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The Write Stuff 0

Tony Norman remarks on and laments the fading skill of writing cursive (or, as we called it when I was in school, “writing,” as opposed to “printing”).


Everything You Know Is Wrong* 0

The resident curmudgeon at my local rag explodes the myth of corned beef and cabbage. She recalls her time as a young foreign correspondent:

In all that time in Ireland, all those years of eating Irish food and drinking Irish drinks, I never encountered corned beef and cabbage.

Not once.

Because it’s not an Irish dish.

Regardless of what she says, we’re having this tonight.


Try the recipe.


*With apologies to the Firesign Theatre.


Toy Story 0

Ronnie Polaneczky suggests that, in additional to Barbie’s new contours, additional updates are indicated.


Plan Your Thanksgiving Menu 0


In 1492 . . . 0

Via Balloon Juice.


The Lost Cause 0

What is your (and my–my ancestors wore the grey) “Southern Heritage”? What do the Sons of Confederate Veterans venerate?

They venerate a mentality that makes me think of a couplet from an absolutely horrifying film–horrifying because it brought evil to life–about vile persons who do vile things for fun and profit.

The Booman tells the story that brought this couplet to mind. Read the couplet, then follow the link.

I feel soiled just reading the story that the Booman tells.

Slavery was evil; the Confederate States of America was formed to protect and perpetuate evil; the myth of the Old South, with its happy darkies contentedly singing as they work, is a lie in the service of evil; and the modern adherents, proponents, and propagandists of this lie serve evil.

Ask me nicely, I’ll tell you what I really think.