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A pandemic is, at this point, no more than a possibility, though the flu has already spread to Europe. The financial symptoms are already severe.

A deadly swine flu outbreak that originated in Mexico took its toll on airlines and cruise operators across the globe on Monday as traders feared a repeat of the SARS epidemic that ravaged Asia.

Mexico City’s streets were empty Sunday as an estimated 1,614 people in Mexico contracted the swine flu, killing 103 people.


“Given that the virus strain is apparently transmissible from human to human, a feature that none of earlier bird flu outbreaks displayed, there is reason for concern,” said analysts from the Swiss brokerage Sarasin.

Bloomberg reports that the financial and commodities markets are also taking a hit:

. . . the yen, dollar and Treasuries gained as the swine flu outbreak spread. Mexico’s peso fell and grain prices retreated.

Over at ASZ. Steve reminds us that the Republican Party thinks that the Centers for Disease Control is just so much pork. Follow the link for documentation and citations:

They are the ones who ridiculed the beefing up of pandemic preparedness when it was part of the Obama stimulus package. Yes, led by Karl Rove Republicans in the House and Senate went to war over pandemic preparedness measures put forth by congressman David Obey, who now seems prescient compared to these GOP bozos who have threatened our lives, once again, by making sure we are not prepared. (Wasn’t Katrina a big enough warning for them?)

I think this is perhaps because

  • pork is the only policy that Republicans understand and that
  • money expended on the public health does not make the rich richer (except possibly Big Pharma), nor the poor poorer. It is therefore pork that is unacceptable to the Party of Nope.

Disregard their words and look at their actions: Making the rich richer and the poor poorer is the core belief and practice of Republicanism. Anything that does not further that goal is unacceptable.


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