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The Groomers 0

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Via Yellowdoggranny.


The Commodification of Education 0

Be sure to listen to the quotation that starts at the 7:19 moment, which begins “We are in danger of creating an educated proletariat . . . .”

An educated proletariat is what they fear.


If I had the money, I’d get a Lamborghini. Ever since I read that review in Motor Trend all those many years ago, I’ve wanted one. They don’t look like much, but I’d take one over a Ferrari any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I don’t have the money, oh, well, but I do have a Mustang convertible.

I wouldn’t call it the poor man’s Lamborghini by any stretch, but it is fun to drive.


Stray Question 0

Who would have thought that, if you conspire to overthrow the government, you could be found guilty in court of conspiring to overthrow the government?


The Bullies’ Pulpit 0

Sam and his crew discuss the right-wing’s demonization of LGBTQ persons, the Colorado Springs shooting, and the hypocrisy of Republicans’ reaction thereunto.


Dis Coarser Discourse 0

Arnie D. Fielkow and Tracie Washington, writing at, have a history of political disagreements. However, writing at, they report that there is one thing on which they do agree. Two snippets:

Never in our lifetimes have we experienced the level of hate, anger and hostility over our politics, economy, foreign policy, and even the meaning of democracy. Incidents of antisemitism, racism and bigotry are at frightening levels, and legitimate questions are being raised regarding what America is and really stands for. Respectful discourse has almost become a relic of the past and many are afraid — with good reason — to even express personal views.


Clearly, the actions and dog-whistles of certain political leadership have empowered and legitimized bigots. Most thought neo-Nazis and the KKK were in the past, but frighteningly they have publicly re-emerged with new allies from QAnon, the Proud Boys, and others. Who would have ever thought that our nation’s Capitol would be attacked or, maybe worse, that some would try to justify one of the worst days in US history? Is this really the America we all want?

Meanwhile, Will Bunch offers a theory as to the underlying cause; follow the link for his complete essay:

The antisemiti, the homophobia, the violence … this isn’t the American right flexing its muscles out of strength. Quite the opposite. The forces of 400 years of white supremacy culture are like a wounded bear right now — lashing out, and extremely dangerous because its proponents know they are a seriously endangered species.


Cored Values 0

Michael in Norfolk notes that Republicans, particularly evangelical they-call-themselves Christians have redefined “freedom of religion” to “freedom to religion.” A nugget from his article:

For many years now, the Christofascists and their puppets within the Republican Party have defined “religious freedom” to be an unfettered ability to inflict one set of religious beliefs on all of society . . . .

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“Look in the Mirror, Boy” 0

A reader of the Portland Press Herald channels Pogo in her letter to the editor.

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Devolution 0

Methinks my old Philly friend Noz is on to something that is indeed rather disquieting.


It’s All about the Algorithm 0

At the San Francisco Chronicle, journalism professor Edward Wasserman argues that algorithms employed by “social” media to “attract eyeballs” and “promote engagement,” may serve to foment hate and hate-fueled violence by feeding those inclined to hatred and bigotry more of the same. He argues that, in too many cases, this has lead to hate-fueled violence and offers multiple examples thereof.

He also notes that the Communications Decency Act, passed in 1996, “when the internet was young,” shields internet platforms from liability for user-generated content.

Then he looks at the difference between then and now (emphasis added).

Shielding internet services from liability for their postings became law in the Communications Decency Act, enacted in 1996 when the internet was young. Back then, the platforms could plausibly argue they were passive messaging boards where users posted what they wanted others to see, acting on their own and offering operators little opportunity to intervene. The services themselves had, or sought, no more control over what was posted than phone companies had over what callers said to each other. Hence the immunity written into the act as the infamous Section 230.

Nowadays, the argument (in a lawsuit he refers to elsewhere in the article–ed.) goes, the entire business of internet services has undergone a radical transformation. No longer docile whiteboards, social media are mega-businesses built on aggressively monitoring and manipulating user behavior — dangling incentives and promoting content with pitch-perfect lures, all to maximize the time users spend online and goose the ad revenue their engagement brings in.

I commend his article to your attention. And, remember, “social” media isn’t.


Locked and Loaded 0

Caption:  Guns & Ammo.  Image:  Assault rifle with a magazine loaded with hate. self-pity, extremist politics, grievance, racism, misinformation, anti-semitism, and LGBTQ fear.

Via Juanita Jean.


The Price of Lies 0

Frame One:  Image of the Junuary 6 inssurection captioned,

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Facebook Frolics 0

The bully’s pulpit.


One Thing Is Not Like the Other Thing 0

The writer of a letter to the editor of The Roanoke Times calls him out some whataboutism.


Twits Own Twitter 0

Sam suggests that what Elon Musk is doing with Twitter is a case study of why billionaires can be corrosive to our society. Watch the video for his reasoning.


DIs Coarse Discourse 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Guy Harrison interviews Timothy Redmond about what’s gone wrong with our politics and what we need to do to fix them.

Just go read it.


The Real Groomers 2

In looking at the results of Arizona’s elections, the Arizona Republic’s Laurie Roberts identifies the real groowmers. A snippet:

. . . Republicans have spent the last two years grooming their supporters not to trust anything that election workers say or do.

I have had neighbors who worked the polls on election day.

It’s a grueling long day that starts before dawn and doesn’t end until the votes are counted.

They did it because they cared about the country and they cared about democracy, and they tried to do it right. If they are paid at all, the pay is de minimis.

They certainly don’t deserve to be reviled and abused by a bunch of whiny sore losers whose ultimate motivations, when you dig through the layers of gibberish and obfuscation, are racism and bigotry and hatred.


America’s Establishmentarians 0

Thom cites the Founders, who, though not perfect by any measure, were not stupid.


As the Twig Is Bent . . . (Updated) 0

Virginia’s Governor Trumpkin is looking to bend him some twigs.


Hillsdale College was in on the rewrite.

Somehow or another, I got on Hillsdale College’s propaganda mailing list.

Talk about right-wing agitprop . . . .


A bit of a backtrack.


Freedom of Screech 0

They’re just fighting for their right to be mean for the sake of mean.


Twits on Twitter 0

Yet more hate-full twits.