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Student Athletes 0

The Raleigh News and Observer has a long article about the efforts of a UNC staffer to blow the whistle on the corruption eating away at college sports and about how she couldn’t get anyone to listen to her. A nugget.

Other information has come through records released by the university or obtained by The N&O from other sources. The university has confirmed that there were at least 54 such no-show classes in the past four years that didn’t meet and required only a term paper at the end.

They were largely filled with athletes. Other records have identified two other no-show classes – and suggest the classes go back at least a dozen years and were known within the support program as an easy path for athletes.

Take off your team sweatshirt, remove your fan flag from the garden, and read the rest.

If you think UNC is the only place this is going on, you haven’t been following the game.

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