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Putting a Price Tag on Climate Change 0

Robert Thorson, a geologist, reports that, even as oil and coal tycoons deny that the climates they are a-changing, the insurance industry is taking action. Naturally, it’s an action that will fix nothing and cost the insured, because it’s all about paying for the risk, not about fixing anything.

Moody’s has already been considering the growing risks of sea level rise and flooding into account in rating coastal properties, particularly those created on filled-in wetlands. It’s now going to do the same regarding government-issued bonds (emphasis added; more at the link).

Within the last decade, the owners of Connecticut coastal properties have been kicked in the shins by rising insurance premiums. Now, the state and municipal governments with jurisdiction over those lands are being kicked by Moody’s Investors Service. This credit rating agency, arguably our nation’s most respected, has put coastal states and municipalities on notice that Moody’s credit ratings for state and municipal bonds will hereafter be tied to coastal preparedness.

The fiscally conservative and hazards aware part of me is loving this news because it proclaims an obvious truth that we geologists have taught for a half-century. Easy come, easy go. Lowlands created easily by shallow fill will be the first to go under. We’re talking about our national mall in Washington, D.C., much of the Bay Area in San Francisco, the Florida coastal strip, New York, Boston and countless other cities with large areas of low-lying fill within city limits.

All the News that Fits 0

Time Magazine has a Koch problem.

How Stuff Works, TV Weather Dept. 0

Perfessor:  It's funny how those TV meteorologist love to report from the middle of a hurricane, but never from the middle of a forest fire.  Voice from television:  We're going live to Jim . . . You there, Jim?  How strong are the winds?  Jim:  Yeah, Dr. Gregg.  This hurricane is a big one.  The intensity is getting stronger by the minute, and we're really close to the eyewall.  On the Saffir-Simpson scale, it's a cat one, though it's starting to feel like a cat two to me . . . . Larry, our camera guy, had to lash himself to a concrete pylon.  Waitress, looking at television:  For Pete's sake, this isn't informative weather coverage.   It's weather porn.

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Gotterdammerung 0

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble 0

The Climates They Are a-Changing 0

It’s the last full week of October and I’m running the freaking air conditioner, for Pete’s sake.

When I was a young ‘un, back in the olden days, the trees would have already have lost their leaves and I’d be wearing winter coats by now.

We are doomed.

The Fire This Time, Reprise 0

Warning: Language.

And, in tangentially-related news . . . .

Waterlogged 0

Man to his right-wing friend:  Climatologists have warned us for years that this time would come.  Friend:  Yeah, Joe, I know, but now is not the time to talk about climate change. (Water rises in the bar where they are talking.)  Man:  So just when's the righ time for a discussion about climate change?  Friend:  About 20 years ago. (Water continues to rise.) Man:  Ah, so we finally agreed.  Friend:  Oh (glub), I wouldn't go that far.

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Stormy Weather 0

Eleven, eleven, can someone give me eleven?

Ophelia became a hurricane late Wednesday, the tenth in a row and tying a record set more than a century ago.

Located in the central Atlantic about 760 miles southwest of the Azores, the hurricane poses no threat to land and would probably be unremarkable if not for its place in the record books. The last time a hurricane season produced 10 consecutive storms was in 1893, according to Colorado State University meteorologist Phil Klotzbach, when tracking hurricanes largely relied on ships and barometric readings.

The Society with the Fringe on Top 0

Neil DeGrasse Tyson deplores the influence of ignorance in our society.

Via C&L.

Irma Coverage, the Edited-for-Accuracy Version 0

Warning: language.

Creating a Climate for Development, the Tarheel Way 0

The Three Little Pigs living in their new sand castle on the Outer Banks.  One is saying,

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The Climates They Are a-Changing 0

At The Daily Banter, Bob Cesca looks at America’s response to climate change and despairs. A snippet:

Along those lines, it’s difficult to resist the instinct to feel utterly hopeless and cynical. We’re in it now, and a frustrating lack of political will mixed with public apathy or outright denial has completely stymied what should’ve otherwise happened years ago: an effort of the magnitude of the Apollo program to find affordable, clean, renewable energy sources while rapidly killing off entrenched yet archaic polluters. But we’re not a prevention nation. We’re a self-indulgent one. We’d rather continue our bad habits while finding ways to ease the side effects.

For example, rather than eating right and exercising, while supporting efforts to improve our food supply, we’d rather pop a few Lipitor to reduce our cholesterol, or a Nexium to reduce the acid reflux.

Plus ca Change (Updated) 0

Crane Operator in crane labeled

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Addendum, Later That Same Day:

The Charlotte Observer reports on how coastal real estate developers are trying to weasel out of being honest about the dangers of flooding.

Flapping Raincoats, Flapping Lips 0

Flat Out Denial 0

Dick Polman applauds while deriding Florida Governor Scott on Irma and climate change. A snippet; follow the link for the rest (emphasis added).

It’s great that Scott was front and center as the storm-on-steroids crept closer. It’s not so great that Scott’s regime barred its staffers from using the term climate change. According to one investigation, released in 2015, “[State] environmental protection officials have been ordered not to use the term ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ in any official communications, emails, or reports,” and Scott’s minions refused to use the term in public hearings — in the apparent belief that if the words weren’t uttered, the crisis would go away or cease to exist.

Reality Bites 0

Two Trump supporters swirling around in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  One says,

Via Job’s Anger.

“Look into My Eyes” 0

Frame One:  EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt saying ,

Via Juanita Jean.

Cavalcade of Cataclysms 0

Man watching TV news of Hurricane Harvey:  Global warming could make Earth uninhabitable.  Woman reading newspaper stories about he

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Ship of Fools 0

Image of populace under a deluge boarding an ark named

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