From Pine View Farm

My Little Gas Price Survey, Day 7 0

Woodbury, NJ, Exxon, $3.41.

Woodbury, NJ, Coastal, $3.20 (there’s a Coastal refinery five miles away).

Woodbury, NJ, Enrite and Wawa, $3.12.

Claymont, Del., Exxon, $3.32.

Claymont, Del, Getty, $3.15.

Claymont, Del., Shell, (whoops! missed this one today).

Claymont, Del., Gulf (Cumberland Farms), $3.13 (not quite the lowest, but he’s getting back down there, where he usually is).

Claymont, Del., Gulf (Joe and Tony’s), $3.29.

Claymont, Del, Wawa, $3.09.

Holly Oak Mobil, Wilmington, Del., (just reopened), $3.12.


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