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It’s Not a Car 1

It’s a motorcycle with a roof and rollover capability. My old neighbor had a Harley that was more luxurious, except for the rollover thing.

All seriousness aside, this will have little utility except for those who must have a commuting vehicle and who do not have access to reasonable public transportation.

In the United States (where it is not yet slated to be sold), that’s actually a heck of a lot of persons. After having lived in the Greater Philadelphia Co-Prosperity Sphere (where people love to bitch about SEPTA and couldn’t survive without it), I can say that public transportation in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, is, by comparison, a rare and mystical thing.

Even so, I would hesitate to take this thing on a road filled with drivers of Ford Fortresses, Chevrolet Crushers, Dodge Destroyers, and Toyota Titanics, who have chips on their shoulders from checking their gas bills.

H/T Susan for the link.


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  1. Karen

    January 4, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    The gas tank on Chris’ motorcycle is bigger. Not me. I would no more be in that than fly.