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When Silence Is Complicity 0

Lee Seglem directs his comments to New Jersey Republicans, as he is writing at, but it should be directed to all Republicans. A nugget: follow the link for the rest.

Many people, many “important” people, stood silently by throughout most of this degradation or actively defended it. They call themselves Republicans. Well, here’s a bulletin for them: The Republican Party no longer exists because you gave it away. You handed it to a cult of personality led by a criminal con artist and then let it be stripped bare of pretty much anything resembling socially redeeming value. What’s left? An ugly frame-work of a party dominated by lies, self-delusion, isolationism, racism, greed, corruption and plain old willful stupidity.


Pitting (Self-Proclaimed) Middle against Both Sides 0

Methinks Atrios doth offer comestibles for cogitation.


A Reading List 0



Meta: Sidebar 0

I’ve removed Indomitable from the sidebar as the site has not been updated in some time.

However, the author’s podcast is alive and well. I commend it to your podcatcher.


The Elephant in the Room 0

This episode of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater is an absolute hoot.


The Disinformation Superhighway 0

Jonathan N. Stea remind us that

In a post-truth era on social media, the plural of anecdote might be more accurately described as misinformation.

Follow the link for his reasoning.


Tee Wrecks 0

Empty golf cart crashed against a golf pin flag pole labeled

Click for the original image.

And, speaking of tee wrecks . . . .


Courting Disasters, Reprise 0

Susan Estrich looks at Trump’s legal flailures to challenge the election and concludes

Trump cannot sue his way back to the presidency. At some point, he will run out of lawyers willing to make fools of themselves, or worse, with no prospect of payment.

Follow the link for her reasoning.


Trump has spent his entire life pretending to be a success, despite failure after failure. He cannot admit out loud, even to himself, that he has failed on the biggest stage under the brightest spotlight of them all.


The News Recycle 0

Frame One:  Couple sitting on couch reading books.  Man says,

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A Little Child Shall Lead Them 0

Juanita Jean.


The Racing Form 0


Navigating the Disinformation Superhighway 0

Derek Donovan and Melinda Henneberger offer some tips for avoiding the potholes.


Standing Your Ground against Maskless Marauders 0

The post title is a bit tongue-in-cheek. Watch the video to see what put the tongue in the cheek.


It’s Not a Right. It’s a Duty. 0

We voted today at our nearest in-person early voting facility. As we are both above the cut-off age, we qualified for in-car curbside voting. It took approximately an hour to get to the actual curbside. According to the policeman who was directing traffic, today’s was the shortest wait of the week so far. As far as we could tell, both voters in their cars and those in line to enter the building were waiting quite patiently.

Now it’s your turn.


The Respite 0

Couple walking a dog through park in glorious fall foliage.  Woman says,

Image via Job’s Anger.


Both Sides Not 0

David talks with a caller from Dubai regarding the “undecideds,” particularly the purists on the left.

My two or three regular readers know how I feel about lefty “purists.”

I believe that one must vote in the real world.


Geeking Out 0

Windows 8 in a VirtualBox VM on Ubuntu MATE v. 18 LTS under the Fluxbox window manager.



“Throw the Bums Out” 0

David Horn is somewhat disenchanted with today’s Republican Party. An excerpt:

In normal times, supporting the leader of one’s party is common. Parties exist to do things, and doing things requires a group effort. But there is also a greater duty than party, and that’s where the GOP has gone off the rails. A quick review of the GOP during the Nixon era shows how parties faced with internal misbehavior should react. It’s not that way now. Instead, this GOP has locked arms in full support of everything their leader does, no matter how repugnant and, more to the point, illegal. They have chosen obsequious compliance with clearly immoral, unethical and criminal behavior, and that can’t stand.

Follow the link to find out what he really feels.


Picturing the Disinformation Superhighway, Reprise 0

Rat:  For the first time in history, we now have all the collective knowlede of the world literally in our hands.  We can know anything we want to know about anything instantaneously.  So how did people get stupider?  Goat:  We should Google that.  Rat:  It says,

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It Wasn’t a Sale 0

It was an auction.

Frame One:  Republican Elephant and Donald Trump.  The Republican Elephant says,

I’m old.

I can remember when (at least some) Republicans had whaddyacallit? integrity.

Image via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.