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Breathe Deeply . . . While You Can 0

David discusses the Trump administration’s moves to allow greater use of asbestos while limiting the ability to study its dangers.

Ill-Farmed Policy 0

Farmer standing in field in front of barn on which hangs a

In related news, Element Television, the only company to assemble televisions in the U. S. (from imported parts, mind you), is in danger of closing because of Donald Trump’s stupid trade war. (I just bought one of their machines; the words in the product description that made the sale were, “This television has none of the features of a smart TV.” Every electronic thing else tries to spy on me; I don’t need a TV that does too.)

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Missourians Repeal Right to Work for Less Law 0

A Picture Is Worth, Trickle-On Economics Dept. 0

Man standing next to newspaper box displaying headling,

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Deconstruction and the Privatization Scam 0

Thom explains how Republicans are nibbling away at the common good.

Two Different Worlds 0

Goofball and Galahad:  Frame One: Goofball wants to aboolish ICE (Goofball says,

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Harvest of Stupid 0

Image:  Farmer pulling trailer along side of a armored car labeled

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Bale Out 0

Trending 0

Thom and Thomas Frank theorize that Donald Trump is not an aberration, but a culmination.

The Mighty Hunter 0

Image of Donald Trump as Elmer Fudd thrusting his rifle into a rabbit hole labeled

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“These Are People Who Thought That Scrooge Was Right” 0

Thom and his guest discuss the right-wing’s vision of a new Gilded Age.

Wipe Out! 0

Donald Trump, riding a Harley-Davidson, with the license plate,

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Jay Bookman comments. Here’s a bit; follow the link for the complete article.

You can’t condemn a company for responding logically to economic conditions that you yourself created. Not unless you’re Donald Trump, and the company is Harley-Davidson.

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How Stuff Works, Trickle-On Economics Dept. 0

Frame One:  Woman to boss:  Now that you have your tax cut, how about my pay raise?  Frame Two:  Boss dissolves in laughter.

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Unilaterally Assured Destruction 0

Josh Marshall muses on Donald Trump’s views of a “deal.” A snippet; follow the link for the full article:

Trump doesn’t know he’s won until you lose. Indeed, that’s what winning is: making you lose.

Donald Trump as submarine captain looking through periscope.  He sees a ship labeled

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The Pusher Men 0

A Picture Is Worth 0

Rat:  Instead of giving a tax cut to your big corporations and hoping it trickles down, why not give that exact same tax cut to the middle class instead and hope it floats up to all your big corporations?  We'll call it

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Nothing Doing with the Do Nothings 0

Jay Bookman considers Donald Trump’s unconstitutional (yes, “unconstitutional”!) actions on tariffs and the feckless and irresponsible reactions of the Republican Congress. A snippet:

So if this (the power to impose tariffs–ed.) is a “disaster,” “a big mistake,” a possible prelude to another “Great Depression,” how do these Republicans intend to respond to protect the country? What are they going to do to carry out their duty to act as a check and balance on a chief executive whom they clearly believe is steering the country in a dangerous direction?

The answer is: Not a damn thing.

Clearly, they have the authority to intervene. The Constitution gives Congress, not the president, “Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises.” If Trump has the authority to unilaterally impose these tariffs without congressional oversight, it is only because previous Congresses delegated that power to previous presidents, trusting that they would be responsible and sane in how they used that authority. If you do not believe that the current president is using it in that fashion, then that delegation of power should be withdrawn.

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Uncle Sam, with a confused look in his face, holds a paper labeled

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The Cycle 0

Wall Street Tools 0

Mitch McConnell looking a cage containing fearsome monster labeled

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A Lethal Combination 0

Robert Reich considers what led to the Trumpling and concludes that there were two main ingredients in a toxic stew. Neither alone is a sufficient explanation, but which together boiled reacted like baking soda and vinegar. A snippet:

One explanation focuses on economic hardship. The working class fell for Trump’s economic populism.

A competing explanation — which got a boost this month from a study published by the National Academy of Sciences — dismisses economic hardship and blames it on whites’ fear of losing status to blacks and immigrants. They were attracted to Trump’s form of identity politics: bigotry.


Yet the truth isn’t found in one explanation or the other. It’s in the interplay between the two.

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