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What Is a Fascist? 1

Via C&L.


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  1. George Smith

    December 10, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Fascism runs deep in American history. It’s a shame you can’t use studies in Nazi Germany publicly since people have been so conditioned to faint at the mention of it — unless you’re a white guy calling the President Hitler. This is a victory for the uniquely American flavor of fascism, the creation of third rails in discussion with exemptions for those inclined to use them against populists. It’s a shame Rise and Fall of the Third Reich isn’t more widely read. The one section I quote describing how people isolated inside a bubble of media control and propaganda had their minds warped to where they were entirely out of touch with the real world is perfectly applicable to the problem of the white voter who watches Fox and its ancillaries. WhiteManistan, unfortunately, and now the left press is tearing itself up over the issue of how to unmake the Democratic Party so alienating to it and, my take, is that it’s undoable. The Democratic Party has only a couple people who could start the job and they won’t be running for President; they’ll go with America’s queen and some “tomato can” from a state with a population less than LA County, like John Tester. Even worse, Jim Webb, someone who would have been fighting as one of Lee’s lieutenant generals in the Army of Northern Virginia, a tough old southern white guy, a slightly poorer man’s fascist, who is known only for wearing his son’s combat boots while campaigning and having contempt for anyone who didn’t serve.
    So the Democrats lost the South completely to the real bona fide fascists but will doubtless run their own more polished form of the same in 2016. Which is why they could easily lose? Why elect a 2nd-rate fascist from the wealth club when you can have a real Il Duce?