on camera.

“My mother was fearful that he might pull out a firearm too. That’s what she told me afterward,” said Maria Meneses.

Meneses says the man was standing outside his car taking pictures of her family and their vehicle.

Defending Discrimination 0

Mike discusses a Republican bill to legalize discrimination by pretending that it is somehow “freedom of speech.” (Warning: Language. If you have trouble loading the video, here’s the direct link.))

Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr.

The Desperation of the Dateless DudeBro 0

Republican Family Values 0

Boy, Republicans sure value themselves them families!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Sauce for the Goose . . . . 0

Republican family values.

“You’re Fired!” 0

Learn more here.

Stray Thought, Sunday Dept. 0

I wonder whether the Evangelical right still teaches Sunday School children to sing

Red and yellow, black and white,
They are precious in His sight

and, if so, do they manage to do so with straight faces.

Beyond the Baal 0

Moses descents from Mt. Sinai to find Evangelical voters worshipping a golden calf in the image of Donald Trump.

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The Court Is in Sessions, Pusher Men Dept. 0

Men Are Pigs 0

The Seattle Times rounds up some #metoo moments. Here’s one:

Ali Cho, in contrast, has no doubt that an Uber driver entered into #MeToo territory when he kept pressing her for a date during a drive to the airport. Cho, a University of Washington senior who heads a leadership program, was headed home on spring break.

“I love Asian girls,” the driver said. She told him she had a boyfriend. He suggested it might not last.

All the while, she thought in the back of her head, “He knows where I live.”

More moments at the link.

The Real Victim 0

Trump as EMT (

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