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The local rag, always on top of things, set out to investigate what goes on in airport restrooms. Given that the local airport is usually in the top ten for delays, they had plenty of time for an investigative report:

The senator (Craig–R, Idaho I didn’t know that “hypocrite” started with an “R”–oops, sorry, I did know that) then slid his foot under the stall divider until his shoe was touching the officer’s shoe. Craig said later it was not a come-on. The senator explained that he has a “wide stance” when nature calls.

File that one under “too much information.”

Having interviewed the senator on many occasions, I really did want to give him the benefit of the enormous doubt. So I conducted a brief experiment in the nearest men’s room stall. First, I made sure there was nobody in an adjacent stall with the authority to fire me. In fact, I made sure all stalls were empty. I did so in the usual way, by calling out in a firm voice, “Is that you, Senator?”

The verdict? If a senator is standing, he could conceivably slide a foot underneath the divider. But tapping a foot in this untenable position is the last thing on the potty-goer’s mind.

Follow the link the link for the full steamy expose.

All slapstick aside, today’s lead editorial was spot on.

Once again:

It ain’t the sex.

It’s the hypocrisy.


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