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“The Call Is Coming from Inside the House” 0

Read the article at USA Today.


Twits on Twitter 0

One more time, “social” media isn’t.


A Maddest Proposal 0

You’ve heard of Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day?

Michigan Republican proposes Traitors’ Day. (He doesn’t call it that, but that’s what it would be.)

We are a failing state.


The Witness 0

Lady Liberty, holding a paper reading

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“A Democracy, If You Can Keep It” 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., is, shall we say, concerned about Republicans’ embrace of violence to gain their ends. Among the examples he cites are the January 6 attempted coup d’etat, threats against Adam Kinzinger and his family, and Eric Greiten’s combat cosplay.

Here’s a bit of his article; follow the link for the rest.

But the embrace of violence, the cultivation of violence, the tacit encouragement of violence, have become, distinctively and disturbingly, Republican staples. So Jan. 6 was no accident. . . .


This is now our norm. Republicans no longer talk policy or ideas. Republicans only threaten.

Isaac Asimov famously called violence “the last refuge of the incompetent.” But violence — self-defense excepted — is also the last refuge of the loser, the last gasp of those who have no more words, the tacit confession of those who know, but are loath to admit, that they got nothin’.

The question is stark. Whose last gasp will it be: theirs or our democracy’s?

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A Question of Identity 0

Rebecca Watson takes a look at right-wing provocateur Matt Walsh’s recent efforts demonize LGBTQ persons. It is a timely video in the context of the current Republican war on transgender school kids (which is, again, a very small number of persons). (Warning: language.)

Transcript here.


Facebook Frolics 0

Crackpot conservative’s cosplay frolics.


Watch What They Do, Not What They Say 0


Life in NRA Paradise 0

At, John Archibald runs the numbers.

We are a failing state.


Precedented 0

Will Bunch sees a disturbing precedent for the Republican Party’s escalation demonization of LGBTQ persons. Here’s a bit of his article; follow the link for his evidence.

In focusing on laws like transgender sports bans — which affect a handful of kids, in a matter that can and should be handled by sports regulatory bodies, and not the stuff of state legislation — or Florida’s notoriously and now-copied “Don’t Say Gay” law, the Republican Party is sending a message that is both heartbreakingly cruel to the humans directly affected but also meant to intimidate all people it wants to keep on society’s margin. We have a word for when this type of inhumane bullying becomes the governing philosophy, and it’s time to start using it.

That word is fascism.


Criminal Intent 0

From the webpage:

Seth takes a closer look at the January 6 committee releasing new evidence that Trump and his lawyer John Eastman knew their plan to overturn the 2020 election would violate the law.


Twits on Twitter 0

Hate-full twits.

Remember, “social” media isn’t.


Uncivil Society 0

Game day.

We are a failing state.

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Suffer the Children 0

Gratuitous cruelty for political advantage.

It’s a thing.


The Bullies’ Pulpit 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Jeremy Sherman argues that authoritarians’ formula for success, whether in the schoolyard or in the public square, is surprisingly simple. A snippet:

The formula is simply this:

Never listen to what you’re saying. Say anything to sound invincible. Say it with absolute confidence. Keep up an unbroken appearance of absolute certainty, piety, and victory —a Ponzi scheme impression of an eternal winning streak.

Follow the link, read the whole thing, and consider whether it reminds you of anyone in dis coarse discourse.


All the News that Fits 0

Margaret Sullivan reminds us that it’s important to consider the source.

This is especially important if the story is spreading on “social” media.


A Tale of the Trumpling 0

The Washington Post’s Stephanie McCrummen follows an Alice down the Trumpian rabbit hole.

No excerpt or summary can do this report justice.

Just read it. It is–er–disquieting.


Fundamentals of Fundamentalism 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Araya Baker explores religious fundamentalism, which he refers to as a “political-religious” movement, as distinct from a purely religious one. He notes that

. . . it is imperative that we understand how religious fundamentalism threatens democracy. This public scholarship is intended to be used as a condensed primer that disassembles the ideology to 1) illustrate how and why it spans all religious doctrines and 2) how it differs from healthy spirituality, so that valid critiques of fundamentalism can pre-empt conflation with anti-theism.

I commend his piece to your attention, particularly for the list of characteristics that he suggests is common to fundamentalist movements, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist.


Real Big Men 0


Read the back story here.


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

At the Washington Monthly, Paul Finkelman argues that Florida Governor DeSantis and his “Don’t Say Gay” law stand squarely in the middle of a long tradition of suppressing speech in the American South, a tradition which, like so many of the negative aspects of our society, ultimately reaches back to racism and slavery.

Follow the link for his reasoning.