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Phoning It In 0

Trump cultist exercises his freedom of screech by making obscene phone calls to his Congressional representative.

We do not have a civil society.

And the incivility has an identifiable source.


A Notion of Immigrants, Delution Delusion Dept. 0

And, in the same vein . . . .


Disunited States 0

Werner Herzog’s Bear mulls over Republicans’ “culture war” strategy, first wielded with effectiveness by Richard Nixon, and the implications of said strategy. Here’s a bit; the entire article is well-worth the three or four minutes it will take for you to read it (emphasis added).

….it also emerged this week that the Republicans are planning a political strategy based on the culture war, as opposed to policy. Some have mocked this, but I see it merely as the continuation of the one reliable strategy Republicans have had for the past fifty years. Some are puzzled that they are calling themselves a “working class party” while failing to do anything to materially improve people’s lives. They forget that the Nixon strategy depends on resentment, on saying Republicans are protecting good people against the elites. They don’t mean the economic elite, whom they wish to shower with tax breaks, but the “cultural elite.” Anti-university, anti-trans, anti-environmentalism, and anti-anti-racism all fit into this.


The Level Playing Field 0

Man says,

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“Nor Any Drop To Drink . . . .” 0

Methinks Noz has a point.


Great Moments in Zoom 0

Zoombombs awaaaaaay!


Parler Talk 0

Warning: Short ad at the end.

See the news report Farron discusses.


The View from Inside 0


“Turn a Blind Eye” 0

The Des Moines Register’s Rekha Basu excoriates a proposed bill in the Iowa state legislature designed to protect bigots and racists from having their sensitive ‘ittle fee-fees hurt.

No excerpt or summary–just read her article.


Notes from an Alternate Universe 0

The patriotic insurrectionist.

Words fail me.


Misdirection Play, Hey! Look over There! Dept. 0

large overweight man wearing a football helmet labeled

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Tales of the Trumpling, a Notion of Immigrants Dept. 0

The Rude One explains how and why the situation at the southwestern border is a direct result of the incompetence and venality of the previous federal executive. (Warning: Language.)


The Courage of Their Conniptions, Reprise 0

Warning: Short commercial at the end. (Also, I haven’t worn a watch in years. I have cellphone with a clock.)

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap 0

Donald Trump, holding a watering can labeled

Via Job’s Anger.


A Notion of Immigrants, Reprise 0

In a larger piece discussing what is wrong with press coverage of the immigrant situation at the southwestern border, Will Bunch provides a partial answer to one of the questions I raised earlier today:

The surge of desperate young people from countries such as Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador fleeing gang or drug-related violence, rape and sexual abuse, and economic crises exacerbated by drought or floods made worse by climate change, has increased in the two months since Biden became 46th president with a promise to undo the human rights abuses of the Donald Trump years and make America more welcoming to the region’s refugees. Right now, the number of unaccompanied migrant youths — about 10,000 in the hands of the Department of Health and Human Services, and another 5,000 with Customs and Border Protection — is double the previous record.

Here’s another bit of Bunch’s article (linked above), regarding what is wrong with the coverage of the current situation; I commend the rest to your attention.

The border situation is neither the first crisis facing the new administration nor close to the biggest — not with a pandemic that has killed more than 500,000 Americans and the related economic crisis leaving 10 million out of work — but it is the nation’s most visible problem that can be so easily demagogued by Republicans looking to score cheap political points against a popular president, or get lapped up by Beltway journalists eager to go back to the brunch of lazy punditry.


It is worth remembering that much of the chaos in those countries is the direct result of Ronald Reagan’s policies.


Misdirection Play, Bogus Excuse Dept. 0

A psychology professor explains that, as far as clinical psychologists are concerned, “sex addiction” is not a thing.

I am a researcher who specializes in behavioral addictions, specifically sexual addictions. A lot of my research has focused on how religion interacts with sexual behaviors and feelings of addiction. Over the past decade, my research has found that religion and sexual addiction are deeply intertwined.

Right now, there is no diagnosis of “sex addiction” in any diagnostic manual that psychologists consult when working with patients. It’s not a recognized disorder in the mental health community. This may come as a surprise to some, as many people do believe that sex can be addictive.

Follow the link to find out what is a thing.


Facebook Frolics 0

Yet more hate-full frolics.


Boebert Is the New Gohmert 0

A QAnon Quisling.


All That Was Old Is New Again 0

The Majority Report explores the continuing influence of the John Birch Society.

Read Ted Miller’s article.


Facebook Frolics 0

True confessions.

And, the Zuckerborg moves to lower the age of assimilation . . . .