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No Surprises Here 0

Nope. None at all.

Bald-faced hypocrisy is the operating principle of today’s Republican Party.

Experiments fail, even noble ones.


The Rule of Lawless 0

Brian Greenspun.


Viral Immunity Impunity 0

Read the column David refers to.


Feeding on Frenzy 0

The Arizona Republic’s Laurie Roberts find herself in a state of skepticism regarding Donald Trump’s claim that he downplayed the virulence of the coronavirus because he did not want to cause a panic. (Follow the link for her list of for-instances of Trump’s frequent frenzied fomenting of frenzy.)

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump explained why he lied to the public in the crucial early days of the pandemic, publicly proclaiming the novel coronavirus no more dangerous than the flu while privately warning that it was “deadly stuff.”


Trump’s entire political career is built on sending people into a frenzy, if not a full-blown panic . . . .

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Tony Norman offers his own interpretations of Trump’s motives for misrepresenting the mortal nature of the menace.

The truth is that Mr. Trump subordinated the interests of the American people to his own narrow interest — avoiding at all costs a situation that would slow economic activity and diminish his re-election chances. The lives that would be lost by such a cold-blooded calculation meant nothing to him.


Trumpling Veterans 0

Seth takes a closer look at the RNC and at Trump’s insults to veterans.


Rats. Sinking Ship. 0

The U. S. A. as the Titanic, slipping below the waves of COVID-19, while Donald Trump, in a lifeboat rowing away says through a megaphone,

Click for the original image.


Suborning Felonious Conduct 0

You can’t make this stuff up.


Lessons Learned 0

At the Bangor Daily News, University of Maine Professor Amy Fried recalls that, after the U. S. Senate acquitted Donald Trump refused to act on the impeachment of Donald Trump, Maine Senator Susan Collins opined that Trump had learned his lesson. Professor Fried agrees that he did.

. . .the lesson Collins taught Trump is that she, along with nearly all Republicans in Congress, will not stop his law-breaking and corruption . . . .

Follow the link for her reasoning.


Mailing It In 0

Carl Hiaasen, his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek, reveals the secret first draft of Postmaster-General DeJoy’s prepared remarks for Congress. Here’s an excerpt:

And to all the military veterans waiting at their mailboxes for their delayed prescriptions from the VA, to all the seniors looking for their late Social Security checks and to every American family that depends on reliable postal service every day, let me say one thing loud and clear: Holy crap, I didn’t realize so many of you were Republicans!

Same goes for the millions in our great party with significant health problems who can’t risk going to the polls in the midst of a viral pandemic, and who are starting to believe what President Trump has been saying about fraudulent mail-in balloting. He’s not talking about your state, okay? He’s talking about all the other states.


Republican Values Cult 0

At AZCentral, E. J. Montini argues forcefully that there is no longer any such thing as “Republican Values.” One of his examples involves ex-Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who has declared his support of Joe Biden for President:

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward sent out a release condemning Flake for his “jealousy” and “deep-seated personal vendetta against President Trump,” which she said “alienated him from anyone and everyone who believes in Republican values.”

As if such things still exist.

There are no Republican values anymore, there are only Trump’s values. Or lack thereof.

Follow the link for his other examples.


Dis Coarse Discourse, Cancel Cancel Dept. 0

I have pointed out before that freedom of speech does mean either a right to a platform and audience or freedom from consequences.

Lately, when right-wing figures face consequences for saying or doing vile or racist or nasty or simply false things, Republicans have taken to charging that said figures are somehow being “cancelled” (though they always seem to land at some secure sinecure somewhere else). At The Roanoke Times, Chris Gavaler argues that the charge of “cancel culture” is a cynical tactic, not a sincere appeal to convictions. Here’s a nugget:

Cancel Culture” is a GOP attack phrase applied to progressives but not to conservatives even when conservatives display the same behavior. Two recent examples:

President Trump has called for multiple product boycotts (Nordstrom, Glenfiddich, HBO, Macy’s, Apple, AT&T) without any “cancel culture” complaints, but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s call to boycott Goya products was attacked as “cancel culture.”

Fox News forced out Tucker Carlson’s head writer Blake Neff after discovering racist and misogynistic statements he recently made under an online pseudonym, and no “cancel culture” accusations followed. But when New York Times editor Bari Weiss resigned the same week, “cancel culture” accusations were literally viral. (The list of people the president has demanded to be fired is even longer.)

The complete piece is worth your while.


I think there is a very simple reason that the phrase, “cancel culture,” caught on: alliteration.


Evil or Stupid? Or Just Willfully Ignorant? 0


A Tune for the Times 0


Decoding De Code 0


Know Them by the Company They Keep 0



Trumple On Economics 0


“Where They Go One, They Go All” 0

Warning: Language.

Via Crooks and Liars, which has excerpted portions of the transcript.


Cause and Effect 0

What Noz said.


Tales of the Trumpled Letter Office 0

At the Inky, Ellie Rushing describes her talk with a mail carrier; they discussed his job at the Trumpled Postal Service (he remains anonymous for fear of reprisals from higher-ups). An excerpt:

In this zip code, where 75% of residents are nonwhite and 19% live in poverty, he understands the importance of his service to people who might not consistently have an internet connection or computer.

He stops in the shade and breathes. “They don’t understand how just holding one piece of mail can affect someone’s life,” he says, speaking of DeJoy and Trump.


Birtherism Redux, Reprise 0