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Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt 0

If you wonder why there’s so much fuss over critical race theory, which nobody outside of academia had heard of until a couple of months ago, the answer is simple.

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson, “They can’t handle the truth,” so they want to look away, look away, look away, to Dixieland.


If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Be Better 0

And for the “they can dish it out but they can’t take it” dept. . . .


This is not to imply that I endorse confronting lying racist mongers of hate on their days off, but, really, the irony.


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

He politely “stood his ground” by shooting a woman who was running away in the back.


Photoslop 0


“The Disinformation Dozen” 0

Read the article that Faron is discussion.


Counter-Factual 0

Will Bunch notes that it has been 52 years since Americans landed on the moon–a feat made possible by science, Science, after all, is the pursuit of fact. He considers why so many Americans now reject science (think vaccines, for example). A nugget (emphasis added):

Less than a year after Apollo 11 came the first Earth Day — scientists warning that industrial progress threatened environmental destruction — and also the massacre at Kent State, amid a backlash of the so-called “silent majority” against what was happening on college campuses where many researchers are employed. Just like the lunar module, distrust in modern science was engineered by humans — billionaire industrialists who funded pro-fossil-fuel think tanks, and right-wing talk radio and later cable TV ratings seekers who mocked effete “tree huggers.”

Indeed, wealthy capitalists and the politicians who aided the backlash and rode it to victories — Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Ronald Reagan — were so successful that distrust in science and the conspiracy theories that flow from that distrust now spread as virally as COVID-19 itself, among everyday folks on social media sites like Facebook. Albeit with an occasional booster shot from the most cynical media celebrities like Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

I commend his article to your attention.


Merchants of Fear 0

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Gene Collier explains.


A Woke-Up Call 0

Rich white folks want their money back from a Catholic school because it exercised what was once known as “Christian charity.” (The plaintiffs say that they want only a return to traditional Catholic values, which, I guess in their view, do not include awareness of injustice, hate, and bigotry.)

Here’s a bit of the news story; follow the link for the rest (emphasis added).

When Keri Kelly read through the lawsuit against her alma mater, she said she wondered if she was reading something from the satirical media site The Onion.

Then, as she marked up the 45-page filing by philanthropists Anthony and Barbara Scarpo against Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa, she decided someone needed to respond.

The suit, filed June 26, alleged that her old school had “become woke” by focusing too much on diversity and equity, and had strayed from Catholic teaching. The Scarpos demanded refunds of donations and tuition. They said the academy should stop billing itself as a Catholic institution.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


Wrapped in Their Flag 0

Republican Elephant standing next to the Confederate flag saying,

Via Job’s Anger.


Know-Nothings Redux 0

Title:  Critical Erase Theory.  Image: Two men wieding erasers on a volume labeled

The editors of The Roanoke Times paired this image with a column by Leonard Pitts, Jr., who points out that

For the record: critical race theory originated more than 30 years ago among legal scholars; it holds that race is a social — not a scientific — construct and offers a framework for understanding the role of systemic racism in the law and in legal institutions. It is taught, if at all, in law school — not high school.

So how did it become this sudden four-alarm fire in the house of democracy? The answer is depressingly simple. It is this year’s War on Christmas. It’s sharia law, gay wedding cake, and New Black Panthers. Which is to say, it is this year’s spur by which the white right, more easily stampeded than a herd of cattle by a lightning strike, is prodded to feel resentful, frightened and besieged — and vote accordingly.

Follow the link for the rest.


A Notion of Immigrants 0

Dan Patrice suggests that renting out the National Guard to the highest bidder is not a good thing. A snippet (emphasis added):

. . . Noem (South Dakota’s governor–ed.) originally declared that she was sending “up to 50” guardsfolk to Texas on her own authority to respond to a request from the governor of Texas all on the dime of a Republican megadonor. If privately funded commandeering of the armed forces to enforce Tucker Carlson’s fever dreams sounds like a dystopian nightmare, then you are paying the appropriate amount of attention.

Follow the link for context.


Do the Math 0

This doesn’t add up. The protest is in no way based on reality, but it does show how susceptible some persons are to right-wing lies and race-baiting.

We are a society of stupid.

And of the hate-full.


Facebook Frolics 0

Cali-bashing frolics.


Karen Karen-Like 0

You can’t make this stuff up.


A Notion of Immigrants, “As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap” Dept. 0

There is much gnashing of teeth and flowering of fulminations over the desire of migrants from Central America to migrate northward, ultimately to the United States. Those who bemoan immigration, particularly immigration of persons with (ahem) darker skin and foreign accents, want them stopped, ofttimes forgetting that, a generation or two or three ago, persons who were already here wanted to forbid their own ancestors from arriving on these shores.

Aviva Chomsky reminds us that the United States is neither an innocent bystander nor a blameless victim in this current northward migration.

For the past century and a half, Central America has been subject to the whims of U.S. corporations backed by the U.S. government. In the 19th century, U.S. adventurers and filibusters invaded Central America, settled there and advertised the region as an easy route to the California Gold Rush. Starting at the end of the century, the United Fruit Company developed massive banana plantations along the Caribbean coast and established regular shipping routes in the region, taking advantage of cheap land and labor and creating a market for bananas in the United States.


In Nicaragua, the Sandinista revolution succeeded in overthrowing the U.S.-supported Somoza dictatorship in 1979. Somoza’s corruption and violence had alienated even Nicaragua’s business classes, and a broad popular front implemented a mixed economy promoting popular organization, land reform and the socialization of basic services. But the Reagan administration saw this and similar revolutionary projects in El Salvador and Guatemala as stalking horses for communism. It helped Central American elites and militaries to overthrow governments and crush popular movements.


Last night, at our DL gathering, we were discussing how persons once derided as “not white,” such as Irish and Italians, have been assimilated into whiteness. We wondered what group will be next.


Dis Coarse Discourse, Something Out of Nothing Dept. 0

Title:  Create Your Own Authoritarian Newspeak!  Frame One:  Step 1.  Find an academic concept very few people even know about (Image:  Man shouts at couple in restaurant,

Click for the original image.


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

A school board meeting descends into chaos because white fragility can’t handle the truth (emphasis added).

However, many of the people in the audience used the meeting to protest against teaching critical race theory in Loudoun County schools — despite previous assurances from school board officials that it was not being taught in classrooms.

Critical race theory is an academic term that has been misappropriated by mostly white conservatives (i. e., white supremacists–ed.) in the wake of the New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize–winning 1619 Project as a stand-in for almost any educational discussion that might frame US history through a critical racial lens.

We are a society of stupid.


Photo-Opportunists 0

Title:  Border Caravan.  Image:  Row of vehicles labeled

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.


Our Computerized Cesspools 0

Kiki Monifa explains one way in which social media isn’t.


A Picture Is Worth 0

Anti-Vaxxer holding sign reading

Via Job’s Anger.