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When I Was Growing Up, There Were No Eagles 2

Not where I grew up, at least.

Now they have come back, as my irregular posts of my brother’s eagle pictures indicates–he lives directly across the Bay* from where we grew up.

And someone has been killing them, untentionally, it seems. The current theory is that they were collateral damage in an attempt to get foxes or coyotes (coyotes? there weren’t any of them, either).

Dick Destiny has a nice write up on his best guess as to what was used and on why that is his best guess.


*When you grow up on the Eastern Shore, the world is divided into two parts. “The Shore” and “across the Bay.”


Yippee Tyson on! 0

Did Nick Carter foresee modern agriculture?

Who destroyed the fractious factory farm?

Was Frank Perdue peeping around that corner?

Who conned Agra?

And what exactly is a “Monsanto,” anyway?

Find out now!

Listen to the Case of the Chemical Chickens (mp3) now!

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Exporting Culture 0

Britain should consider this a hostile act:

MTV is to launch a British version of its hit show Jersey Shore, which tells the story of eight outgoing teenagers growing up near the beach.


WikiHysteria (Updated) 0

In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Tracy Rubin goes ga-ga because Visa’s, MasterCard’s, and Amazon’s websites got slow for a little while.

This is a serious overreaction, founded in ignorance of how computer networks actually function. Her “expert” is Richard Clarke, who (surprise, surprise) has a scary book to sell.

For a sane view of the cyberterrorism drumbeaters, read Dick Destiny.

Addendum, later that same week:

Dick Destiny, whose background in these matters is far stronger than mine, considers Ms. Rubin’s reasoning. The results are not pretty.


I Cannot Sleep with This Vision in My Mind 0