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Scrooge McDuck in his vault saying,

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All That Was Old Is New Again 0

Heavens to Betsy Ruth, gleaning returns:

It might not sound like something that is happening in Maine right now — but it is. Gleaning, or gathering leftover crops from farm fields after the farmer has done his or her harvest, is becoming a piece that may help solve Maine’s food insecurity puzzle. Hunger and food insecurity, which is being without reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food, is on the rise in Maine while it drops nationwide.

On a Relief Missing 0

Image One:  Donald Trump throws paper towels to Puerto Ricans.  Image Two:  Donald Trump throws bags of money in tax cuts to plutocrats.

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Farron skewers Paul Ryan’s efforts to promote trickle-on economics.

Dialectic 0

Monopoly Man as capitalist.  Frame One:  I'll pay my workers as little as possible to maximize profit.  Frame Two:  Why can't persons afford to buy my commodities?

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Puerto Rico, the Plundering 0

Warning: Language.

(Video embed fixed. I had assistance from the cat while I prepared the initial post. She’s a nice cat, but she knows nothing about HTML5.)

Rounding the Laffable Curve 0

Taxing Thoughts 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Peter Ubel explores why people hate taxes, despite that fact that, as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., once pointed out, taxes buy civilization.

What he finds is not what you might expect.

The Art of the Con 0

In The Sacramento Bee, Hedrick Smith points out that the Republican con long predates the antics of Donald Trump. A snippet (emphasis added):

Riding a tide of tax cuts and rising profits over four decades, the captains of corporate America have shifted $1 trillion each year from the paychecks of middle class Americans into massive payoffs to Wall Street investors and to CEO and executive pay. And now they want you to believe, once again, that cutting corporate taxes will benefit average workers.

Matched against history, that’s a hollow claim bordering on economic fake news. Factually, it flies in the face of the performance over the past 40 years of American business, which has generated what Citibank called the greatest inequality of income in any major nation since 16th century Spain – that is, over the past 500 years.

The Empty “Wars” of Empty Souls 0

At The Bangor Daily News, Lance Dotson skewers the duplicity of our endless metaphorical domestic “wars” on this, that, and the other thing. A snippet:

The poor and the sick are not the problem, they are a constant. Our attitudes toward them is a reflection on who we are as a culture, and if our perspective is that they can be eliminated by declaring “war” on them or their conditions, we are, as a culture, in complete denial.


This is why it is so disheartening to see the malice toward the underclasses that feeds so much of our political discourse in Maine in the age of Gov. Paul LePage.

LePage, and his welfare protege Mary Mayhew, have adopted the foolish and cruel position that poverty and crime can be eliminated by tightening the clenched fist.

Follow the link for the rest.

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A Picture Is Worth 2

Graphic showing that the United States, with taxes as 24% of GDP, is fourth LEAST taxed nation of the 40 major countries on Earth.  Average is 34% GDP.

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Push Comes to Shove 0

“Show Me the Money” 0

Congressman Ralph Ellison explains that the numbers don’t lie.

Virtually Speaking 0

Factory worker at lunch saying,

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Worst Aid Kit 0

Jared Bernstein, writing at, struggles to understand why the Republican Party, with control of the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, has been so far unable to accomplish their most vocally-stated goal: repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He warns that his speculation is just that, speculation, but it is a thoughtful piece and worth the few minutes of your time reading it requires.

Here’s a bit:

. . . Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace have run smack into these contradictions. They propose to seriously hurt some of the very people who helped put Trump in the White House to partially offset the costs of wasteful tax cuts for the rich. They say they want to help the disadvantaged, but their actions betray such claims, and their falsehoods have been most clearly exposed in this health-care debate.

There may still be enough representativeness left in our democracy to block such venal efforts. But then again, there may not. Stay tuned.

An Economic Perrytale 0

Rick Perry rewrites the law of supply and demand.

We are doomed.

Pie-Eyed 0

Title:  Dessert, American Style.

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Blow-Back on Brownback 0

Sam and his guest discuss what happened when Kansas tried to implement the Laughable Curve. It wasn’t pretty.