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All that Was Old Is New Again 0

Image One:  Jewish children imprisoned at Auschwitz.  Image Two:  Immigrant children imprisoned in Arizona in 2018.  Caption:  Evil never dies.  It merely reinvents itself.

Via Job’s Anger.

Suffer the Children 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Darcia Narvaez marvels at the cruelty of the Trump Administration choice to rip children from their families at the border and explains from a human developmental perspective why the act is so pernicious. A snippet:

She* says: “Officials at the Department of Homeland Security claim they act solely ‘to protect the best interests of minor children.'”


Is it ignorance or malice? We don’t know, but the justifications sound both ignorant and malicious.


*Colleen Kraft, head of the American Association of Pediatrics.

A Fine Bromance 0

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un holding hands.  Trump says,

Via Juanita Jean.

. . . the Bible Tells Me So 0

Dick Polman stands aghast at the Trumpling of the Bible to justify ripping children from their parents.

No except or summary can do his piece justice. Just read it.

Foundation and Empire 0

When Isaac Asimov* conceived the Foundation Trilogy, I doubt he imagined a foundation as venal as this one.


My favorite Asimov book is Pebble in the Sky.

North Wind 0

Another pace on the path to pariah . . . .

Suffer the Children 0

Thom talks with Senator Jeff Merkley about the Senator’s visit to a “processing” center for “processing” immigrant children ripped from their parents.

Badtux has more.


I think part of the motive for this practice is simple sadism.

Republican Family Values, One More Time 0

Title:  The Statue of Cruelty.  Image:  Attorney-General Jeff Sessions as the Statue of Liberty, holding a child in one hand and a mother in the other, keeping them apart.

Via Job’s Anger.

“A Nation of Immigrants”: Heritage Betrayed 0

Man standing in his front door reading newspaper headline,

Werner Herzog’s Bear comments.

Image via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

Bullshit in a China Shop 0

Paul Krugman tries to figure out what happened at the G-7 Summit. He is not sanguine.

A snippet (emphasis added):

What went down in Quebec? I’m already seeing headlines to the effect that Trump took a belligerent “America first” position, demanding big concessions from our allies, which would have been bad. But the reality was much worse.

He didn’t put America first. Russia first would be a better description. And he didn’t demand drastic policy changes from our allies; he demanded that they stop doing bad things they aren’t doing. This wasn’t a tough stance on behalf of American interests, it was a declaration of ignorance and policy insanity.

Republican Family Values, One More Time 0

Mike considers Donald Trump’s only significant accomplishment and how today’s events were presaged by a movie 50 years ago. (Warning: Language)

Republican Family Values, Reprise 0

Will Bunch.

Republican Family Values 0

Warning sign saying

Image via Job’s Anger.

Ryan’s Derp 0

In tangentially related news, the Des Moines Register’s Rekha Basu tells the story of one dreamer, a high school senior, who was “repatriated” to Mexico, a country he had never known, only to die as “collateral damage” from gang violence within a month.

Soul Provider 0

Rudy Guiliani saying,

Elie Mystal offers commentary.

Image via Job’s Anger.

“A Nation of Immigrants” 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Arash Emamzadeh explores why citizens of a country which has proudly billed itself “a nation of immigrants” and who are themselves descendants of immigrants* have chosen to hate immigrants.

Give it a read.


*I exempt Native Americans from this statement. They aren’t doing the hating.

The Court Count Is in Sessions 0

Jeff Sessions standing cage labeled

Click for the original image.

See TPM for the back story.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

Trumpling the luxury hotel pool.

You realize, natch, that the Trumplers believe that Trump’s some-would-call-it-an-“administration” has given them a license to Trumple and that they believe themselves to be reel Amurricans.

Twits on Twitter 0

Hate-full twits.

By the Numbers 0

Graphic:  From Jan 1 2018 through May 18 2018 there were 101 mass shootings, 163 killed, 480 wounded.  Guess how many of the shooters were MS-13 or Black Identity Extremists?

Via Job’s Anger.