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The Tipping Point 0

Image One:  Trump voter reads headline,

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“No Questions Asked” 0

Dick Polman reflects on the Montana Republican candidate who attacked a reporter and muses on life in Trumplandia. A snippet:

What happened last night in Montana was an apt metaphor for life in Trumplandia, a thuggish place where the Leader tags factual stories as Fake News and assails reporters as “enemies of the people.”

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Promises, Promises 0

Seth Meyers discusses how Donald Trump’s budget proposal violates his campaign promises about about health care, social security, etc., and wonders what would happen if Donald Trump the candidate met Donald Trump the president.

GOP Health (Don’t Call It) Care 0

Today’s Republican Party is a vile and loathsome thing.

“Unpresidented” 0

Der Spiegel takes a look at Donald Trump’s first three months in office. What they see is not pretty. A nugget (emphasis added):

On Wednesday, a few hours before the special counsel was set loose on him, Donald Trump was standing before the graduates of the Coast Guard Academy. He was supposed to hold an inspiring talk, to spread a positive message, as one does at graduation speeches. Instead, he once again spoke about himself. “Over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair,” he said to the graduating students. “Look at the way I’ve been treated, especially by the media,” Trump said. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.

“No politician in history. Not Nelson Mandela. Not Mahatma Gandhi, not John F. Kennedy. Him. There stood a billionaire, inhabiting the most powerful office in the world, complaining about how unfair the world was. Because there seems to be one rule with Donald Trump: He is never to blame, even though almost everything currently happening to him is his fault.

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Fine Whine 0

Donald Trump whining,

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A World of Their Own 0

In The Bangor Daily News, Amy Fried marvels at Republicans’ retreat into an imaginary world. They’ve gone from Reagan’s voodoo economics into a world of voodoo science. A snippet:

Increasingly, Republicans turn away from established knowledge and expertise. There used to be very little difference between Democrats and Republicans about the conclusions of climate scientists regarding of the reality of global climate change. Over time, a narrow gap has widened and Republicans are far more likely to reject climate scientists’ findings.

When it comes to simply describing a policy, instead of discussing the same facts in light of differing values about the role of government, Republican leaders assert clearly false claims. This can be seen when it comes to Trumpcare.

Follow the link to learn why she said that and how convincingly she can back it up.

Running an End-Around of Science 0

“A Party of Apparatchiks” 0

Paul Krugman points out that today’s Republican Party has no boundaries. Here’s a bit from his article.

The fact that the GOP is a party of apparatchiks was one crucial factor in last year’s election. Why did Marine Le Pen, often portrayed as the French equivalent of Trump, lose by a huge margin? Because France’s conservatives were only willing to go so far; they simply would not support a candidate whose motives and qualifications they distrusted. Republicans, however, went all in behind Trump, knowing full well that he was totally unqualified, strongly suspecting that he was corrupt and even speculating that he might be in Russian pay, simply because there was an “R” after his name on the ballot.

Today’s Republican Party is a vile and loathsome thing.

All in the Family 0

Dick Polman finds himself sickened by Republican complicity with Trumpery’s Russian impulses.

I can’t excerpt or summarize it. Just please follow the link.

One Thing Is Not Like the Other Thing(s) 0

Reporter on television:  Connections to Russia.  The firing of Comey.  Multiple Investigations.  A Special Counsel.  Possible Obstruction of Justice.  Man on couch wearing

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Legacy 0

“The evil that men do lives after them . . . .”

All the News that Fits 0

Thom reads Fox News headlines to show how Fox News is not reporting bad news about Donald Trump and discusses how right-wing media is polluting dis coarse discourse.

Trumpling Freedom of the Press 0

Reporter Dan Heyman describes Tom Price’s having him arrested for daring to ask a question of said august personage. Here’s a bit:

I was arrested last week after asking Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price a question about the American Health Care Act while he walked toward a meeting in the West Virginia State Capitol. He didn’t respond, so I asked a few more times, holding my phone out to record the reply he didn’t make. The criminal complaint accused me of a misdemeanor — “willful disruption of governmental processes” — and said I was “aggressively breaching the secret service agents.”


The day after my arrest, Price commended the police and pointed out that I wasn’t asking my question as part of a news conference. I would have preferred to go to a news conference — ask my one question, sit down and shut up. But Price, like many of the other public officials supporting the American Health Care Act, has been tightly restricting press and public access when he might be asked about health care.

Do read the rest for a victim’s view of the nascent culture of Republican despotism.

Twits on Twitter 0

Redacted twits.

Fallout 0

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it–oh, wait. The question is moot.

Everyone heard it.

James Comey next to fallen tree labeled

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Well, That Didn’t Take Long 0

The justice, it is obstructed.

The primary question is quite clear. Is the Republican Party as craven as we already know it to be?

Nixon Redux 0

Richard Nixon once said, “. . . when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”* Shaun Mullen explains.

There is one overwhelming difference between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon.

Nixon was smart.



Sadism Is a Pre-Existing Condition 0

Reporter:  The Trumpcare bill allos states to opt out of Obamacare's ban on pre-existing conditions.  GOP Congressman:  It does?  Reporter:  It also takes $800 billion from Medicaid and cuts taxes on the wealthy.   Congressman:  Hmph.  Whadya know?  Reporter:  Congreassman, have you read the bill?  Congressman (holding up a

Via Job’s Anger.

Root Causes 2

Werner Herzog’s Bear cuts to the quick of today’s Republican Party. Here’s the gist; follow the link for the rest.

At base in all of these cases the issue is that one of our political parties is merely the vehicle for an extremist ideology that will stop at nothing to grab political power by any means necessary. This ideology is also not supported by a majority of Americans, which is why this party suppresses the vote, gerrymanders, harnesses gushers of dark money, and puts its support behind a nationalist demagogue who promises “jobs” while passing all the cuts to taxes and health care that they want.