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The Unmasking 0

In the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Ahmed Tharwat reviews Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia. His view of the trip and of Trump are harsh and unflattering. They are certainly worth a read. Here’s a bit (emphasis added on one bit with which I unhesitatingly agree):

Never mind Trump’s dancing or hand gestures. What is “rude” about the U.S. to most Arabs and Muslims is the bombing, invasions and destruction of their countries. Supporting Arab dictators and oppressive regimes. Banning Muslims from traveling to America. Demonizing them in media and movies. Addressing them as if they are one monolithic population.

America mistreats Muslims, spies on them, arrests them at home and bombs and bans them abroad. America has an affinity for Arab dictators.

Trump is just the real America — America without a mask. Landing billions of dollars in arms deals from the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates, that’s all that matters. The oppression of women and denial of people’s freedom and dignity never drove U.S. foreign policy in this part of the world — it only comes up when it’s needed as a pretext to invade and destroy.

Playing Catch 0

Title:  Trump Budget.  Image:  Donald Trump and two fireman hold teeny-tiny firemen's net labeled

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The Unregulated 0

A letter to the editor at my local rag nails it.

Republican Health (Don’t Call It) Care 0

Title:  The Pre-Existing Condition.  Image: Doctor with Republican elephant patient explaining the patient's X-Ray as patient holds copy of the

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Ryan’s Derp 0

Mean for the sake of mean.

Paul Ryan wearing Trump hat saying,

Via Job’s Anger.

“They Went to Jared” 0

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Words fail me.

The True Believer 0

Trump supporter says,


I get a kick–a depressing and gloomy kick, but a kick nonetheless–out of all those right-wing columnists and talk show mavens, like, for example, George Will and Joe Scarborough, who are lamenting the current state of the Republican Party.

Given their history of shilling for Republicans and Republicanism while rationalizing inimical bestial public policies, all I have to offer them is the words of The Who: “Look in the mirror, boy.”

But you know they won’t look, for their careers (and their paychecks and speaking engagements and television appearances) depend on separating cause from effect.

Via Juanita Jean.

This Week in the Trumpling 0

Via Raw Story.

A Picture Is Worth 0

Graphic saying,

Via PoliticalProf, who also offers a simple formula for understanding Trump’s actions.

Your Health for Sale 0

The Bully’s Pulpit 0

Jaana Juvonen, a professor of developmental psychology, argues that Donald Trump fits the picture of a classic middle school bully. A snippet:

Trump is known for his tendency to deny his role in controversial events. He has denied, for example, asking FBI Director James B. Comey to drop the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn; he also has denied ever having had dealings with Russian agents, and angrily described probes into these matters as “a witch hunt.” While the nation is waiting to learn the truth about what Trump has or has not said and done, his stubborn denial reveals a lack of social reasoning typical of aggressive children.

“No Questions Asked” 0

Dick Polman reflects on the Montana Republican candidate who attacked a reporter and muses on life in Trumplandia. A snippet:

What happened last night in Montana was an apt metaphor for life in Trumplandia, a thuggish place where the Leader tags factual stories as Fake News and assails reporters as “enemies of the people.”

Do please read the rest.

Promises, Promises 0

Seth Meyers discusses how Donald Trump’s budget proposal violates his campaign promises about about health care, social security, etc., and wonders what would happen if Donald Trump the candidate met Donald Trump the president.

Birds of a Feather 0

Donald Trump, the King of Saudi Arabia, and the Egyption dictator all cozied around the

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Dupes, Symps, and Fellow Travelers 0

It is quite possible, disturbingly well within the realm of possibility, that one of the dupes has been identified.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Twits on Twitter 0

Shorter Chris Freind: You can’t believe this twit.

BFFs 0

Title:  Sunset.  Image:  Donald Trump and Valdimir Putin in bathtubs side-by-side touching fingers and staring at a setting sun labeled

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Dick Polman has more. Here’s how he starts; follow the link for the rest:

It’s amazing how the Capitol Hill Republicans continue to beclown themselves in the service of Donald Trump. The more they try to minimize Kremlingate — as they did again yesterday, while questioning former CIA director John Brennan — the more they soil themselves.

Testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, Brennan gave us the fullest public accounting thus far of Russia’s “aggressive” and “multifaceted” penetration of the ’16 presidential election — and he spoke openly of Russia’s “contacts and interactions” with people in the Trump campaign. We should thank the Republican committee members for making that possible, because it was their hapless questioning that prompted Brennan’s candor.

All the News that Fits 0

Via Raw Story.

No There There 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., sums up contemporary “conservatism.”

One longs for an intellectually vibrant marketplace of ideas, but there is nothing intellectual or vibrant about what these days passes for conservatism. That once robust ideology has been shriveled by an intellectual dishonesty so profound that the same people who tirelessly investigated Barack Obama’s birth certificate and inveighed against his choice of mustard can look at the mountain of malfeasance rising from the White House and say with a shrug and all evident sincerity, “What evidence?”

The one constant in contemporary conservatism is adherence to what seems to be its core principle: Mean for the sake of mean.

Looking for Little Marco 0

Daniel Ruth points out that it’s easier for members of Marco Rubio’s constituency to find Waldo than it is for them to find Little Marco.