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We went to the SPCA on Friday and adopted two six-month-old cats, brother (on the left) and sister. They are as rambunctious as one could wish and busily engaged in taking over the house. Their favorite spot is the top of the cat tower that I built several years ago from scrap lumber and left-over carpet pieces.

Two cats on cat tower

They do not replace JoCat; they succeed her.

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Image of Facebook on a snartphone displaying message,

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

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Group of executives looking at earnings chart where the line is falling off the graph, with the decline starting at a point labeled

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The weather here is very nice, but I’m under it.

Drinking Liberally Virginia Beach Thursday 0

When fellowship is needed, join us . . . .

When: Thursday, September 14, 6 p.

Croc’s 19 Street Bistro
620 19th Street (Map)

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“Erasing History” 0

Bruce Lowry observes the eraser marks:

Indeed, in many parts of this country, we run from our history, or at least its unsavory parts. A couple of years ago, the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Ala., issued a ground-breaking report titled “Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror.”

The report found that “very few public commemorations of African Americans’ suffering during the post-slavery era exist today” and that “no prominent monument or memorial” existed to mark the deaths of the nearly 4,000 Southern lynchings that had been documented at the time of the EJI’s report in 2015.

Follow the link for the complete article.

Rule of Lawsy-Me What Have We Done? 0

Frame One:  Donald Trump says,

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A Cholesterol Cocktail 0

Redacted Tonight’s Natalie McGill lampoons corporations’ “corporate responsibility theatrics.”

White-in-more-than-one-way-wash 0

In The Roanoke Times, historian Robert Willingham points out just who, exactly, is guilty of “whitewashing history.” A nugget; follow the link for the rest:

If we leave those statues unchallenged we assent to the assertions of their erectors: that the Confederate cause was just, and that the emerging* racial order in the south was justified and virtuous.


*The statues were erected during the beginning of the Jim Crow era, roughly about a century ago.

“The Federal Bureau of Instigation” 0

Shaun Mullen investigates.

Misdirection Play, Tweet the Press Dept. 0

Dick Polman considers why Trump keeps bashing the press. A snippet:

Trump’s sole ideology is self-preservation, and what he sorely needs – as his relations with Hill Republicans continue to erode, as his legislative agenda teeters toward DOA, as Bob Mueller and the congressional probes continue to tighten the noose – is love and reassurance from his loyal 35 percent. If he can keep them happy, distracting them from his own failings by feeding them an enemy, by professing to hate the same “elites” they hate, he’ll have the best shot at hanging onto his job.

Selective Perception 0

Will Bunch marvels at the ability to Trumpkins, even Trumpkins who have since regretted their support of Trump, to look at Donald Trump and see a person who does not and never has existed.


I read the same article that Bunch writes about. The author’s talent for rationalization does rather take one aback.

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I’ve figured out and fixed why, if you came to the main welcome page for this site and clicked the link for the blog, you would get a malformed nada, nothing, zilch.

It was a typo.

Blasted computers, wnat you tu splet stuf rite.

Monumental Stupidity 0

Two bystanders looking at statue of GOP Elephant impaled on sword.  Sign on base says,

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In related news, my local rag reports that there might be some cracks appearing in the base.

Victimhood 0

Aaaah, did ooo’s ittle for profit law school go bust?


My brother and I agreed yesterday that, if all you have to support your self-esteem is the color of your skin, you don’t have much.

Lee Camp Reports from Charlottesville 0

Break Time 0

Off to drink liberally.

Dis Coarse Discourse 0

Four marching Pinnochios with the letters F, A, K, and E on their long noses singing,

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At The Roanoke Times, Dick Bauman adds commentary.