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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid 0

It’s not just the racism. It’s the stupid..


Republican Race Theory 0

Republican Elephant standing in front of a lynched black man hanging from a tree.  Elephant is holding a sign reading,

Via Job’s Anger.


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Texas Republicans declare that, if first you don’t secede, try, try again.

As Michael in Norfolk points out, Goldwater was right about one thing.


Stray Thought, Still Rising Again Dept. 0

It occurred to me yesterday that so many persons who are white like me are hostile to any remembrance of Juneteenth because it emphasizes what precisely was the cause that was lost in what has mythologized as the Lost Cause.

To put it another way, celebrating, or even recognizing, Juneteenth calls out the lie that the Civil War was about anything other than chattel slavery.


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Redhatted man hard at work in office building.  One the ledge, one pigeon says to another,

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The Entitlement Society 0

Well-known author resents losing his free pass.

Racism is not just overt. It’s also covert. And this is about as covert as it gets.

Honest to Pete, he should know better.

But, clearly, he doesn’t.


The Art of the Con 0

Lyndon Johnson was right.

The evidence is right before us.


Q. What Is an “Inherently Divisive Concept”? 0

A. Historical fact.


All the News that Fits Meets
Still Rising Again after All These Years

Title:  If Fox News existed in 1865.  Image:  Men in 19th Century garb sitting around a table.  One say,

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“It Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means” 0

Thom explains the true origins of the Second Amendment to a caller.


The Second Amendment was all about slave patrols. Any other explanation is, shall we say, ahistorical.


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

At the Washington Monthly, Paul Finkelman argues that Florida Governor DeSantis and his “Don’t Say Gay” law stand squarely in the middle of a long tradition of suppressing speech in the American South, a tradition which, like so many of the negative aspects of our society, ultimately reaches back to racism and slavery.

Follow the link for his reasoning.


Jim Crow Keeps Rising from the Grave 0

And this surprises you how?


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Florida Man wants to resurrect Pravda with a Southern accent.

The blatant obviousness of it does rather take one aback, does it not?


Skeletons in the Closet 0

You know that history that Republicans want not to teach school children?

It continues to haunt.


Short Attention Span Theatre, Florida Man Dept. 0

Farron points out, “You gotta pay attention the follow through.”

He has a point. Too often in the haste to chase breaking news, neither the media nor its audience and readers pay attention to the rest of the story.


Karen Karen-Like 0

A vente with a side of vile.


“But It’s the Only Possible Explanation” 0

Outlandish conspiracy theories seem to be going mainstream; think the “great replacement,” which Tucker Carlson has been touting to his large audience, just to pick one example from many.

At Psychology Today Blogs, Sara Gorman and Jack M. Gorman take a look at what might make persons receptive to conspiracy theories. It’s a particularly worthwhile read at this juncture. A snippet (emphasis added):

Especially recently, the tie between conspiracy theories and extremist political and social beliefs is undeniable. QAnon, with its very clear white supremacist undertones, is a good example of this. The beliefs spouted by “Q” and his or her followers are particularly “moralist” in nature, suggesting that the “enemy” is unthinkably evil. This enemy is not only the opposite political party but also very often any group that might be maligned by Q’s followers, including Black people, immigrants, and Jews. After being marginalized from politics for so long, the alt-right, neo-Nazis, and neo-Fascists certainly saw the value of QAnon to help them shoulder their way back into the political mainstream, and they were often successful.

Follow the link for the authors’ theories about what makes some persons predisposed to drink this poisonous pilsner.


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Clyde W. Ford points out that there’s nothing new about “replacement theory.”

The flaw is that equality is not “replacement” in any way. Nobody is being “replaced.”


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

At the Houston Chronicle, Jeffrey Littlejohn opens a photo album and sees the history that Governors Abbot and DiSantis and their dupes, symps, and fellow travelers don’t want taught in schools.


Immunity Impunity 0

Not long ago, the bus carrying the women’s lacrosse team from Delaware State University, an HBCU, was pulled over for a minor traffic offense by the Liberty County, Georgia, sheriff’s department, then the team’s luggage and belongings were searched with drug-sniffing dogs.

The sheriff’s office maintains that racial profiling was in no way a factor. (Also, pigs. Wings.)

New Jersey Advance Media’s Ande Richards spoke to one of the members of the Lacrosse team about her experience.

On the body camera footage of the stop, a deputy says he stopped the commercial bus because the driver passed a vehicle in the left-hand lane. Trucks aren’t allowed in that lane. Then, he clearly explains why the girls’ belongings were searched. “Bunch of dang schoolgirls on the bus … probably some weed.”


Kelly Harris, the director of Africana Studies at Seton Hall University, said this case exemplifies an instance where the police could be telling the truth and are wrong at the same time.

“They could have pulled the bus over for a routine incident. However, because racism is so entrenched in our society, treating Black suspects differently has been normalized — to the point that many police do not recognize their shortcomings,” he said.