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Suffer the Children, Abuse with Drugs Dept. 0

The vileness intensifies. Now it’s drugging children in concentration camps–and I do not use that term lightly. The Trump administration is concentrating children in camps for the crime of being.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


Borderline Disorder, Hostage Dept. 0

ICE officer holding screaming child, holding a pen, and saying,

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Welcome to America 0

Boat approaches New York harbor, where a statue of a scantily clad Donald Trump has replaced the Statue of Liberty.  The statue carries a plaque which reads,

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Suffer the Children, You Reap What You Sow Dept. 0

When you stop enforcing the law and start enforcing the lawless, this surprises you how?


All That Was Old Is New Again, Borderline Disorder Dept. 0

Richard Killmet.


Borderline Disorder: Cruelty by Design 0

E. J. Dionne highlights the hypocrisy. A snippet:

Now, the party of family values is caught up in the forcible separation of children from their parents. Members of the GOP, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, try to rationalize the spectacle of kids torn away from their moms and dads at the border by blaming court decisions or (in Trump’s case) Democrats.

Thus do Republicans compound their inhumanity with a lie. The only reason this is happening is because of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to incarcerate those who enter the country illegally and to take their young children away on the that’ll-teach-’em theory.

Sessions has spoken of this thuggishness with pride. . . .

“If you don’t want your child separated,” he said last month, “then don’t bring them across the border illegally.”

This is cruelty by design.


Real Big Man 0

Title:  Strong Man.  Image:  Donald Trump as strong man lifting barbells.  The

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The Rule of Lawless 0

Elie Wystal comments on Donald Trump’s desire to abandon “due process” at the border (and, likely, everywhere else).

Just read it.


The Bully’s Pulpit 0

Donald Trump kicks a child down the hill while saying,

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Decoding de Code 0

Thom explains the cynical racism behind the Trump administration’s decision to rip children from their parents.

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All that Was Old Is New Again 0

Picture of Auschwitz like fence and gate with children standing behind it.  Above it is written,

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Borderline Disorder 0

Alby suggests that there’s a method to the madness.


Precedented 0

Paul Krugman sees similarities between Donald Trump’s obsession with immigrants and other phenomena, and they ain’t pretty. Here’s an excerpt; follow the link for the evidence he cites.

The mass influx of murderers and rapists that Trump talks about, the wave of crime committed by immigrants here (and, in his mind, refugees in Germany), are things that simply aren’t happening. They’re just sick fantasies being used to justify real atrocities.

And you know what this reminds me of? The history of anti-Semitism, a tale of prejudice fueled by myths and hoaxes that ended in genocide.


America’s Gulags 0

Farron explains how Donald Trump’s claim to be ending the practice of ripping children from their families is con and sham.

In related news (follow the link for details):

The Defense Department will house up to 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children on military bases in coming months, a Pentagon official said Thursday, the latest twist in the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement effort.

The stench of vile is sick-making.


Dehuman Race (Updated) 1

Although Donald Trump has backed away from his policy of ripping immigrant families apart, the impulses that led to it are no doubt still there. At Psychology Today Blogs, Paul Thagard explores one of them: Dehumanization. Only by thinking immigrants less than human can some justify separating children from their parents.

And, really, you don’t have to read many comments from the supporters of Donald Trump’s actions towards immigrants to see dehumanization in full force.

Here’s a bit of his piece:

Characterizing people as akin to animals that are unclean, prey, or predators carries over the emotions that go with those categories.

The transferred emotions include disgust, fear, hatred, and anger. These form a hideous package that can be used to inspire and justify extreme measures against despised groups, ranging from separating children from their parents to slavery to gassing. Dehumanizing groups of people produces a kind of emotional Gestalt shift, replacing the respect and compassion that normally go with recognizing people as human, with a different emotional package that applies to threatening subhuman species. Propaganda campaigns were used by the Nazis, Hutus, and other aggressive parties to bring about this kind of emotional shift.

Addendum, Later That Evening:

Noz passes along Josh Marshall’s suggestion that there’s more to this than meets the eye. Even though subtlety is not generally a Trump quality, it is worth noting that the architect of the ripping families apart was Steven Miller.

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The Sounds of the Trumpling 0

It’s a difficult listen, but listen do.


All that Was Old Is New Again 2

Image One:  Jewish children imprisoned at Auschwitz.  Image Two:  Immigrant children imprisoned in Arizona in 2018.  Caption:  Evil never dies.  It merely reinvents itself.

Via Job’s Anger.


Suffer the Children 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Darcia Narvaez marvels at the cruelty of the Trump Administration choice to rip children from their families at the border and explains from a human developmental perspective why the act is so pernicious. A snippet:

She* says: “Officials at the Department of Homeland Security claim they act solely ‘to protect the best interests of minor children.'”


Is it ignorance or malice? We don’t know, but the justifications sound both ignorant and malicious.


*Colleen Kraft, head of the American Association of Pediatrics.


Suffer the Children 0

Thom talks with Senator Jeff Merkley about the Senator’s visit to a “processing” center for “processing” immigrant children ripped from their parents.

Badtux has more.


I think part of the motive for this practice is simple sadism.


Republican Family Values, One More Time 0

Mike considers Donald Trump’s only significant accomplishment and how today’s events were presaged by a movie 50 years ago. (Warning: Language)