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Two NSA staffers are monitoring sigint.  One asks,

Via Job’s Anger.

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Hate joins the parade:

The organizers of the Fremont Solstice Parade said they would clarify their rules about what art is welcome at the event after a racist puppet made an appearance at this year’s parade on Saturday.

The puppet, which was spotted along the parade route, portrayed a woman in blackface caricature. Its presence generated disappointment and anger from many in attendance.

Follow the link for a photo. The “costume” is truly grotesque.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

The Trumpling tramps on.

Two swastikas painted on the exterior wall of a midtown Sacramento Catholic church will be investigated as part of a hate crime, Sacramento police said Sunday.

The symbols were found painted in black on the K Street side of the St. Francis of Assisi Parish on Saturday morning, said the Rev. Desmond O’Reilly. He said the church thinks the vandalism occurred Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

A noose was found Saturday on the Mall, at least the third in that area in recent weeks.

The noose was found hanging from a lamppost near the National Gallery of Art, said Sgt. Anna Rose, the spokeswoman for the U.S. Park Police.

Words fail me.

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Trumpling a nation of immigrants.

Prosecutors charged a 55-year-old man with a hate crime last week after a May incident in which three men claimed they were threatened at a Bellevue gas station due to their perceived ethnicity and religion.

Court documents indicate Kenneth Sjarpe initiated a shouting match with a trio of relatives, using racial slurs, telling them to get out of the country, and threatening to shoot them.

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At The Roanoke Times, Keisha Graziadei-Shup offers a thoughtful meditation on the origins and fostering of feelings of supremacy, white or otherwise. A snippet:

Are some people good and others bad? Is it a faulty gene? Is it like a germ that we sniff up accidentally and some are immune because we got a college education or were raised properly? Is it a result of childhood trauma?

Do I think evil is in everyone else but me?

The reality may be too horrible for most of us to face.

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Pitiful twits.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

This is your country on Trump.

A 15-year-old California high school student discovered a shocking picture of herself with a noose drawn around her neck posted in a chemistry chat room for Palidsades Charter High school.

“Oh, my god, it’s me being lynched,” Aina Adewunmi told CBSLA. “Looking at an image of yourself like that hurts.”

Aina is new to Palisades, having just transferred to the charter school back in January. She said she’s mostly felt welcomed and accepted by students there, but three boys in particular started to use racial slurs.

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Afshan Jafar, professor of sociology at Connecticut College, discusses how stereotypes reinforce stigma and bigotry. He’s discussing contemporary stereotypes of Muslims, but he could as easily be discussing any other group target for bigots to take the blame.

Here’s a bit; follow the link for the rest.

Many people, including President Donald Trump, point to “the Muslim community” as a cause and a solution. Let me say this bluntly: There is no such thing as “the Muslim community,” there is no such thing as “the Muslims” or even “the Muslim man” or “the Muslim woman.”

As a professor of sociology at Connecticut College, this is a lesson I teach my students early, by asking them to finish the sentence: “Muslim women are … ?” which they do readily and predictably (by using words such as “oppressed,” “silenced,” “passive,” “subjugated” and sometimes by using what they consider to be positive words such as “beautiful” or “strong”). I then ask them to imagine instead that the question is “Christian women are … ?” The second question makes no sense, they say. How, they ask, could we speak for all Christian women or make a universal remark about them?

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In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tony Norman marvels at evangelical “Christians” (Michael in Norfolk calls then “Christofacists”) support for Donald Trump. A snippet:

I was never one of those people who gave any credence to the theory that we’re all living in a computer simulation that mimics what we used to think of as the “real world” — until recently.

In the universe that I come from, Christians would rather have been fed to the lions than to have been allied with a vulgarian like Donald Trump. In this simulated universe, the American faction of Christianity appears to worship a Jesus that has contempt for the poor, hates refugees and embraces militarism. Here, Jesus blesses wealth and power and those who seek it relentlessly.

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Blame the victim.

An Apple Valley High School security guard was placed on leave after an altercation involving students last week.


The group (Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR–ed.) released a statement Saturday demanding an investigation into the Thursday incident. They say a female Muslim student, a 15-year-old sophomore, was harassed by a male student and called a terrorist. An altercation between the students ensued and the security guard intervened, along with the school resource officer, a police officer assigned to the school.

“The security guard focused completely on her,” Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of CAIR, said Monday. “He proceeded to grab her.”

The story goes on to say that the guard ripped the girl’s hijab off her head, then was taken to the police station. No action was taken against the fine upstanding young man who started it.

Via The Root.

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Donald Trump at the Constitutional Convention speaking to the Founding Fathers:  Enough with all thia

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

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This is your country on Trump.

A group of female Muslim high school students where celebrating Iftar after their Ramadan fast when they were accosted, according to Yahoo News.

Seventeen-year-old Sawin Osman allowed herself to be identified so she could speak out against the comments.

“We were walking past him on our way out of the restaurant. He yelled, ‘That girl could break a camel’s back,’” Osman recounted to Yahoo News.

As the girls attempted to leave, he screamed, “F***ing goddamn, camel-jacking mother f***ing c***s.”

More Trumpery at the link.

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Psychology Today Blogs, Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller delve into the right-wing’s opposition to the Paris Climate Accords. A snippet:

And therein lies the threat to Trump, Bannon, Pruitt, and the coal rollers of this country: the Accord’s cosmopolitan goals are antithetical to the white nationalist interests promoted by their America First anti-globalist demagoguery. The Paris deal is all about a duty of care for our planet by all, for all.

Follow the link to find out what exactly “coal rollers” are and how they relate to this topic.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

The SPLC reports the noose:

As the Trump administration settles into its fifth month in the White House, hate-fueled acts of intimidation and harassment have increased in the public domain. Since the day after the 2016 presidential election through March 31, the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented 1,863 bias incidents. Of these, 292, or 15.67%, were anti-black motivated incidents. One of the most pervasive manifestations of these happenings is the display of nooses.

Follow the link for the round-up.

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Elie Mystal explains how Donald Trump is undercutting his own lawyers. A snippet:

    The Justice Dept. should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down Travel Ban before the Supreme Court – & seek much tougher version!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 5, 2017


Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall has pushed back hard against the charge, denying before the courts that the executive order at issue is a “travel ban.” The government says that you shouldn’t use the president’s campaign statements to divine the intent of his executive orders. Wall told the Ninth Circuit: “We shouldn’t start down the road of psychoanalyzing what people meant on the campaign trail.”

Conservative judges have been, more or less, sympathetic to this argument. They’re not saying that a president’s words don’t matter. They’re not saying that intent doesn’t matter. They’re saying that Trump’s campaign rhetoric is not a good metric by which to judge the intent of his policy.

When Trump, now not as a campaigner but as President of the United States, then says that the Travel Ban is a “BAN,” it kind of blows apart the whole argument..

Follow the link for his full explanation.

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What Atrios said.

And Trump is a perfect caricature of his party.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

A noose was found Wednesday in a public gallery at the National Museum of African American History and Culture museum, the second such incident on Smithsonian grounds in less than a week, officials said.

David Skorton, secretary of the Smithsonian, said in an email announcement that he had to share “deeply disturbing news” that the rope was found in an public exhibition space Wednesday afternoon. It was in the Segregation Gallery on the second floor of the history galleries.

According to the story, another noose was found at the Hirschhorn last week.

Words fail me.

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Larry Sabato calls out CNN for its bothsiderism.

Via Raw Story.