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The “One Drop” Rule 0

Honest to Pete, you can’t make this stuff up.


Death and Rememberance 0

Shaun Mullen marvels at how Donald Trump puts the “Me-Me-Me” in “Memorial.”

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


Let Them Eat Cake 0


Stray Thought 0

I can’t say I’m a Sasha Baron Cohen fan. I may have seen one of his clips back in the Borat days, and I don’t subscribe to any “premium” television channels. Indeed, I think “premium television” is ipso facto an oxymoron.

Nevertheless, I’m somewhat awed by the deep vein of white-wing stupid he has managed to tap into.


Facebook Frolics 0

Intimidating frolics.


Copyrights and Copywrongs 0

The badger game.


All That Was Old Is New Again 0

The Raleigh News and Observer reports that Rufus Edmisten, who served on the staff of the Watergate Committee, hears a familiar ring in contemporary events. A snippet:

The parallels between then and now are striking: a break in at the Democratic National Committee, hush payments, secret tape recordings and an investigating Senate committee led by the senior senator from North Carolina. But Edmisten thinks the investigation into possible collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign could trump the historic 1970s scandal.

“I think they’re trying to outdo Watergate,” he said of President Trump’s advisers and associates and the president himself. . . .

“If some of the people around Trump would read the Nixon-Watergate playbook, they wouldn’t be doing this foolishness. Instead they are expanding on it,” he said.

Do please read the rest.


Suffer the Children 0

The Trump administration has created a predators’ paradise by ripping children from their parents and putting them on the counters of old Walmarts.


Legal Weasels 0

Honest to Pete, you can’t make this stuff up.


Twits on Twitter 0

A sporting twit.

In a related piece . . . .


The Wrong Arm of the Law 0

More stuff you can’t make up.


Space Farce 0

Title:  New United States Space Force.  Image:  Vehicle resembling Donald Trump's head labeled

In related news, Elie Mystal comments on Trump’s “space force” idea. A snippet:

The first problem, of course, is that what Trump is proposing is illegal under international law . . . .

Image via Job’s Anger.


Remembering When Trump Threw in the Towel 0

Donald Trump standing before a field of crosses and a scene of devastation bearing a sign,

Click for the original image.


Twits on Twitter 0

Fun-loving twits.


The Days of Whine and Poses 0


The Grift in the Gift 0

Josh Marshall thinks he has figured out the “White House Gift Shop,” recently in the news in relation to the Trumpled North Korean summit “commemorative coin.”* A snippet:

Thanks to a number of emailers but particularly TPM Reader JB, I think I now have the answer. There was once an actual ‘White House Gift Shop’ in the basement of the Old Executive Office Building. But the current ‘The White House Gift Shop’ is a private for profit company which has no connection to the White House or the Secret Service or any other government entity, despite that fact that it seems to go to some lengths to give the impression that it does.


*AFAIC, the coin mostly commemorated hideous in design.


Michael Cohen and the Selling of “Privileged Communication” 0

Michael Cohen as

Josh Marshall marvels at the venality.

Image via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.


Swamp Things 0

Jay Bookman marvels at the corporations who quite willingly helped fund Michael Cohen for no discernible reason. A snippet:

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis now acknowledges that it paid $1.2 million in carefully structured payments to Trump fixer Michael Cohen, allegedly for Cohen’s expertise on “U.S. health-care policy matters.”

That’s odd. Beyond financing the occasional abortion for girlfriends of GOP bigwigs, Cohen has no discernible expertise on “U.S. health-care policy matters.” Nor has he ever registered as a lobbyist. For its part, Novartis is so comfortable and proud of its just-uncovered association with Cohen and his company, Essential Consultants, that it quickly moved to distance current management from the deal.

Follow the link for more.


Going for the Dogs 0

In the more stuff you can’t make up file, cops in Illinois threaten to euthanize their drug-sniffing dogs if Illinois legalizes marijuana. Elie Mystal comments.


Swoosh! 0

That’s the sound of the broom sweeping sexist pigs out the door at Nike. A nugget:

While the #MeToo movement has led to the downfall of individual men, the kind of sweeping overhaul that is occurring at Nike is rare in the corporate world, and illustrates how internal pressure from employees is forcing even huge companies to quickly address workplace problems.

As women — and men — continue to come forward with complaints, Nike has begun a comprehensive review of its human-resources operations, making management training mandatory and revising many of its internal reporting procedures.

Nowhere that I ever worked did I witness conduct like that described in the article.