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“Think of the Bakeries” 0

Redacted Tonight discusses how the religious right is attempting to leverage the recent hurricanes so it can suckle at the public teat.

Warning: Language.

Phony Patriots 0

Warning: Language.

Chartering a Course for Disaster 0

The Orlando Sentinel exposes the con.

You can voucher on it.

Observance 0

Donald Trump standing over flag-covered coffin of fallen soldier saying,

Via Juanita Jean.

One Thing Is Not Like the Other Thing 0

Randye Hoder points out similarities between the conduct towards women of Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein because of Weinstein’s contributions to Democratic candidates and causes.

She then notes a crucial difference:

. . . there’s only one difference that matters: We didn’t make Harvey Weinstein president.

Click the link to follow her path the this conclusion.

Plus ca Change, Truman Was Right Dept. 0

The Destroyer 0

Jay Bookman wonders what Trump wants to accomplish with health care. A snippet:

But what exactly does he want? That’s the question that reveals the true depth of cynicism at work here.

Trump has taken a hostage with no real idea of what ransom he wants in return. He has no policy goal that he wants to achieve; there is no “Trumpcare” that he is attempting to implement. For seven long years, the Republicans have been promising to repeal and replace Obamacare, while doing none of the hard, thoughtful work that creating a replacement would require. For more than two years now, Trump himself has been promising the American people that he would create a health-care system that would provide better insurance at lower cost to more people, yet he and his administration have offered up nothing in the form of a plan or a bill.

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Scofflaw 0

In The Sacramento Bee, Erwin Chemerinsky makes a case that Donald Trump’s “Executive Order” to destroy the ACA is disordered (sort of like its signer). The short version is that a law cannot be overturned by Presidential fiat.

Here’s how he starts;

President Donald Trump’s elimination of subsidies to help lower income Americans afford health care is illegal and just plain mean. The result is that millions of people may lose their health care coverage, but with no savings in cost to the federal government. This is simply an attempt by the president to accomplish by executive fiat what he could not do through Congress: the gutting of Obamacare.

The plain truth that no one wishes to confront is that Donald Trump is walking the path to despotism.

The “Memory Hole” 0

Brian Klaas remembers George Orwell:

In George Orwell’s prophetically dystopian novel “1984,” Big Brother’s regime uses a “memory hole” to destroy any facts or documents that become inconvenient to the regime’s preferred narrative. Citizens are then taught alternative facts – and they must forget what they previously knew. In the end, only “facts” that show Big Brother in a positive light are allowed to exist.

President Trump has brought the memory hole to the United States.

Follow the link to find out why Klaas said that.

Willful Ignorance 0

What happens when willful ignorance becomes legal doctrine?

Giving Puerto Rico the Bird 0

Donald Trump holding out smartphone with Twitter logo on screen to starving Puerto Rican child:

Via Job’s Anger.

The Entitlement Society 0

Deserted Island 0

Puerto Rican waving white flag consisting of a roll of paper towels on a stick.

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GOP Health Care: Don’t Get Sick.
If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly.

Just mean for the sake of mean.

Buyers’ Remorse, Reprise 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., argues that the Republican Party has no right to feign surprise at Donald Trump’s behavior in office. A snippet:

It’s all well and good to hear these men (Rex Tillerson and Bob Corker–ed.) acknowledge Trump’s unfitness, but here’s the thing: he did not suddenly become unfit overnight. He didn’t morph into an overgrown toddler with his finger on the nuclear trigger over the weekend. Moronity did not blindside him when Tillerson had that meeting in July.

To the contrary, his defectiveness was obvious the moment he rode that golden escalator down to the microphone and pronounced Mexican immigrants rapists. It went from obvious to glaring over the course of the most bizarre political campaign in history, a filthy slog through menstruation jokes, penis-size bragging, sexual-assault boasting, calls for violence, 24/7 lies and breathtaking ignorance about well … pretty much everything.

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They Found One! 0

Picture of VP Mike Pence captioned

Via PoliticalProf.

Compromise, GOP Style 0

Republican Elephant to Democratic Donkey:  Can I kill your parents?  Donkey:  No.  Elephant:  How 'bout just your Mom?  Donkey:  No.  Elephant:  WAAH! Why won't you compromise?


This is also how the prophets of bothsiderism view the world.

Image via Job’s Anger.

Responsible Fiscals 0

Republican “fiscal responsibility” is a con for the rubes. Indeed, Republicans are quite happy to waste public money so as to con the rubes.

A Family Affair 0

Republicans Giving America the Big Johnson 0