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Ralph Northam 0

I waited a bit before commenting on this story, as I have found that initial reports are often flawed, especially when promulgated by twits on Twitter and frolickers on Facebook. He is the governor of my state and I supported him.

And he has been a decent and reasonable governor.

My primary reaction is disappointment. Plunging-to-the-bottom-of-the-well disappointment.

As my local rag pointed out in an excellent editorial, these events happened in 1984, not in 1924, and there’s no conceivable excuse for someone over the age of consent not knowing that blackface and Klan robes are vile and racist.

Hell, I’m two decades older than him, and I knew that when I was still in high school.

Should he resign? Not for me to say–who am I to call for resignation? I’m just a third-tier blogger with opinions and a keyboard–but I suspect he likely will eventually do so.

It’s frustrating, though, as Republican office-holders with track records of overtly racist conduct while in office serve out their terms and, indeed, seek higher office, with impunity.

Are his political career and his effectiveness as a leader toast? Oh, yes-indeedy-do, with butter and marmalade.


I’m from the Eastern Shore, as is Northam (though I never knew any Northams when I was growing up). I’m still scratching my head about why my local rag decided to describe the Shore as “rural and rugged.” It is a lot of things, including rural, but “rugged” isn’t one of them.


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