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. . . the Bible Tells Me So 0

Dick Polman stands aghast at the Trumpling of the Bible to justify ripping children from their parents.

No except or summary can do his piece justice. Just read it.

A Plea for Succor Sucker 0

Man on television waving a Bible:  Jeus wants you to buy me a $54 million jet because flying commercial is like being in a long tube with a bunch of doped-up demons!  Can I hear a Hallelujah?  Man says to husband,

Via Juanita Jean.

Petty Larceny 0

Paul Krugman.

The Pusher Men 0

At The Roanoke Times, Nancy Liebrecht points out the pharmaceutical companies who pushed opioid sales had allies. Here’s a bit from her column:

The opioid crisis is a horrific tragedy, and drug companies must be held accountable for their duplicity, but Republican legislators who have consistently voted to deny ordinary people access to needed health care while giving the wealthy buckets more cash bear some responsibility, too. Using a huge federal deficit that their party created, Republicans such as Misters Campbell and Chafin have argued that Virginia cannot afford expanding Medicaid thus leaving few options for poor Virginians who suffer chronic pain. This, however, is what the modern Republican Party has become. By serving the desires of their wealthy donors first, they create a situation where they perceive no choice but to cut benefits and services for everybody else. It is an extraordinarily cynical MO.

Flagging Interests 0

In The Sacramento Bee, self-described conservative Josh Edblow calls out right-wing “snowflakes” (his word) for their position on the American flag, the NFL’s new rule restricting player protests, and NFL players’ right to protest. Here’s a bit:

Fellow conservatives will argue that free speech is about government action while the NFL is a private business. They will point out that the league policy gives players the option to remain in the locker room during the national anthem.

They express contempt for those on the political left – “snowflakes” – who use boycotts, shout-downs and other intimidation to squash dissent or differing viewpoints that might offend or insult some group. They criticize businesses that give in to “snowflakes,” and sometimes even pull advertising.

Yet at the same time, these conservatives defend the NFL because they agree with the reason behind this specific policy. This is philosophically inconsistent. Would they feel the same way if some other NFL policy required players to address transgender persons by their preferred alternative pronoun? Not likely.

Moral Relativism, the Republican Way 0

Title:  REPUBLICAN VALUES AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UnlesS.  Image:  A picture of the White House with the following statements:  Family Values (unless you're crossing from Mexicon).  States' Rights (unless you want different marijauna laws).  Sanctity of Marriage (unless I can shag a porn star).  Individual Liberty (unless you want an abortion). Freedom of Religion (unless you are a Muslim).  Law and order (unless it's an FBI probe).

Via Jobs’ Anger.

Red States, Blue Pills 0


Chartering a Course to Disaster 0

Betsy DeVos at Department of Education meeting sitting at a table with three foxes asks,

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Abandoned 0

Republican Elephant husband leaving his wife,

I predict they’ll patch it up for the sake of the tyke take.

Via Job’s Anger.

Lesson Learned? 0

In the Des Moines Register, Rehka Basu discusses what she considers the primary learning from Donald Trump’s payoff to Stormy Daniels:

Legal analysts are focusing on Trump’s criminal liability, if any, as the story shifts away from campaign finances being used. But the more compelling story today is that the president we already know to boast of disrespecting women has now firmly established himself as a liar. And he will secretly spend vast sums of money to make an appearance problem go away.

Of course, anyone who has followed Donald Trump’s career even casually already knew tha–oh, never mind.

The Art of the Con, Guiliani Boogaloo Dept. 0

Rudy Guiliani’s ring around the rosy at Fox News raised a lot of eyebrows.

Both Elie Mystal and Mike Littwinn have considered it and reached somewhat different and not incompatible conclusions.

What I have concluded is that Rudy’s boogaloo is not directed at the public at large, but is a PR campaign directed to Fox News and its dupes, symps, and fellow travelers; to Republican Congresspersons; and to Trump’s hardcore of true believers, who have shown themselves willing to believe anything, everything he says, even as his statements directly contradict themselves from minute to minute.

They are intended to concrete the con of the conned.

I fear rough seas ahead.

Hey! Rubio! 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., would like some straight answers from Senator Marco.

Ryan’s Derp 0

Tony Norman comments on the firing of House Chaplain Father Patrick Conroy. A snippet:

Father Conroy earned the speaker’s enmity the old-fashioned way — by taking the Gospel seriously . . . .

Follow the link for the rest.

Ryan’s Derp 0

Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?

Syntax error corrected.

The Trollpublican Party 0

Jeremy E. Sherman argues that the Republican Party has become the party of trolls and trolling. Here’s a bit:

They’d like you to believe they are still the party of principle, but nope. That’s obvious from the way they’ll drop any declared principle the second it inconveniences their self-aggrandizement.

Against fascism? Not anymore. Against deficit spending? Gone with their blow-hard wind. Religious virtues? Vaporized time and time again with dismissive self-forgiveness, the “mulligans” they give only to themselves. Anti-PC? Only their opponent’s sensitivities. Pro-freedom? Only the freedom to never have to admit that they could be wrong.

It’s obvious to everyone not sucked in that the party has been taken over by pathological self-suck-ups, fawning over their pretend piety. They will do or say anything to sustain even for another hour their false sense of absolute triumph, authority, and vindication.

Follow the link for more, including suggestions as to how to combat trollish behavior.


I wish he’d loosen up a bit and tell us what he really thinks.

Suffer the Children (and Their Teachers) 0

Paul Krugman explains why the Republican mania for tax cuts has led to teachers’ protests.

A snippet, describing what happens when Republicans cut state taxes into the bone, requiring cutbacks in services to balance state budgets:

How, after all, can governments save money on education? They can reduce the number of teachers, but that means larger class sizes, which will outrage parents. They can and have cut programs for students with special needs, but cruelty aside, that can only save a bit of money at the margin. The same is true of cost-saving measures like neglecting school maintenance and scrimping on school supplies to the point that many teachers end up supplementing inadequate school budgets out of their own pockets.

So what conservative state governments have mainly done is squeeze teachers themselves.

Now, teaching kids was never a way to get rich. However, being a schoolteacher used to put you solidly in the middle class, with a decent income and benefits. In much of the country, however, that is no longer true.


It’s ironic, in a way, how the Republican belief that there is no such thing as the common good leads to there being no such thing as the common good.

Mulligan Stew 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr.

Sucklers at the Public Teat 0

Scott Pruitt sitting in a airliner crashed and sinking into a stinking pool labeled

Via Juanita Jean.

The Nation’s Largest Crime Family 0

Balloon Juice.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. All the obsequious hypocritical oleaginous pretense is being stripped away. Except for the “hypocritical” part.

Justice Decried 0

Thom explains to a right-wing caller that a legally-obtained, well-founded search warrant is not a violation of civil liberties; indeed, itt is rather the epitome of them. (The conversation gets a bit contentious towards the end, but remains civil.)