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Break Time 1

Off to drink liberally.

Tinsel Town Then 0

Part One:

Part Two:

Via Classic Arts Showcase. Visit the website to see whether Classic Arts Showcase is offered in your area. In our part of the world, it’s on one of the public service channels and is not shown in the TV listings.

It’s a delightful potpourri of music, dance, discussion, animation, art, and film. We don’t watch it every week, but we watch it frequently enough.

On the Beach 0

Chris Christie and Donald Trump sitting on a beach labeled

Click for the original image.

And Now for Something Completely Different 0

Via Classic Arts Showcase.

The Snaring Economy 0

The Tampa Bay Times’s John Romano has had it with Uber.

Lies and Lying Liars 0

Get out of Jail free card

What Atrios said.

Light Bloggery 0

I need a break. I shall read the Sunday paper, do the crossword puzzles, and pretend that the nation is sane, sane for a day.


I nailed the NYT crossword. The LA Times crossword is next.

GOP Health Care: Don’t Get Sick
If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly

Republican Elephant gamboling gaily down the lane with a hideous monster labeled

Via Job’s Anger.

Light Bloggery 0

Spring cleaning.

Not sure whether it’s for last spring or next spring, but still spring cleaning.

Sporadic Bloggery (Updated) 0

Someone is getting hitched and I’m off to the festivities. I shall have a nice drive through the Virginia countryside clutching the hope that rain will not fall on their outdoor wedding, but I’m taking my raincoat with me.

With my own weddings, the rain always fell later . . . .

Addendum, That Very Evening:

Except for the part about the first hour of the drive taking two hours, it was a nice drive though the Virginia countryside from the seashore to the mountains. It’s been a long time since I did highway driving on two lane roads, but I was fortunately surrounded by good drivers who kept up the pace and stayed between the lines.

Then there was the sign from the Patrick Henry Tea Party (no, I’m not linking you up to their website–find it yourself). I tried to take a picture, but the light changed before I could focus:

Shovel Ready Jobs at the U. S.-Mexico border.

“Vile and loathsome” is an understatement.

Break Time 0

Off to drink liberally.

Drinking Liberally Virginia Beach Thursday 0

When fellowship is needed, join us . . . .

When: Thursday, May 8, 6 p.

Croc’s 19 Street Bistro
620 19th Street (Map)

More here.

Imagine That! 0

Image of Eiffel Tower with caption,

Via Job’s Anger.

The Pipeline to Moscow 0

McClatchy explores the Russian Connection.

Via The Charlotte Observer.

Science Is 0

As a letter to the editor at my local rag points out, it’s not something you “believe in,” it is. Read the letter; it is truly a gem.

True, science can change over time as we learn more, and sometimes what is known to be fact is misinterpreted into fiction (think “social Darwinism” and “eugenics,” which were twisted misapplications of what was known at the time), but it still is.

Break Time 0

Off to drink liberally.

Drinking Liberally Virginia Beach Tomorrow 0

When fellowship is needed, join us . . . .

When: Thursday, May 11, 6 p.

Croc’s 19 Street Bistro
620 19th Street (Map)

More here.

Light Bloggery (Updated) 0

Posting will be spotty today.

I have some site maintenance to do (I need to deploy SSL* so Firefox and Vivaldi stop nagging me that this site is insecure, even though there’s nothing here that requires security other than my own password, as this is a hobby, not a business and I do not have anyone’s confidential information**), and I have some errands to run, but mostly I need a break.

Reality is just too damned depressing, even though there was a bit of good news from France last night.

Now, if only I could live in a fantasy world where down is up and up is down and lies are truth, as Republicans do . . . .


*How successful I’ll be is still an open issue.

**The notion that all websites should be SSL, even when there is no legitimate reason for encryption, is a curse and a pox. If I’m visiting, say, IMDB to see who the members of the cast of a movie or television show are and have no intention of logging on (I don’t even have an IMDB logon)–when all I’m doing is looking at a website and not passing any information to it other than what is in my user agent string, when all I am doing is looking at public information–there is no legitimate reason for requiring encryption.

Unnecessary security is not security.

It’s security theatre.


It was too pretty a day to spend it mucking about with computers. I went for a bike ride, then drove my little yellow truck to the grocery store (chicken piccata tonight, yums), then sat on the deck doing a crossword puzzle (this is one household where there is ever a crossword).

Mucking has been postponed until tomorrow and, after I poked about tonight regarding some of the issues I need to resolve, I must say that a call to my hosting provider’s most excellent tech support is a possibility. Fortunately, my phone has a speaker that I can enable so I can do real stuff as I wait for tech support to come live . . . .

And I needed the break from following the Trumpling of the American Dream. It was refreshing to ignore for a short while that the Secesh are now in charge.

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If You Thought Vincent Price Was Scary in The Tickler, You Will Run Screaming from
The Trickler

Trump lounging at Mar-a-Largo.  Aid asks,

Click to see the image at its original location.

Palate Cleanser 0