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Don’t Look Back (Updated) 0

I did it.

I ported the laptop over to Linux last night.

The laptop is not just a computer. The desktop that Second Son uses to play his games is just a computer. The laptop is mine. You hear me!! Mine!!

So I’m going to have a fun weekend making everything work. I’ve got the basics: Opera and F-Prot. Now to make everything else work.

(Update, 11/26/2005)

Both DVD/CD drives work for reading discs. The USB Mouse works. The speakers work.

The firewall works.

The newsfeed and the email work.

Two things left:

Get the CD burning features to work.

Get Open Office loaded (unfortunately, v. 2. right now is just in RPMs, and they need a couple of Gnome libraries I don’t have yet).

(Update. 11/27/2005)

I gave up on xcdroast and got K3B for the K Desktop Environment. It works great.

I also installed PAN and am happily back on Giganews.

Open Office is still not cooperating with me, but I still have KWord to process words. OO came in RPMs, and Slack doesn’t like RPMs all that much. Plus there’s some more Gnome stuff I have to get to make the install work.

Next major task is to get CUPS working.

(Updated 12/4/2005)

I installed Gnome and have all the Gnome libraries.

I have CUPS working and can now print and the USB floppy drive is on line. Two major tasks remain: getting my digital camera to mount and getting HJSplit to work. The minor remaining task is get my USB thumbdrive to mount.

Oh, yeah, Open Office is working, thanks to this script.


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