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I am doing a lot of maintenance and inspection on the backend of the server, so blogging will be light for the next several days, as I must learn some new-to-me tools. Short outages may result. (Learning stuff is why I started this blog in the first place, so, oh, well.) Background information here.

In the meantime, visit the folks on the blogroll for the latest.

Down at the Farm, If You Can See This Dept. (Updated, Kicked to the Top) 1

Shaun Mullen informs me that this site has been flagged by Google as having some bad stuff. Google says it “has been reported” as having links that lead to bad places. I have been unable to duplicate the problem on any of my machines, but I was able to do so on my friend’s Win10 computer.

I will be troubleshooting this afternoon, so expect weirdness.


I took a look at the site from the backroom and nothing untoward leapt out at me. Then I discovered my most excellent hosting provider offers a for-a-fee clean-up service. I signed up for it. There will be no further activity here until they are done.

I could play golf. That would be a much more expensive hobby.

Addendum Again:

Progress is being made.


My hosting provider found and cleaned or deleted a number of suspicious files and added some security measures. They inform me that it may take a while for Google to respond to the request to recheck the site. So I’m just going to sit tight for a while.

So far, Google is the only outfit that has flagged the site.

Break Time 0

Off to drink liberally.

Head of the Crass 0

Donald Trump, standing next to the Wizard of Oz, points to his head as the Wizard hands him a diploma reading,

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Electronic Soma, Reprise 0

Teacher:  Your homework assignment didn't get such a good grade, Mr. Wilkins.  Curtis:  There's a channel devoted to my favorite genre, horror, which runs 24 houre a day, and an unending assortment of games at my fingertips any time I want.  That considered, I think this grade is pretty good.

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Virginia Beach Drinking Liberally Thursday 0

When fellowship is needed, join us . . . .

When: Thursday, January 11, 6 p.

Croc’s 19 Street Bistro
620 19th Street (Map)

More here.

War and Mongers of War 0

Will Bunch asks, “In 2018, who will have the courage to push the radical idea of world peace?” Follow the link for his answer.

A Tune for the Times 2

A Trumpled Record 0

A Look Ahead 0

Broken down 2017.  Foreth those of you whom doest know me not, I'm last year's Baby New Year.  Human activity has agedeth me from happy little baby to foul-tempered crusty ol' grump.  THANKS, PEOPLE! (stupid jerks)  Oncetch mine replacement baby gets here, I'm going to hightaileth it to Miami.  (Baby New Year enters)  Excuseth me, ol' codger, but knoweth whereth last year's Baby New Year can be found?  Old man:  I be he whom ye seeketh.  Baby:  Fibber, though are a grizzled bageth of bones.  Old man:  Tis your fate too, little blubber butt baby.  In exactly one year!  Baby:  But I am young, full of pep, and strong.  What couldst possibly change me into a miserable ol' crone like you?  Old man:  A year with the earthling!  Look into this snow globe--I had it upgraded to Windows 10.  Baby looks into snow globe:  Greed!  Corruption!  Dancing with the Stars (Is that still on?)  I can't take it!  Lemme out!!  Old man:  Thy can't quit!  It's thine duty.  It's your problem now (and he disappears, cackling

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Trump says,

Via Job’s Anger.

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In case you haven’t noticed, I have added a link to the “Old Time Radio” item on the sidebar, over there ——>, to the “Old Radio Programs” website.

It has wonderful content and I commend it to your attention.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 0

If you have not done so, I highly recommend that you read Lena Horne’s autobiography.

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Our next number is dedicated to all the boys and girls at Fox News.

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