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There is bittersweet pleasure (but no comfort) in watching “conservative” opinion writers, who have made careers of justifying Republicans and Republicanism, express dismay at what they have helped create.

For example. And example.

And that’s just from this morning’s casual reading . . . .

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If I never have another January like this one, it will still be one too many.

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Has anyone else noticed that today’s Republican Party’s strategy for saving the “American Dream” (whatever that is) is to deny it to as many persons as possible?


When only one person has access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, maximum dream shall have been obtained.

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I was tempted not to do my usual Christmas posts, but then I realized that, if there is true spirit of Christmas that transcends sect and creed, it is this:

Keep the faith. baby, even especially in the darkness.

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I am finding it difficult to have much Christmas spirit in the light of current events (more about that on Christmas Day), but I’ve still decorated, because life goes on and the good fight never ends.* Here’s my Slackware desktop (Fluxbox with XMMS, GKrellM, and xsnow).

Computer with Christmas wallapaper.

Click for a larger image.

Take a time out and enjoy your Christmas, then gird your grid for the big one, because it’s happening now.


*Those who think that the fight ever ends don’t understand how evil works. Evil never gives up and always tries again. Unlike virtue, evil is tireless.

Whatever happened to “impressionists” (I mean the comedians, not the painters; I know what happened to the painters–they left their impressions)?

Rich Little doing Donald Trump–what a long strange trip that would have been.

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Donald Trump seems to be acting as if winning the Electoral College tally in the recent popular vote is akin to a successful hostile corporate takeover.

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Notice how, when Not White people do it, it’s “heroin” and when white people do it, it’s “opioids”?

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Badtux tells a story.

Think of the television shows you see. How often are black and brown persons depicted as gangsters, tattooed gang members, terrorists, druggies, and convicts? How seldom are they normal working folks trying to get along?

Growing up as a Southern Boy, I knew many black folks–not well, mind you, but at least I knew them–who worked hard and lived clean.

When my mother went to the hospital to give birth to my brother, a black lady came to look after me. When my father needed a new septic tank dug, a black man helped him dig it. My first playmate was a little black boy who lived on a corner of the farm.

I was too young to know prejudice and so was he. Then we got old enough to go to segregated schools, and we both learned it.

Had I grown up in some all-white wasteland, the one Badtux alludes to, I wouldn’t know better and might believe what I see on my television. I know better, but many don’t.

I once read an interview with a black actor, I can’t remember who I wish I could, who said that, when a black or brown man comes to Hollywood, he quickly realizes that his first roles will be as thugs and gangsters. Mark you, this isn’t an indictment of television and movies. Hollywood is a mirror.

A deeply racist society is the cause. This doesn’t mean that every white American is overtly racist, though many are, as the news shows more and more. It does mean that racism is baked into the system from education to housing to law enforcement to name an institution.

If you cannot accept that the United States of America is a deeply racist society, for all the “diversity” you might see in commercials, you do not accept reality and will never understand Trumpery or today’s Republican Party.

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Experiments sometimes fail, even noble ones.

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Remember, the “Hillary Clinton scamdals” are 99% Fox News lies and one per cent nobody’s perfect.

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Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire:

Futurewatch: To satisfy its TV partners, the Big Ten will play Friday night football games starting next season. On a positive note, Michigan and Penn State have declared that they want no part of it. Presumably, they can reject the new TV plan because big-time programs are entitled to throw their weight around. In this case, more power to them. Weeknight games create logistical nightmares for fans; Friday games impact high school football. College football at its best is an all-day Saturday affair. Leave weeknight games to the lesser conferences and needier programs.

I am sick of football. I am no longer fascinated by large men running into each other.

My local rag covers high school games the way it used to cover college games, college games the way it used to cover the pros, and the pros like it’s the only game in town. Honest to Pete, during the wind-up of the regular baseball season when nary a football game had yet been played, stories about what might happen were a football game to be played overwhelmed the coverage of actual other games that had been played.

Full Disclosure:

When I was in high school, I was the statistician for my high school football team. After each home game, I would call my local rag, that same local rag, with the results of the game. I know what the coverage was like. I was there.

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I skipped the debate and watched an episode of Midsomer Murders. It was coherent, well-written, logical (if a bit outre), and well-performed.

I’ll read about the debate tomorrow, after I take my blood pressure medicine.

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I have two daughters. I never ever thought–I cannot conceive of having ever thought–of dating either one of them.

Guess I’m not Republican Presidential candidate material.

Pardon me now while I take a few moments to stop my skin from crawling.


Today’s Republican Party is a vile and loathsome thing.

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Donald Trump has done one positive thing.

He has verified that the Republican Party and the religious right are what those of us to the left of the late Senator Everett Dirksen have been saying they are for three decades or more.


Oh, my. The wheels are coming off the Trump train.

Whatever will tomorrow bring? And whatever will “Republican Family Values” voters have to say?

(I can answer the latter question: Nothing. Because “Family Values” is nothing more than a marketing slogan for “Republican.” On that statement I shall take a strong and wide stance.)