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“The Best People” 0

Dick Polman takes on a personnel matter.

The Mouthpiece 0

Image of Donald Trump on his phone in front of

Via Job’s Anger.

Twits on Twitter 0

The bullies’ pulpit.

Iran Contrary 0

Via Mediaite, which has commentary.

The Cone of Sleazence 0

Man shouting at Scott Pruitt:  Building a $43,000 sound-proof phone booth is a violation of the law and a waste of taxpayer money!  Pruitt, inside the booth, says,

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Mything the Past 0

I think that Cheryl Rofer is onto something.

The actual “Old West” lasted about two or three decades.

The “Old West” that Hollywood created never existed. It was no more real than the South of Gone with the Wind.

Not the Mainstream, Just a Pathetic Eddy Off to the Side 0

No, Kyla Mandel, Mitt Romney is not the “GOP Mainstream.” Donald Trump is.

The stream has moved far to the right as a direct result of Richard Nixon’s southern strategy, which has come full circle and consumed the party, to the extent that it doesn’t even try to pretend any more.

Those who continue to give lip service to the mythical “moderate Republican” are living in a fable of their one creation. Worse, they are perpetuating the myth to the detriment of reality.

“Dear Leader” 0

Brian Greenspun, publisher of the Las Vegas Sun, finds the fanatical loyalty of Trump supporters to be disquieting. Here’s bit of column, in which he discusses a “focus” group after George Stephanopoulos’s interview with James Comey:

The first was a discussion with a group of Trump supporters from Charleston County, S.C. Admittedly, the conversation was about Comey, his veracity, reputation and credibility, but the overarching subject matter was their belief that Trump could do no harm and has done no harm, and anyone who suggests otherwise is weak, mean, untruthful and (insert your own adjective). In other words, anything that challenges their own view of the president is, by definition, wrong.

Follow the link for the complete article. It’s worth the three or four minutes it will take you to read it.

Hannity’s Litany of Lies 0

In Fox News style, Samantha strings assertions and hot air to build a case that Sean Hannity is a serial killer.

The Court Is in Sessions 0

Frame One:  Man to doctor,

Via Juanita Jean.

Russian Impulses 0

Shaun Mullen suggests that the Trumpling is Russian along.

In an unexpected twist (unexpected me and, I suspect, by Republicans) the DNC has filed a suit. From TPM:

The Democratic National Committee filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan Friday against President Trump’s campaign, some of his allies and associates, as well as Russians and Wikileaks. The suit alleges that the Russian effort to meddle in the 2016 election was a racketeering enterprise.

Donald Trump is not named in the suit, but almost everyone else is. Details at the link.

Of course, one of the glories of this country is that any fool can sue any other fool over any fool thing. Whether a suit goes anywhere is a whole nother issue.

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Environmental Protection Pollution Agency 0

Image One:  Pipe dumping pollution into a stream, labeled

Via Job’s Anger.

Russian Impulses 0

Image:  Vase of roses.  Call-out points to roses saying,

Via Job’s AngerR.

Credibility Gape 0

Couple watching news about Sean Hannity's connections to Michael Cohen on television.  One say,

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Ratted Out 0

Sean Hannity at his Fox News desk.  An elephant labeled

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Frankly, I’d rather associate with the rodent.

In related news, Dick Polman opines. A nugget:

But Hannity’s fans shrug off the naysayers; they feast on his insular stupidity.

Granted, they would be outraged — and Hannity’s head would explode — if someone like Rachel Maddow championed a Hillary Clinton lawyer while soliciting that same lawyer. But even though Hannity considers himself a member of the Fourth Estate (he said last year, “I’m a journalist”), he and his fans exempt him from the ethical rules that bind real journalists.

Roller-Playing 0

James Comey, riding a steam roller with Hillary Clinton crushed in its wake, gestures toward Donald Trump, saying,

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

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“Sex, Lies, and Money” 0

Decoding De Code 0

Donald Trump holding poster that reads,

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Rule of Lawless 0

Donald Trump, standing on pedestal engraved

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