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“He Can’t Handle the Truth” 0

Laurie Roberts takes a look at one Arizona’s congresscritter’s call to shoot the messenger.


“If This Be Treason . . . .” 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Travis Langley cites John Avion, who suggests that Donald Trump’s willingness to accuse others, such as President Obama, Andrew McCabe, and even the entire Democratic Party, of treason may result from Trump’s confusing loyalty to himself with loyalty to the country.

Langley goes on to wonder whether this may instead be a case of projection. A snippet:

More often, though, people project their worst inclinations onto other people as a way to keep from feeling bad about them. Projection downplays the importance of our worst aspects by casting them onto our perceptions of others, letting unfavorable features seem socially acceptable if they’re commonplace. Projection only fits if, at least unconsciously, Trump either committed treason or somehow sees treason in his own way of doing things. Some people feel he has, but this question is about what he personally perceives in himself and thus projects onto others.

It’s an interesting read, and his conclusions may surprise you.


Maskless Marauders . . . 0

. . . infest the House.


I had a routine dental appointment yesterday.

I was asked to wait in my vehicle until the staff could take my temperature and double-check my medical history, then wear a mask in the office. When the tech went to work on me, natch, I took off my mask, but he wore a mask and a face shield (the face shield was new).

Which only goes to prove that my dentist and his staff are smarter than your average Republican Congressperson.

As too is my dresser drawer.


Spin Cycle 0

Title:  Life in the Stupidverse:  Round and Round It Goes.  Frame One, captioned

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Selfishness Unmasked 0

Will Bunch is depressed at what the coronavirus has revealed about (far too many) Americans’ loss of the concept of a common good. Here’s a bit, in which he explores the some of the forces behind of our epidemic of ignorant intransigence:

Confronted with scientific realities like man-made climate change, the forces of conservative libertarianism turned their guns toward expertise, with the goals of thwarting environmentalism and keeping corporate profits high. The bills for global warming are starting to come due, but that has been superseded for the time being by the COVID-19 crisis; the lack of trust for medical expertise from Main Street all the way to an ignorant president whom 62 million Main Streeters installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has proved lethal.

No other nation has botched its coronavirus response so badly because no other nation holds science in such low esteem. “Who made you perpetrators over my life?” the self-proclaimed Trump Girl demanded of the experts at the Palm Beach County meeting. In a recent Washington Post op-ed, Stanford psychiatry prof Keith Humphreys noted that the United States simply can’t impose a coronavirus testing regimen like South Korea or Singapore because we don’t trust the government on public health. “Clusters of gun-toting protesters opposing public health measures are a real — and uniquely American — problem,” he wrote, “but it’s the much more prevalent distrust in government’s role in public health that would curtail the success of any test, trace and isolate program.”

I commend the entire article to your attention. It is a long and depressing read, but an important one.


Donald Trump’s One-Note Samba 0


A Notion of Immigrants 0

The Trump Administration is trying to close the golden door.


The Reframing 0

I’m sure you’ve gotten them: fund-raising appeals from candidates or political parties masquerading as surveys and characterized by slanted questions, such as

    Do you believe in truth, justice, and the American way, or are you going to vote for the party that worships Satan and sacrifices tween virgins on the altar of Moloch?

At The Roanoke Times, Dan Casey tells of one such survey he recently received, then attempts to recast the questions so that they reflect reality.

I commend his piece to your attention.


Rule of Lawless 0

Persons in hazmat suits from a truck labeled

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All the News that Fits 0

Sam and his team discuss Tucker Carlson’s hypocritical fragile white guy pity party.


The Truth Will Out . . . . 0

At the Idaho State Journal, Leonard Hitchcock points out that, from time to time, Donald Trump speaks the truth, to the discomfiture of his dupes, symps, and fellow travelers. A snippet:

Interestingly, Trump, though he has persistently lied about the vote-by-mail issue, has also told the truth about why he and his party oppose it. In an appearance on Fox and Friends (as reported by the Guardian newspaper) he said that if Democrats succeed in enabling states to use that voting method and provide added incentives to vote such as same-day registration, there would be “levels of voting” such that “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

So, contrary to the party-line that he supports, which focuses entirely on the “fraud” allegation, Trump admits that mail-in-voting is likely to increase voter participation, and when that happens, Democrats will win. In other words, he has acknowledged that the real reason Republicans have tried, in a variety of ways, to suppress voter participation is that they are afraid of losing elections.


Seeking Release 0


“Like a Man Besieged” 0

SeattlePI reports on Donald Trump’s latest twitfest, in which he has attacked retired military officials and two Republican Senators for having the temerity to take issue with his (mostly) words and (few) actions (because, frankly, he doesn’t seem to do much besides tweet, watch television, and play at golf). A snippet (emphasis added):

A former Washington Republican chairman, Chris Vance, posted an astute observation on Monday: “Biden is a moderate. That’s why he’s winning. Republicans win by convincing independents that the left is dangerous — I spent decades doing that — good luck with that this year.” Vance has posted a Biden yard sign in his yard.


Trump is blasting back like a man besieged.


The President is slamming individuals of indisputable integrity, three of them generals who served America in wars, in contrast to a president who ducked Vietnam service with the questionable claim of bone spurs. Trump seems unable to exercise self-control, making dissenters’ words go viral, especially those in the Republican Party.


Yes, It Can Happen Here 0

Thom is not optimistic.


The Very Image of Flailure 0

Donald Trump, holding selfie stick in the midst authorities violently clearing the streets of peaceful protestors, says to aide,

Via Job’s Anger.


Frum, the Horse’s Mouth 0


Gutting Out the Vote, Part Eleventy-Six 0


Numbers Gaming, Reprise 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Matthew Edlund untangles the numbers about COVID-19 testing and fatalities and what they say about the Trump administration’s failure to deal with the pandemic. A nugget (emphasis added):

When Covid-19 hit, the CDC warned people like University of Washington researcher Rachel Chu not to find out who was sick and dying, or they would lose their grants or go to jail. The real, unofficial message—we can’t have an epidemic if we prevent people from studying it. The CDC then refused WHO Covid-19 testing kits, demanding to use its own. The tests it made were hopelessly contaminated and useless. When the time came to obtain needed reagents to make new tests, we were last on the international lists.

Lots of people died.

Now when people around the world call the CDC no one calls back.


Mailing It In 0

The well of Trumpian hypocrisy runs deep.


The New Hires 0

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.