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The Payola of the Privileged 0

I am not surprised at the college admissions cheating indictments, particularly as they involve ersatz athletes and corrupt coaches. The corruption of college athletics has been obvious to anyone who would look for a long long time. It is why I can no longer enjoy watching college football games on New Year’s Day.

At the core of the scandal is the fear of powerful, wealthy, privileged persons that their privilege was not enough to get them what they felt they or their children were due simply because of who they were, so they decided that their privilege included the right to cheat.

At The Sacramento Bee, Marcos Breton writes a powerful essay that highlights the other side of this coin: persons who are accused of being undeserving because of the spelling of their last name or the color of their skin, those whom the jealous privileged accuse of being “tokens.”

Here’s a bit:

If your parents were from Mexico like mine, then this was the drill: Your place in college was secured by tokenism. Or so you were told by “friends.” And when you were hired for your chosen field, as I was hired by the San Jose Mercury News and then The Bee, then you were a “minority hire.” Or so you were told by “friends.”

I struggle to express the hole these indignities burned in me when I was naive and young and unaware of the social, political and cultural upheaval caused by the integration of white collar jobs and universities, a process that began before I came of age in the 1980s, but was in full backlash mode when I cluelessly took my place in the line of American opportunity.

Read it.


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