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Legacy, Bushie Style 0

Richard Wolff explains why our problems today are the legacy of the President Republicans Won’t Talk About. A teaser:

From the rise of Isis to mass surveillance; from tax cuts for the wealthy to immigration reform; from the excesses of Wall Street to the struggles of Main Street; this election is taking place in a country that is still torn apart by the Bush years.

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“Trump’s Razor” 0

Josh Marshall wonders why Donald Trump has decided to visit Mexico. After citing the many reasons that, in his opinion, this cannog turn out well for Trump, he decides that there is only one explanation. A snippet:

Trump’s Razor helps here. It’s tempting to assume that there’s some angle Trump has here, some plan or understanding with Peña Nieto to make this not as silly a decision as it appears to be. I’m tempted because how could they think this was a good idea? Trump’s Razor tells us to resist this temptation. “The stupidest scenario possible that can be reconciled with the available facts.”


Marshall has a few thoughts after the event.


If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Be Better 0

Solomon Jones points out that one thing is not like the other thing. A snippet:

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sits down during the national anthem to protest America’s treatment of people of color, and he is accused of being a traitor to his country.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is facing criminal charges in Brazil for falsely reporting he was robbed at gunpoint, and, while he lost several endorsements as a result, he ultimately was rewarded with a stint on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Both men are accomplished athletes. Kaepernick appeared in Super Bowl XLVII. Lochte is a 12-time Olympic medalist.

But Lochte is white, Kaepernick is black, and when black men stand up against American oppression, the fears of the white establishment arise. Fears that a single man seated on a bench is the forerunner to violent rebellion; that an athlete with the gall to think for himself is a danger to the order of things.

Black football player sits during National Anthem.  Spectator says,

Image via Job’s Anger.


Droning On 0

Only a matter of time . . . .

The first near miss took place in mid-May when an Airbus A319 pilot flying to Heathrow saw a one metre-long drone, painted green and purple, “extremely close” to his aircraft.


In the second incident, which took place a fortnight after the first, an Airbus A320’s first officer saw “a white, twin rotor drone pass by the right wingtip” barely 100m away as the aircraft was descending through 7,000ft over New Malden, south London.


Fashion Choices 0

Image:  Picture of Muslim woman in a burkini and of Donald Trump in a Speedo labeled


Left Unsung 0


Twits on Twitter 0

Twits you can bank on.



Salvador Dali:

The one thing the world will never have enough of is the outrageous.


Extreme Vetting, Reprise 0


Karma Can Be a Bitch 0

Frame One:   1973:   Young Donald Trump, landlord, tells black woman,

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A Matter of Trust 0



Facebook Frolics 0



“You Have To Be Carefully Taught . . . .” 0

(With apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein)


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Show a deft hand at politeness:

A 22-year old Shoshone Place man is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the hand. . . .

(Murfreesboro Police Officer Jeff–ed.) Carroll reports finding a spent shell casing in the living room of the home. A hole in the kitchen wall led to the adjacent unit. Inside that unit, there was a hold (sic) in the wall that led to the living room couch.


“The Party’s Over . . . .” 0

Josh Marshall suggests that the Republican Party is no long a “party” in any recognizable sense. Rather, he argues, it has become subservient to Fox News and its on-line kin (Breitbart, RedState, etc.) and their bubble-dwelling audience.

And there you have it: Years of build up of fantastical conspiracy theories, completely unrealistic political goals, all leaving the party ungovernable and vulnerable to a takeover by someone like Donald Trump who was willing to satisfy the demand the institutional GOP had studiously cultivated but was both unwilling and unable to satiate. Will Saletan had an observation several months ago which captures this and which I continue to think is one of most apt insights I’ve seen into contemporary American politics: the GOP is a failed state and Donald Trump is its warlord.

Follow the link; read the whole thing.


Stray Thought 0

It’s not a “resealable package” if you can’t figure out how to open it without using scissors in the first place.




Thomas Browne:

To be nameless in worthy deeds, exceeds an infamous history.


Snakes on a Plain 0

Do you want your snake back? Call this number . . . .

An 8-foot-long snake — possibly a python or a boa constrictor — was rounded up in a park west of the Twin Cities and is awaiting either its owner to step forward or a new place to call home.

Humans are the stupidest people.


Revelation 0

Zebra:  to Croc:  Why are you all dressed up?  Croc:  Crocs start

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Dis Coarse Discourse 0

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