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Exercising the Right To Be Stupid 0

Title:  Who's the Tyrant?  Frame One, captioned

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Hidden Motives 0

Title:  Suspicious Minds.  Frame One, captioned

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It’s All about the Algorithm 0

Ed from Gin and Tacos follows the tale of a Facebook Frolicker’s descent into the wingnut rabid hole.


Psycho Psyops 0


The King of Facebook Frolics 0


Dis Coarse Discourse 0

What is it about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that’s causing such a right-wing freakout so?


Facebook Frolics 0

Excuse me, would you like a cup of Facebookly-brewed tea?


We are having municipal elections this year, and the news coverage is rather lacking. My local rag is a shadow of its former self (like many local rags), and I refuse to waste my time with TV what-passes-for-news.

A friend sent a notice of a local candidates forum (the best way to get to know the candidates in my city), so I attended and left with some disorganized first impressions and a list of candidates.

Then I went looking for information on the candidates. Some of them had campaign websites–rudimentary, but still websites. For many of them, though, all I could find was Facebook pages for their campaigns and sometimes not even that–just Facebook pages–forcing me to visit Facebook and soil my browser cache with the Zuckerborg’s tracking cookies (which I promptly deleted as soon as I was done).

It was most frustrating.


Facebook Frolics 0

Gun nut frolics.


Wars on Christmas and Mongers of Wars on Christmas 0

In The Hartford Courant, Susan Campbell reminds us that there once was a war on Christmas, and it was waged by Calvinists with a religious agenda, not by wingnuts with a political one. A snippet:

His (the Rev. Lyman Beecher, (father of Harriet Beecher Stowe–ed.) antipathy toward Christmas was not weird for his time. Many Protestants looked askance at Christmas as a papal holiday to be avoided. If they celebrated at all, it was with a piece of candy solemnly handed to the nearest child on Christmas morning. No tree. No lights. No carols.


“Statues to Traitors” 0

A wingnut calls Thom. The call does not go well.


Twits on Twitter 0

Wingnut twits.

In wingnut world, it’s not the smoke that gets in your eyes. It’s the hate.


Life Imitates Art 0

Eric Blumberg remembers Ionesco’s The Leader.

One of Ionesco’s least known works is The Leader, a short play about the anticipated arrival of The Leader. During the play, the Announcer broadcasts everything The Leader is doing prior to his onstage appearance. At last, The Leader comes on stage whereupon one of the cast notices he doesn’t have a head. Yet, this abnormality makes no difference to his followers since they know “he’s got genius.” The play also includes a secondary theme, which ultimately points to society’s inability to communicate effectively.

Follow the link to see what brought it to mind.


Life on the Inside Is Hard 0

The Bundy Bund have discovered that jail is restricted. A snippet from the story at TPM:

Specifically Ryan says lack of access to talk with Ammon Bundy violates his freedom of assembly. He also argues that his Second Amendment rights have been violated, presumably because guns are not allowed in jails.

Yeah, Bundy wants his gundy back.

Apparently, the Bundy Bund believed that they could take over a Federal Nature Preserve, trash the premises, terrorize the town, and just walk away, Renee, or ride off into the sunset, or something else ending in “get off scot free.”

These fellows must think that John Wayne movies are historical documents, much as the aliens in Galaxy Quest believed in Star Trek.

In other news of the Bundy Bund, legal stuff is taking place.


Hey! Rubio! 0

After I went for a bike ride wearing gym shorts and a light sweatshirt yesterday, I drove to the recycling center with my windows down.

In February.

Not in SoCal.

And it’s not just one fluke of a day. It’s a pattern.

Even granting that weather is not climate, the two are intimately intertwined.


Cowboy Cosplay 0

Buried in a larger story about how the court told the members of the Bundy Bund currently in custody, “No, you don’t get to walk away, Rene,” is this bit (emphasis added):

Get out of Jail free cardFour holdouts continued to occupy the refuge in the snowy high country near Burns, and they posted a YouTube video Friday demanding pardons for everyone involved in the ­occupation.

A speaker believed to be ­David Fry said he asked the FBI whether it was possible to “get out of here without charges,” but “they keep saying that’s not possible.”

I think that this expectation–that they are somehow exempt from consequences for theft and terrorism–conveys much about the bubble that these folks have built for themselves.


Second Amendment Remedies 0

Image one:  a bunch of yahoos armed to the teeth labeled

Via Democratic Underground.


A Desperate Cry for Attention? 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr, asks, “What if you throw a tantrum and no one seems to care?


Gunning for a Fight 0

Over at Northjersey-dot-com, Jonathan Zimmerman suggests the gunnuttery is really not about guns, that, instead, guns are proxy for something else (and, no, he doesn’t mean penises).

Just read it.

(Horrifying grammatical error corrected.)


It’s about Time 0

What Noz said.

Wingnuts would be funny if they weren’t so damned dangerous.


Religious Freedom, Wingnut Style 0

Checkout clerk to customer:

Via PoliticalProf.