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No Automatic Registration (Updated)0

Automatic registration is disabled.

Since I opened it back up, I have gotten some questionable registrants, such as “stripteasewebcam” and “sexygirl.”

Even if those are names of legitimate users, which can be questioned, they are not acceptable for display with a comment here.

It’s my blog. I decide.

If someone wishes to register as a user, email me, including the desired user name in the email. I will attempt to respond within 24 hours, but cannot guarantee it. This is, after all, a hobby.

Update, 04/16/2010:

Frankly, being registered to read the blog won’t convey all that much in the way of special rights and privileges, since comments are open. Before I started using Akismet, I used an “answer this question” filter to prevent spam comments; registering meant you didn’t have to answer the question. Akismet works quietly in the background without annoying you with questions or CAPTCHAs; it just works.

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