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Under Cover of Coronavirus 0

While news of the coronavirus is grabbing everyone else’s attention, Will Bunch takes the time to look at what’s going on elsewhere. Here’s bit:

Let’s call this what it is: a dictatorship of distraction. In Washington, Republicans who control two branches of government and half of the third are now using Americans’ preoccupations with staying alive or staying afloat economically to force down our throats actions that a) have absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus and b) are opposed by a majority of a populace that’s too beaten down or too isolated to fight back.

Follow the link to read why he wrote that passage.


Gutting Out the Vote, the Truth Will Out Dept. 0


Putting the Cart before the Hearse 0

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

You can’t make this stuff up.


The Art of the Con 0

Hobby Lobby horseplay.


The Epidemiologist’s Apologist 0

A conservative right-wing* law professor tried his hand at sciencing and failed miserably.

In related news, The Roanoke Times’s Dan Casey, who is decidedly not an apologist for the Epidemiologist-in-Chief, responds to those who complain that his coverage of Donald Trump has been–er–less than even-handed.


*He’s with the Hoover Institute.


“The Buck Stops There,” Reprise 0

Donald Trump says,

Click for the original image.


The Big Shill 0

Mike Littwin notes that Donald Trump wants the governors–particularly Democratic governors–of states fighting coronavirus to “do us a favor.” An excerpt:

And there it was, waiting for him — the ideal target. Not just governors, but Democratic governors, in plain view. And if you watched the latest Trump-led press briefing/campaign rally Friday, you saw Trump in full-blame mode, name-calling Washington Gov. Jay Inslee — who, Trump said, “leveled out at zero” in the polls when he ran for president — and “the woman” from Michigan, otherwise known as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Of Whitmer, Trump said, “she has no idea of what’s going on.” When he used her name in a tweet later, he called her Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer. Seriously. That’s the same president who kept saying that the coronavirus was under control when it wasn’t and who was — actually, still is — pushing unproven medications to treat it.

And here’s the kicker, the so-Trump-like kicker, the kicker that only Trump would proudly admit to: Trump said his problem with Inslee and Whitmer was that they weren’t showing him — and, to his credit, he actually included his team — proper appreciation.


Republican Family Values, “Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father” Dept., Reprise 0

Old lady in car shouts out window to pets,

Connie Schultz takes issue with the notion promoted by some right-wing nutjobs figures that old folks should off themselves via the coronavirus for the sake of the Dow-Jones average. A snippet:

I can’t name a single grandmother of my acquaintance who wants to throw away her life to save companies like Hobby Lobby, which has insisted on remaining open during this pandemic.

The craft company also told its managers to “make every effort to continue working the employees” while denying those same employees sick leave.


The phrase, “working the employees,” tells you all you need to know about how Hobby Lobby views the persons they employ.


“The Buck Stops There” 0


What’s in a Name? 0

Sometimes, quite a lot.


Lowering the Barr 0

Methinks that a strong argument can be made that the current United States Attorney-General is the nation’s top law defacement official.


Symptomatic 0

Title:  Symptoms of pandemmic-level hypocrisy.  Image of Republican Elephant with arrows pointing to it labeled,

Via Juanita Jean.


F. Scott Fitzgerald Was Right 0

The rich are different from you and me.

They have friends in high places.


The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Have you noticed that, when actual cases of intentional voter fraud (as opposed to someone’s attempting to vote in the wrong precinct or forgetting to register or the like) come to light, they are almost always perpetrated by Republicans?

For example.


Gutting Out the Vote 0

At Lawyers, Guns, and Money, Paul Campos has more about what hwent down in Texas.


Stray Question, A Notion of Immigrants Dept. 0

I once knew someone who was “second generation Italian.” The family’s grandmother came to the United States as a baby, sleeping in the drawer of the family dresser in steerage on the boat.

Am I the only person to see the distasteful irony of someone named “Cuccinelli” being rabidly against immigration?


Originalist Sin 0

Joe Patrice explores the con that is “Constitutional Originalism.” A snippet (emphasis added):

It (originalism–ed.) has always been a lie of course, but it’s a pretty successful one.

The conservatives on the Court have all but given up the facade of Originalism, granting cert in a gay rights case signaling an intent to protect Catholic Social Services who got cut off by the Philadelphia adoption program for refusing to place children with same-sex couples. The basis for the looming decision, previewed over the last several years by Supreme Court Oracle Justice Alito, is that religious freedom requires government respect the religious freedom to violate discrimination laws. The only problem with this plan is that the conservatives have already ruled that the “Originalist” read of religious freedom is the exact opposite. Apparently there are more different “Originals” in the First Amendment than there are in Ray’s Pizza establishments.


Poll Tax Redux 0


SLAPP-Happy 0

In The Sacramento Bee, Eric Swalwell examines Devin Nunes’s practice of suing everyone who hurts his tender wittle fee-fees, while consistently voting to deny others the same privilege.