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Numbers Gaming 0

If you can’t meet the standards, why not just lower them?


Changing the wording of a web page does not change the law, but it can mislead deceive the populace, which, natch, is the intent.

Also, too.


All the News that Fits 0

Fox News can’t handle the truth.


The Republican Fantasy Land 0

Paul Krug tries to understand the Republican Party’s mass denial of objective reality. Here’s a bit; follow the link for the rest.

Epidemiologists trying to get a handle on the coronavirus threat appear to have been caught off guard by the immediate politicization of their work, the claims that they were perpetrating a hoax designed to hurt Trump, or promote socialism, or something. But they should have expected that reaction, since climate scientists have faced the same accusations for years.

And while climate-change denial is a worldwide phenomenon, its epicenter is clearly here in America: Republicans are the world’s only major climate-denialist party.

Nor is climate science the only thing they reject; not one of the candidates contending for the GOP’s 2016 nomination was willing to endorse the theory of evolution.

What lies behind Republican science denial? The answer seems to be a combination of fealty to special interests and fealty to evangelical Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr., who dismissed the coronavirus as a plot against Trump, then reopened his university despite health officials’ warnings, and seems to have created his own personal viral hot spot.


Lies and Lying Liars 0

Farron catalogs Donald Trump’s lies about coronavirus.


“Now in Its Fourth Season . . . .” 0

Title:  The show that never ends.  Image:  Picture of Donald Trump on a movie marquee advertising

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The Epidemiologist Tweets 0

By the by, I was in my local supermarket yesterday, because cats need cat food, and the “Bathroom Tissue” aisle was striped bare.


Lies and Lying Liars, Going Viral Dept. 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., looks inside the bubble.


Misdirection Play, Going Viral Dept. 0

Sam comments–well, more accurately, casts scorn–on a Fox News attempt to market the notion that the coronavirus and precautions against it are parts of a plot to bring down Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, life doesn’t go on.


The sad and frightening thing is that persons who spend their days hermetically sealed inside the Fox News/AM talk radio bubble will likely be susceptible to this–at least until they self-quarantine.


Gutting Out the Vote 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., tells one voter’s story–a voter who waited in line for six hours to vote in a primary–then looks at the larger picture of the voter fraud fraud. Here’s a bit:

Isn’t it telling, in this era of white grievance ascendant, that the right wing keeps caterwauling about a fictional epidemic with people of color committing voter fraud, even as people of color are seeing voting rights stolen from them in real time? The right projects its sins upon the rest of us — democracy as funhouse mirror where victimizers reflect as victims.

More at the link.

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Trumpled Epidemiology 0

In related news, “infodemic.”

The stupid. It burns (us all).


Facebook Frolics 0

Counting the frolickers.

And, in other news of the Zuckerborg.


Feverish Dreams 0

Paul Krugman has more.


The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Thom and Greg Palast discusses Palast’s the recent court ruling favoring Palast’s investigation into Georgia Governor Kemp’s gut-out-the-vote strategy.


The Lies of the Land, in the Face of the Evidence Dept. 0

David discusses the willingness of Donald Trump’s dupes, symps, and fellow travelers to accept and rationalize Trump’s lies.


The Lies of the Land, Reprise 0

At the Bangor Daily News, David Farmer marvels at the magnitude of the mendacity of the Conman-in-Chief (and his entire staff).


Twits on Twitter 0

Twits who believe in make believe.


Credit Where Credit is Undue 0

(Warning: Commercial starts at about the five minute mark.)


Snow Job 0


Unfinished Business 0

Frame One:  FBI says,


The Art of the Con 0

Steven M. explains what the political Ponzi scheme is Madoff.