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Title:  Faces of the Maskless.  Frame One:  Obliviots, not really thinking about it.  Tendency to form gaggles.  Frame Two:  The Politicizer (Armed man says, ). Frame Four: The Misguided Masculinist (Man smoking cigar says, “Man strong. Not need mask like woman”). Frame Five: The Armchair Epidemiologist (Woman holding cup says, “Through my own extensive internet research, I’ve learned that all I need to be safe is this tea made from mulewort”). Frame Six: The Victim (Man’s body lieing in casket as jealous bystander says, “At least he doesn’t have to wear a mask!”).” />

Via Job’s Anger.


Facebook Frolics, Vector of Viral Venality Dept. 0


The Victim 0

Donald Trump sitting on hospital bed in a COVID ward to man on ventilator:  Can you believe how persecuted I am!

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School Daze 0

David looks at the political motives behind Donald Trump’s push to turn classrooms into incubators of infection reopen schools in the fall.


Flailing the Test 0


Karen Karenlike 0

If the show fits . . . .


The Pit and the Petulant 0

Donald Trump exiting the WHO towards a hole in his path shaped like a coronavirus.

Via Job’s Anger.


America’s Epidemic Flailure 0

A Florida lawyer prepares to argue his case in these viral times.


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Unmasked politeness.


America’s Epidemiological Flailure 0

And Donald Trump wants us to just die live with it.


The Epidemiologist’s Epic Exercise in Ineffectuality 0

In the midst of a long, detailed article tracking the course of COVID-19 in the United States, Jonathan Lemire and Calvin Woodward succinctly summarize why Donald Trump has failed to halt, nay, to slow the spread of the pandemic.

His conventional weapons failed him. The virus doesn’t have a Twitter account.


Maskless Marauders 0

A drive-thru marauder.

We are a society of stupid.


Picturing the Path to Pariah 0

Cartoon entitled

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Meanwhile, the White House plans to throw in the towel on the coronavirus (via Atrios).


“He Can’t Handle the Truth” 0

Laurie Roberts takes a look at one Arizona’s congresscritter’s call to shoot the messenger.


Unmasking (and) the Common Good 0

At, Kyle Whitmire considers Alabama’s reluctance to order/request/ask persons to wear masks in the face of the current pandemic. In doing so, he explains the concept of the common good in simple terms:

Government exists to balance individual freedom with the collective good. There are times when government must step in and make people do things they don’t want to do. That’s why we have traffic laws, building codes and zoning ordinances.

Follow the link for the rest of his piece, in which he tries to figure out why many no longer seem to care about the common good in these viral times.


Maskless Marauders . . . 0

. . . infest the House.


I had a routine dental appointment yesterday.

I was asked to wait in my vehicle until the staff could take my temperature and double-check my medical history, then wear a mask in the office. When the tech went to work on me, natch, I took off my mask, but he wore a mask and a face shield (the face shield was new).

Which only goes to prove that my dentist and his staff are smarter than your average Republican Congressperson.

As too is my dresser drawer.


The Path to Pariah Goes Viral 0


Selfishness Unmasked 0

Will Bunch is depressed at what the coronavirus has revealed about (far too many) Americans’ loss of the concept of a common good. Here’s a bit, in which he explores the some of the forces behind of our epidemic of ignorant intransigence:

Confronted with scientific realities like man-made climate change, the forces of conservative libertarianism turned their guns toward expertise, with the goals of thwarting environmentalism and keeping corporate profits high. The bills for global warming are starting to come due, but that has been superseded for the time being by the COVID-19 crisis; the lack of trust for medical expertise from Main Street all the way to an ignorant president whom 62 million Main Streeters installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has proved lethal.

No other nation has botched its coronavirus response so badly because no other nation holds science in such low esteem. “Who made you perpetrators over my life?” the self-proclaimed Trump Girl demanded of the experts at the Palm Beach County meeting. In a recent Washington Post op-ed, Stanford psychiatry prof Keith Humphreys noted that the United States simply can’t impose a coronavirus testing regimen like South Korea or Singapore because we don’t trust the government on public health. “Clusters of gun-toting protesters opposing public health measures are a real — and uniquely American — problem,” he wrote, “but it’s the much more prevalent distrust in government’s role in public health that would curtail the success of any test, trace and isolate program.”

I commend the entire article to your attention. It is a long and depressing read, but an important one.


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A Grave Discussion 0

Title:  The New Line of Tombstones for the Maskless.  Image:  Tombstones with engravings such as

While we’re on this topic, I suggest that you read Vinita Mehta’s post at Psychology Today Blogs exploring why right-wingers don’t take the threat of COVID-19 as seriously as persons elsewhere on the political spectrum.

Image via Job’s Anger.